How Can I Get a Master’s Degree Fast?

How Can I Get a Master’s Degree Fast? Maybe you’re looking at a job promotion that requires a Master’s degree. Or perhaps you just want to get a graduate degree. Whatever your motivation, it’s definitely something worth investigating. Research shows that over time, those with Master’s degrees will earn more money in their lifetimes. That’s awesome, right?

Well, yes. But we get it. Life is busy, and you don’t have a lot of time to give. With all of the family, work, and life obligations, you need to get in and get out in a jiffy. You don’t have time to waste. You’re not just thinking, “How can I get a high-quality Master’s degree ?” but also, “How can I get a high-quality Master’s degree quickly?”

We’ve got you covered, friends. Because, yes, there is a way to earn an accelerated Master’s degree.

Before we break it down, let’s take a look at a few things.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you already have existing graduate credits?
  • Are you flexible on the kind of Master’s degree you are willing to earn?
  • What family or life obligations might prevent you from enrolling in an accelerated Master’s degree program?

All of these factors could impact how long it takes to earn an online Master’s degree quickly or what degree you are able to earn.

Okay, now let’s get to the meat.

Why are people getting the fastest online Master’s degree?

Well, that answer is quite simple: better job opportunities, better credentials, and better pay long-term.

Who is getting the quickest online Master’s degree?

Mostly, it’s people with existing Bachelor’s degrees who want to excel at their jobs or grab that promotion that’s just out of reach. Or, some are pursuing the quickest Master’s degree online so that they can change careers more seamlessly.

Here’s the real question:

How do I get a fast online Master’s degree?

First of all, you’ll want to search for schools that offer accelerated or fast online Master’s degrees. We know it sounds crazy, but you can actually find 6-month Master’s degree programs out there. There’s also 9-month degree. But, keep in mind, those are few and far between and require existing credits and/or credits for work experience–which might leave these programs only for a select few who meet the exact criteria.

The more common fast online Master’s degrees are 12-months long. They still require a large commitment, though–and might even require existing credits as well. Your classes will be extremely accelerated, 4, 6, or 8-week courses. You will be moving through the material quickly and maybe juggling several classes at once. It’s possible you could be managing an internship or thesis/culminating project as well. That will just depend on your school’s requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Fast Online Master’s Degree:


Step 1: Decide What Master’s Degree You Want to Earn

Beyond just getting a quick Master’s degree online or an easy online Master’s degree, you really need to think about the potential careers associated with that degree, especially if you’re pursuing a graduate degree in an unrelated area to your Bachelor’s degree. Ask yourself these questions: Do I really love this subject matter? Will I enjoy these classes? Will I enjoy the jobs associated with this degree?

From choosing your fast online masters program, to finding the right school, Fast Online Masters is here to help!

Step 2: Look for Schools that Offer What You Need

A quick browse through our site or even a general google search can help you find what you need. Make a list of all of your options. Now, let’s make a pros and cons list. See below!

Step 3: Look at the Programs Requirements: Do they match up with your lifestyle?

Most online schooling will be similar–so look for schools that offer program details that match up with what you want (asynchronous vs synchronous classes, self-paced or guided, thesis or non-thesis options, length of program, etc). Start crafting your list!

Step 4: Apply to the School

Do you have all the credentials to apply to the given school? Look for details like whether or not the school requires standardized tests or a Bachelor’s degree in a related area to the program you’re applying for. Cross off the school’s that won’t work for your credentials.

Step 5: Earn Your Degree

Now it’s time to work. You’ve done all the research. You’ve found the right school and the right degree. Put your head down, get it done, and get ready to shine.

Step 6: Conquer the World

Take your degree (and your higher paycheck) and go make the world a better place!

Sample Accelerated Online Master’s Degrees

Check out a few of the fastest online Master’s degrees:

6-month Master’s degree options:

You can earn an extremely accelerated online Master’s from Capella University with a few strict guidelines. Capella University offers combined Bachelor’s and Master’s programs that are much faster than other traditional schools. Combine select Bachelor’s programs in psychology, IT, and business with Master’s degrees in Healthcare Management and Human Resource Management.

9-month Master’s degree options:

When searching for programs that allow you to earn your accelerated online Master’s in just 9-months, search for programs that give you credit for work experience, professional accomplishments, previous certifications, military service, and more. You can even find some schools that offer a self-paced method or like Capella University’s Flex Path that allows students to move as quickly as they want through the material–without waiting for anything or anyone. Check out Arizona State University’s 9-month online Master’s degrees in business here.

12-month Master’s degree options:

If you’ve got one year to spare, your options will be endless, friends. While many Master’s degree programs will last about 2 years, many schools are now offering a 1 calendar year option. This could mean that you’re doubling up on classes, taking a full load in the summer, and even stacking your internship or thesis writing on top of your coursework., BUT it won’t be as hectic with harsh requirements like the 9-month online Master’s options. Typical 12-month online Master’s degrees include options in Education, IT, Business, Public Administration Social Work, Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Kinesiology, Public Relations, and more.

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