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Western Governors University Online Degrees

Western Governors University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Education Online.

Western Governors University makes it easy for students to earn degrees online that can change their lives. Its Master of Business Administration is a popular program because students can customize their experiences based on their past work and how quickly they learn. Some students finish the program in only six months, but those with less experience can graduate in 18 months. More than 95% of the graduates of this program recommend it to others. Students take just 11 classes in total that cover topics such as accounting, finance, leadership, and marketing and communication. They will also complete a capstone at the end of the program.

The Teachers College at the university offers a number of programs for students who already have a teaching license and those who need one. Current teachers can earn a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in 26 months or less. They can work at night after coming home from work and on summer breaks when they don’t teach. This program features 13 courses, including Introduction to Curriculum Theory and Assessment Learning. Students will also take courses on new and emerging forms of technology that they can use when teaching students and working with other educators. WGU requires that students take several research classes before doing a capstone project.

Also available from the university is a Master of Science in Nursing – Education program. Designed for licensed nurses, this program makes it easy for students to move from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to a Master of Science in Nursing program. More than 60% of students graduate in 24 months or less, which is less time than it takes to complete the MSN programs offered by other schools. Students with less experience will take the seven courses that make up the nursing core, but the results of the assessment will determine if students must take all or just a few of these classes. They will also take nursing science and education classes. Western Governors University offers courses that include Contemporary Curriculum Design and Development in Nursing Education and requires that students do a practicum and a capstone.

About Western Governors University

Many students today know the name Western Governors University because of the commercials that it airs on television. Also known as WGU and Western Governors, it is one of the newest schools in the nation. Founded in 1997, its name comes from the fact that governors from 19 different states worked together to form the school. It opened with the intention of providing training to students of all ages to help them find new jobs and stimulate the economy. A grant from the United States Department of Education provided the university with the funds needed to open a new Teachers College.

WGU primarily operates as an online university, but it has affiliates that operate out of different states. There are now branches in seven different states, including Texas and Indiana. WGU now offers 27 bachelor’s degree programs and 35 programs for graduate students. It is home to four different schools and colleges that offer some of the best online programs. The university itself also ranks as one of the best schools for online students. Enrollment at Western Governors University across all campuses and its large online system now features more than 90,000 students.

Western Governors University Accreditation Details

Though WGU lost the accreditation that it once had for its distance education programs, it sought and received regional accreditation from the NCCU. NCCU is one of the main accrediting organizations operating in the United States today. Students can apply for financial aid and submit the FAFSA when attending WGU, but they can also graduate faster because regional accreditation allows them to transfer their college credits. Some of the degree programs that the university offers, including its education programs, have accreditation too.

Western Governors University Application Requirements

WGU looks at just four things when deciding whether to accept a new student. It requires that students use the application available on its admissions website. The information that students share on that application is one of the things that the university looks at when making a decision. It gives priority to those who have more work experience and those who attended college prior to enrolling. Students who want to transfer any credits into one of the university’s online programs must submit transcripts from the schools they previously attended. The university also looks at the amount of time that the student has to work on a degree.

Students will also complete a Readiness Assessment that asks them basic questions to determine if they are ready to attend college. The university often looks at the results of this exam to find students who will do best in its programs. Graduate students must submit official transcripts that show they earned an undergrad degree and the date they earned that degree. The university will only accept grad students who are at least 16 years old. Prospective grad students must also meet with an enrollment counselor for an interview. The counselor will make a recommendation to the university based on that interview.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The graduate programs offered by Western Governors University charge different tuition rates. Its Teachers College charges a rate of $3,190 per term. Students will also pay fees of around $450 per term when doing practicum work offline. The WGU College of Business charges a rate of $3,750 and fees of around $150 per term. Each term lasts for six months. WGU graduates leave school with less debt than those who attended other schools do. One reason for that low debt is that the university offers such large financial aid packages.

Students who file the FAFSA may qualify for federal aid such as an unsubsidized loan. They can make payments on their loans while working on their degrees or wait to make payments until after they graduate. WGU offers some financial aid of its own too that includes institutional grants and scholarships. Students who are on active duty in any branch of the military automatically qualify for a military scholarship, but the university offers scholarships for veterans and the families of veterans and current military personnel. WGU offers scholarships for all incoming students as well as those who work for one of its partner companies.

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