North Park University


The School of Professional Studies at North Park University oversees the university’s online master’s degree programs. Students can choose from five programs that all have multiple start dates every year. One option is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which includes 18 courses. Marketing Analysis and Consumer Behavior, Financial Decision Making, Strategy for Competitive Advantage, and Organizational Behavior and Ethics are among the required classes. The university also allows students to earn certificates in fields such as church administration, human resource management, and nonprofit finance when working on an MBA.

Online Master’s Degree Programs Offered at North Park University

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Students in the Master of Higher Education Administration take courses in management and education. This program has a core that students need to complete along with a capstone that serves as a culmination of what they learned in their studies. They will take Organizational Behavior and Ethics, College Student Development and Administration, Curriculum in Higher Education, Law of Higher Education, and Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations among other courses.

In the Master of Human Resource Management program, students become better equipped at handling the issues that hiring managers face in the field. Students take classes that look at what companies need to do to help their employees and clients or customers and the basics of leading teams and groups. Human resource management majors must take courses that include Compensation and Benefits Administration, Talent Development and Retention, Strategy and Metrics in Human Resource Management, Diversity and Conflict and Strategic Human Resources Staffing and Planning.

The university’s Master of Nonprofit Administration program looks at the management and administration of nonprofit organizations. Though students will take some of the same classes that are available in the university’s other graduate programs, they’ll also take courses on working in the nonprofit sector. One class is Nonprofit Law, Policy and Government Relations, which teaches students how to follow the laws that the government has regarding nonprofits and the policies they establish. Majors also need to take two classes on fundraising that include the methods nonprofits use to raise funds and the laws they need to follow when filing taxes each year.

Also available is a Master of Organizational Management and Leadership, which includes eight hours of professional development courses and 28 hours of electives. Majors will also take 44 hours of general education requirements and 40 hours of classes within the major. North Park University will accept some transfer credits but asks students to take most of their required classes from the university. This program also includes credits for life experiences where students can take assessments and get credit for their past jobs.

About North Park University

North Park University is a private university affiliated with the Christian Church through the Evangelical Covenant Church. Chicago, Illinois was home to a large number of Swedish immigrants in the 19th century and needed a school to educate them. The Covenant began offering classes in 1884 for those students, which formed the basis of the university that opened seven years later. P.H. Anderson provided funds that kept the school afloat during its early days as he struck gold in Alaska. Though known as North Park Junior College for many years as it operated as a two-year college, changes in the student body led to the introduction of four-year programs and helped the college become North Park University. Often called North Park today, it offers degree and certificate programs through six schools and colleges and an on-site seminary. More than 3,100 students enroll in the North Park programs every year.

North Park University Accreditation Details

North Park graduate students taking online classes can qualify for government loans and institutional aid because it has regional accreditation. Only after an extensive review of the university’s policies and standards did the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) award North Park this accreditation. The university also has approval from the Illinois Department of Education to operate in the state. It has reciprocity agreements that allow students to take online classes when they live in other states too.

North Park University Application Requirements

To apply to any graduate program at North Park, students need to use the university’s application and make sure that they get all their documents in by one of the upcoming deadlines. Students have the option of creating accounts that they can use to complete the application and view the decision that North Park makes. They can choose from deadlines based on whether they want to start in August or another fall month or if they want to start in the spring or summer.

All graduate programs have the same requirements, including an electronic copy of the student’s resume, a bachelor’s degree and their official transcripts. They need to write a short essay and add it to the application to discuss their professional goals and what the program can do for them. In the MBA and other business programs, they also need to talk about how they promote ethics in their companies or organizations. North Park requires two letters of recommendation from those who know the student in a professional or academic way. Students with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 do not need to provide an entrance exam score.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Graduate students enrolled in the MBA program and all other online master’s degree programs at North Park pay $1,205 per credit hour. All of the classes they take are worth two credits each. They will pay $10 to $50 for the materials that they need in their classes and a $10 per credit hour technology fee.

The grants and scholarships offered by the university can take up to 35% off the estimated cost of attendance. With the presidential scholarship, they cover 30% of their costs. This scholarship goes to students with a minimum GRE score of 316 and a grade point average of 3.65 or higher. Students who work for certain organizations and companies qualify for a discount of 35 to 50% on their tuition. The university also has a 20% scholarship that goes to students in the military. All of the online master’s degree programs available at North Park University charge the same tuition and fees and have the same financial aid opportunities, including the government aid that goes to students who file the FAFSA.



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