Top 25 Cheap Accelerated Online Masters in Human Resources

Professionals in the business of hiring and managing employees know how important a graduate education can be, especially as technology changes the way communication happens in the workplace; that’s why so many are looking at their options when it comes to an accelerated online Master’s in Human Resources degree. An accredited degree in the field will open several doors for human resources managers and leaders while also ensuring that companies that hire them are making a good choice. Now that more programs are making the effort to work around a professional’s work schedule, it’s necessary to create this type of ranking.

Human resources online degrees are one of the most popular offerings at the graduate level. This stems from the need for a working professional to advance their education. Since they need to continue to work, the program must be flexible, accelerated, and affordable. The schools in this ranking offer all three along with a variety of features and options that make them a great choice for human resources managers.

Featured Schools:

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Accelerated Human Resources Degree Online Programs

At Fast Online Master’s, the editors focus on programs that offer an accelerated path to a master’s degree. But students also want to know their degree will pay off, so we feature only reputable, accredited programs. The Most Affordable ranking is presented from lowest tuition to highest, using current IPEDS information. 

1. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers an accelerated Human Resources degree online. This 36-hour program is streamlined and manageable, designed specifically for flexibility. The program uses a cohort learning format, letting students take one course at a time. As they learn, students develop skills in strategy, leadership, and communication. Through this degree program, students can become assets to virtually any workplace. Plus, this online HR degree program has no GRE or GMAT requirement. 

Bellevue University offers both online and on-campus degrees. It has gained a positive reputation for its online learning platform. Bellevue’s degrees are focused on building careers. In other words, they don’t come with any fluff and only focus on the courses that can help students move forward. It also uses a complete mastery approach as opposed to a surface-level education. This school centers itself around its students’ needs. Many Bellevue students are adult learners. Bellevue University is a top 10 university for adult learners. 

Program: MS in Human Resources Strategic Management

2. Troy University

Top 50 Most Affordable Accelerated Master's in Business Management Online Troy University

Troy University has an accelerated Master’s in Human Resources online. The program turns students into confident and knowledgeable HR professionals. Students learn ethics and strategy as well as how to help people in various organizational settings. This program is designed for current working HR professionals who want to take their careers to a new level. It strengthens teamwork, communication, and other important business skills. 

Troy University helps students become leaders in their careers. This school began as a teaching institution. Troy has expanded, but it hasn’t lost its early commitment to excellence. As Troy has grown, it has added several campuses, including an online learning platform. That online learning platform offers the kind of flexibility that students may not get inside a classroom. Troy University is a diverse learning environment, and it ranks highly for veteran learners. US News and World Report have ranked several of Troy’s programs among the best online degree options. 

Program: MS in Human Resource Management

3. Tarleton State University

Tarleton State offers an accelerated Human Resources degree online, which students can earn in as few as twelve months. The program’s curriculum is based on how business and HR work today. Students study recruitment, hiring, payroll, and other vital HR skills. This program is ranked for its high quality and value, so students get a lot for their tuition dollars. The program is designed for current working professionals. 

Tarleton State University is part of the Texas A&M University System, so it provides a valuable education. This school focuses on students and their needs. It’s affordable, but because it comes from the Texas A&M system, students don’t have to compromise. Tarleton has a small student-to-faculty ratio for a personalized educational experience. It also has several campuses, including a convenient online learning campus. When it comes to tuition costs, Tarleton ranks in the bottom 25% of schools. 

Program: MS in Human Resources Management 

4. Indiana State University

Indiana State University’s online MS in Human Resources can be earned in 18 months. It’s an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. This program prepares learners for HR in a wide array of organization types. That includes private businesses, government organizations, and nonprofits. Students learn how to implement the best HR practices, and they can choose a specialization in the process. The program ends with a capstone project for hands-on learning. 

Indiana State University delivers measurable student success. Those who graduate from ISU tend to have high starting salaries and high job placement rates. That’s why this school draws students who want to take their careers up a notch. ISU is a leader in graduate degree programs. It fosters leadership, curiosity, and discovery. ISU is also an engaging and inclusive community. Indiana University is ranked #1 in the state for social mobility. 

