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Online Master’s Degree Programs at the University of Maryland Global Campus


University of Maryland Global Campus appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Computer Forensics Online.

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers 18 online master’s degree programs and three programs that included specializations. Healthcare administration majors can bring up to six credits with them or take all 42 required credits from the university. This program teaches students how to analyze financial markets in the healthcare industry, examine and determine the best strategies for the problems they face, and create a comprehensive business plan for a healthcare organization or company. Some of the program’s classes include Introduction to Health Care Administration, Strategic Issues in Healthcare Leadership, and Long-Term Care Administration.

One of the online specialty programs is the information technology master’s degree. It includes specializations in information assurance, systems engineering, database systems technology, and five other areas. The homeland security management specialization prepares students for the issues of working with government agencies in regard to IT work. Students will complete different projects such as finding a solution to a problem that the government faces or analyzing one of the critical issues in the Department of Homeland Security. Students in all specializations will take required courses, including Information Technology Foundations and Computer Systems Architecture.

Students who want to work as online teachers will find the university’s distance education and e-learning program helpful. It features 11 required classes, including Costs and Economics of Distance Education and E-Learning, Teaching and Learning in Online Distance Education, and Training and Learning with Multimedia. The university gives students up to five years to complete the education program and requires that they maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to continue their studies. Their courses ask them to create an individual style of teaching, write a proposal based on a critical issue in distance education and look for new ways to educate students online.

A popular option for online students is the university’s master’s degree in management. It includes specializations in 14 fields, including marketing, public relations, financial management, homeland security management, and acquisition and supply chain management. In the criminal justice management specialization, students look at some of the methods that professionals use to manage corrections institutes and similar facilities. This track features a capstone course and other classes such as Issues in Correctional Administration, Critical Analysis of the Criminal Justice System, Legal Aspects within the Criminal Justice System, and Issues in Criminal Justice Leadership. Business administration, cybersecurity technology, instructional technology, teaching, and learning design and technology programs are open to online graduate students too.

About the University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus is a public university based out of Maryland. Founded in the 1940s as a small college affiliated with the University of Maryland, it grew from an extension school to a full university over the years. During much of its long history, the university offered distance education programs that offered opportunities for students living away from major cities and those from outside the state. Called the University of Maryland University College or UMUC for many years, it now uses the names University of Maryland Global Campus and UMGC to show that it accepts students from across the globe. Students can choose from more than 80-degree programs and some doctoral and certificate programs. In addition to the online campus, the university’s more than 60,000 students can study on more than 140 campuses.

University of Maryland Global Campus Accreditation Details

UMGC first obtained regional accreditation when it was a small college. That accreditation came from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which still accredits the online campus today. This gives online graduate students the right to get financial aid as long as the university receives their copies of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The MBA, nursing, education, teaching, health administration, and information technology programs have accreditation also.

University of Maryland Global Campus Application Requirements

As UMGC has several start dates each year, it does not have set application deadlines. Students simply need to make sure that the university receives their applications and all required information before the next term starts. If the university does not get their information in time, it can hold their applications until the next start date. Students should have their transcripts with them when they access the UMGC application. They need to pay a $50 application fee that increases to $100 when they apply to a doctoral program. The university also requires official transcripts before it will let students begin classes.

Veterans, those in the military, and their spouses and children can also apply to UMGC. The university recommends that they contact the military education office first to find out how they can use military benefits to pay for school. Veterans can complete the university’s application and a separate application to get financial aid. The spouses and children of those in the military can apply the same way that traditional students can but will need to complete a form that lets them qualify for a reduced tuition rate. A discount is also available for employees of the federal government if they complete a form that shows their employment.

Tuition and Financial Aid

In most of the university’s graduate programs, Maryland residents pay $480 per credit hour. The cost increases to $694 per credit hour for residents enrolled in a specialty graduate program. Nonresidents pay $659 per credit hour in most programs and $694 in a specialty program. Military students, veterans, and their spouses and children qualify for a program that lets them pay the in-state rate no matter where they live. Federal employees pay a similar rate.

One way students can pay their costs is with a payment plan. They need to make a $35 enrollment payment and then make equal payments every month. Students can make arrangements if they have employers who will pay their costs too. All graduate students attending UMGC can get financial aid if they use the FAFSA. UMGC has a scholarship search that helps them search for scholarships based on their majors and other factors. They can then apply for those programs online. Many students use federal loans and/or private loans to pay their costs also. The University of Maryland Global Campus allows students in its online master’s degree programs to sign up for a payment plan and use financial aid every term.