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Saint Leo University

Online Degrees Available at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University appears in our ranking Top 25 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration Online.

Graduate students can enroll in one of the 36 online degree programs offered by Saint Leo. Its Master of Business Administration program is popular with students because of all the options that it offers. Not only can students earn their degrees online or from the university’s main campus, but they can also study at one of its education centers. This program offers concentrations in business administration, cybersecurity management, sports business, and other fields. Social media marketing is a new concentration that looks at the ways in which companies use the web and social media sites such as Instagram to reach customers.

The university offers a Master of Arts in Creative Writing with the country’s only concentration in war literature. This version of the program encourages veterans to use their own experiences as they write. Students must take theory courses that look at the theories behind why writers create the work that they do. They will also take some workshops that ask them to write and create their own content that they share with others. Workshop classes allow students to get feedback on their work. Some of the other classes creative writing students take include Preparing for the Master’s Thesis, Foundations in Poetry, and Foundations in Creative Nonfiction.

Students with an interest in criminal justice can pick a concentration in corrections, behavior studies, criminal investigations, legal studies, forensic science, or critical incident management. Criminal justice students can choose between a traditional program with 16-week classes or an accelerated program with eight-week classes. There are both Master of Science and Master of Arts programs available online. Some of the degree programs available from Saint Leo University through its worldwide campus include those in emergency and disaster management in fire science administration, human services administration, psychology, social work, theology, and education.

About Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University ranks as one of the oldest university campuses in Florida. After a large group of Roman Catholics moved to the area in the late 19th century, they called for the Church to establish a new college. This college opened in 1889 as Benedictine College and welcomed a group of sisters from that same order who arrived to help run the new school. It was one of the first schools in the south to admit African American students. The college went through several name changes before dropping its college courses and becoming a high school. It served as a high school for more than three decades before becoming Saint Leo College in 1959. After gaining university status, the college became Saint Leo University in 1999.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Saint Leo as one of the best colleges in the south as well as one of the best online schools for undergrads. U.S. News & World Report also ranks Saint Leo as having one of the best online programs for veterans. Saint Leo now offers dozens of online programs and has more than 30 online options for graduate students. It has an affiliation with the Order of Saint Benedict of the Catholic Church and an enrollment of more than 13,000 students.

Saint Leo University Accreditation Details

Though the university has the regional accreditation that all students should look for, it also has accreditation for some of the degree programs that are available online too. Both its business and its social work programs have accreditation. The regional accreditation that Saint Leo has comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This accreditation is very important for graduate students because they can use it to apply for the loans they need and to transfer any credits they already have.

Saint Leo University Application Requirements

There are general admissions requirements that graduate students must meet as well as specific requirements for each individual program. Saint Leo requires that all prospective grad students complete an online application and pay an $80 application fee. Its business program asks for two letters of recommendation. Students can find the recommendation forms online. Some programs ask for a resume that shows the student has at least two years of experience working in the field they want to study. That experience should occur beyond the bachelor’s level.

Students typically need to submit some type of goals statement as well. This is a statement of around 500 words that lists all the goals the student hopes to meet while in school and after he or she finishes the program. Select programs ask for a writing sample such as an essay that the student wrote in college. Most programs ask for both official transcripts and a test score too. Students must submit transcripts from any schools they attended if they earned credits from those schools that counted towards their degrees. The scores that students submit can come from any standardized test such as the GMAT or the GRE.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Saint Leo offers different tuition rates for traditional students versus those who enroll in one of its worldwide programs. Worldwide students pay a rate based on the programs they want to study. For example, they can earn a Master of Education and pay just $495 per credit hour. Its cybersecurity and Master of Business Administration are among its most expensive programs which charge $720 to $770 per credit hour. Master of Business Administration students can also study at one of the university’s education centers, which qualifies them for a discount that reduces their tuition to $555 per credit hour. Saint Leo estimates that students pay more than $14,000 a year for travel costs and other expenses.

Any graduate student applying to a Saint Leo online program can apply for financial aid at the same time. The FAFSA will determine if the student can borrow an unsubsidized loan based on whether that student borrowed money in the past. Federal loans can include both unsubsidized loans and PLUS loans that allow students to borrow more than the maximum amount. Students who enroll at least half-time in a program qualify for government loans. Saint Leo University students who take fewer credits and those who need even more help can apply for private loans designed for students too.