5 Internship Opportunities for Master’s in Business Administration Students

Here are 5 Internship Opportunities for Master’s in Business Administration Students. Getting a Master’s in Business Administration is a great way to advance your career and earn a higher salary, so it’s important to know about the internship opportunities available to MBA students. Working as an intern at a corporation gives MBA students the experience and training they need to pursue high-paying positions after they graduate. While many internship positions are available to masters students in their final year of school, several companies stand out as being among the most prestigious and reputable organizations in the industry. With references from a top corporation with excellent credentials and far-reaching name recognition, MBA graduates can expect to begin their careers with a high probability of success.

Five Internships for MBA Students

  • McKinsey
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Deloitte
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bain & Company

1. McKinsey

For MBA students planning to enter the field of management consulting, an internship at McKinsey is one of the best opportunities to learn top-level professional skills from a well-known organization. McKinsey is a U.S.-based management consulting firm that offers summer internship opportunities for eight to 12 weeks each year. Talented interns are offered permanent positions with the firm at the end of the internship period. The positions are either paid or unpaid, depending on the branch office, location and position within the organization. Past McKinsey interns describe the experience as valuable and transformative for their careers.

2. Boston Consulting Group

Internships at BCG take place for two to three months during the summer, and interns are given the responsibility of handling specific details of a company project assigned to a team of in-house consultants. Interns work directly under consultants who manage projects that have been contracted to BCG by corporate clients. The experience is in-depth and serves to prepare interns for lucrative consulting careers. According to Boston Consulting Group, most interns receive offers for full-time positions at the end of the internship.

3. Deloitte

An internship at Deloitte is a great opportunity for MBA students to gain knowledge about international business administration while connecting with professionals in the industry. Deloitte internships last 10 weeks and provide interns with exposure to high-level analytics, data gathering, consulting and implementation of solutions. Depending on the location and position, internships at Deloitte can be paid or unpaid. Top performers usually receive offers for full-time positions at the end of the internship. Deloitte prefers to hire first-year MBA students as interns. The company says that internship candidates should have excellent problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.

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4. Goldman Sachs

A 10-week internship at Goldman Sachs gives MBA students a valuable introduction to the corporate culture of one of America’s top financial firms. Interns are assigned to a division of Goldman Sachs and given responsibility for the implementation of a project. A managerial consultant at Goldman Sachs works with interns to ensure that their performance meets expectations and that they can keep up with the pace of the organization. Interns who show promise are offered full-time positions at the company.

5. Bain & Company

When it comes to financial consulting, Bain & Company is one of the most well-known names in the business. Summer internships begin with a weeklong trip to Cape Cod to learn about the company’s origins and corporate values. Interns then spend about two months working with a consultant and carrying out day-to-day operations under supervision.

Summer internships for MBA students are designed to provide consulting firms with a reliable recruiting resource. The summer semester of a Master’s in Business Administration program offers many excellent internship opportunities for dedicated students.