What is Media and Communications?

What is Media and Communications? Media and communications is a degree program dealing with the history of media within society, as well as examining the effects of media within that society. This field also gives students a working knowledge of how best to use media and communications to broadcast different messages within the framework of society.


Since one of the key elements of a media and communications degree program centers on communications, individuals need to have a solid background in writing and to have strong interpersonal skills. Daily, personnel working in this field are focused on taking whatever message they’ve chosen and found the most effective way to communicate that message to the public. To find a job in this field you will need a college degree and possibly a master’s.

Another important skill to possess is the ability to work under the pressure of an impending deadline. The media is alive twenty-four hours a day and messages might need to be broadcast at a moment’s notice. Personnel working with media and communications need to be able to quickly take raw information and polish it up to make it easy to disseminate quickly and efficiently.


When it comes to media and communications, no student can graduate with a degree and immediately enter the job market. For these students, there’s going to be an internship period. Since most employment opportunities are going to be experience-based, having a broad range of skills developed during an internship period will increase one’s desirability as a job candidate.

Uses of Media and Communications

After getting a degree in media and communications, there is an almost endless list of possibilities available for employment. Since today’s world is media-rich and communication-heavy, those in media and communications have many avenues accessible to find the right job.

Political Campaigns

One area that utilizes that combines communication and media skills with social activism is found in working on political campaigns. Successfully communicating to the public a political message for a candidate has the potential to change the world.

Entertainment and News

Another area where media and communications can be used is found in the entertainment industry. Once an individual has learned the best ways to use media as a tool, film-making presents itself as a viable employment opportunity. Focusing on the communications side of the degree can lead a person into getting involved with working in the news industry. This allows the merging of both into one field and allows the individual to inform the general public about events in a way that is bothering entertaining and informative. This is especially true with the myriad online streaming services in a field that is constantly expanding.


It’s also important to remember that advertising is another area where a media and communications degree is quite useful. Forbes points out that companies need expert communicators to bring a brand’s message to the media to increase both public awareness, as well as sales.

In the end, a degree in media and communications can put a person on the path to gaining entry into virtually any industry out there. The skills those degree holders possess would enhance any organization utilizing them.

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