Top Paying Careers in Special Education

The world of special education today is a large one, making up for a notably sizable portion of the overall education system across the United States and abroad. For those in search of work here, there is certainly plenty. However, for those in search of the absolute highest pay for work in this field, several job roles pay above many of the rest here. For the scoop on the top paying careers in Special Education, follow along.

Special Education Industry: Today’s Top-Paying Jobs Therein

  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Educational Audiologist
  • Adaptive Special Education Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Early Intervention Specialist

1. Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech and language pathology is the applied science focused on how the human mind adapts to and utilizes speech and language skills. This can be a complex area of the brain to understand, but those who do can play a helping hand in the special education force. Speech and language pathologists are the pros who specifically use this science with patients and students in need to strengthen their speech and language skills or overcome certain hurdles obstructing it.

2. Educational Audiologist

Educational audiologists are similar to speech and language pathologists in that they work with hearing-impaired students and patients to overcome audio-based challenges such as general sound perception and translation issues, subsequently associated speech function issues, and more. To become an educational audiologist, one must typically present with a master’s or doctorate in audiology. Some workers in this role also have obtained a start through a master’s in special education itself.

3. Adaptive Special Education Teacher

As the name suggests, adaptive special education efforts are those that are adapted additionally to further help the individual student with their specific needs. Adaptive special education teachers are the professionals who take special education to this next, adapted, and customized level. As of this writing, 13 states require these kinds of teachers to hold a separate license in adaptive special education teaching in addition to holding a typical teaching degree.

4. Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers represent what is likely the most recognized face of the special education industry. These teachers are those who teach in standard special education classes or that privately teach special education students. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, special education teachers in the public school system are required to hold a bachelor’s degree and a state-issued certification, while those working in the private school system are typically only required to hold an applicable bachelor’s degree.

5. Early Intervention Specialist

Described well by Understood, a leading organization dedicated to the advancement of special education in general, early intervention is an organized, professional effort to help young children to reach major milestones they may otherwise fail to reach at healthy times. At the helm of much of this early intervention process is the early intervention specialist. This well-paid special education worker is thus the professional who helps evaluate and subsequently work with children in need of early intervention learning services.

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The special education industry is a large and growing one in which many professionals make a great wage. Some jobs here, however, offer a much higher salary than others. These above-mentioned jobs are some of the highest-paying careers in special education there are today.

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