Program: MS in Human Resource Development

5. American Public University System

The American Public University System has an accelerated Human Resources degree online. It’s an MA in Management with an HR concentration. Students can transfer up to 15 credits, accelerating the degree process. The program helps students approach real-life business issues and learn how to respond effectively to those issues. It emphasizes ethics, strategy, organization, planning, and other important skills. Students end their studies by preparing an ePortfolio demonstrating their skills. 

The founders of APUS believe that education is for everybody, not just for the rich and privileged. That’s why APUS comes with lots of flexibility and affordability. This school is fully online, so students can learn from home or any other location with a reliable internet connection. APUS emphasizes distance education for veterans and active military members, though it also educates civilians. Students here become leaders and develop a passion for lifelong learning. 84% of APUS students come from a military background. 

Program: MA in Management with Human Resources Concentration

6. University of West Florida

The University of West Florida offers an MBA in Human Resource Management. This 36-hour program is an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. Topics include hiring the right people, determining pay, and other HR strategies. Students also learn how to develop training programs for new employees. Since this degree is an MBA degree, students also learn important management skills such as effective leadership, communication, and more. 

UWF students are called voyagers for a reason. This school fosters exploration, viewing the horizon, and going where people haven’t gone before. Students develop the tenacity to face challenges. All the while, they build critical career skills. West Florida’s online programs are growing quickly. In fact, this school has become a leader in online learning. This way, more students can get a degree with impact, but they don’t have to sacrifice flexibility. UWF is a designated Military Friendly university. 

Program: MBA with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management

7. University of Southern Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana offers an accelerated Human Resources degree online. It’s an MBA program with a concentration in HR. The program only takes 11 months to finish. It helps learners take their leadership skills to deeper levels, becoming assets to companies and HR departments. Courses cover strategies for working with people as individuals and groups. They also prepare students for managerial roles in HR. Many students choose this program because it’s affordable compared to similar options. 

The University of Southern Indiana has a great online learning platform. Classes come with multiple start dates, which is helpful for degree acceleration. USI is an innovative university that focuses on the needs of the surrounding community. Its academic programs are tailored to students and designed to help them succeed. USI graduates report a high employment rate, and many are employed within their field of study. US News and World Report rank USI #28 on its list of Top Public Schools. 

Program: MBA with a concentration in Human Resources

8. Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University has an MPS for Human Resources Leadership. In this accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources, online students learn key HR skills. HR managers are becoming more and more important these days. This program helps students fill important positions to meet those needs. Learners find creative solutions and gain a deep understanding of vital HR practices. The program ends with a professional project. 

MTSU is a leading university in the Southeast. It prepares students for career success and lifelong learning. MTSU provides a well-rounded education that focuses on deep and valuable skills. The school is noted for both quality and affordability, so students get the best of both. Plus, MTSU has a great online learning platform for those who need to learn from a distance. Princeton Review has ranked MTSU on its list of “Best Universities in the Nation.” 

Program: MPS in Human Resources Leadership

9. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University’s MPS degree comes with the option of an HR concentration. A lot of students consider this program when they want an accelerated Human Resources degree online. The program teaches the most important aspects of effective HR strategies. Students prepare for a world in which HR professionals are increasingly important. This degree combines theory and practice for a balance of skills. Classes cover recruitment, compensation, and development. 

Fort Hays State University is a highly innovative school that focuses on today’s upcoming careers. As such, it builds vital career-focused skills. Fort Hays is a strong community where faculty members want to see students succeed. Even online students benefit from this sense of community. Fort Hays State University helps students become fully-engaged leaders and thinkers who make a difference. Plus, this school ranks highly for its affordability. Fort Hays State University is ranked among the best online programs for 2021, according to US News and World Report. 

Program: MPS – Human Resource Management

10. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University Shreveport offers an MS in Leadership and Human Resources Development. As an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online, this degree only takes ten months to finish. The program has gained attention for quality and affordability. It also offers concentration options, so students can focus on the most high-demand aspects of the field. Faculty members have real-world HR experience. 

Louisiana State University Shreveport is an affordable school where students can get a great education. It has thriving online learning programs. Online students get the same quality education as their on-campus peers. They also get extra flexibility in their learning experience. For example, LSU Shreveport’s online students can access course content at any time, day or night. And since LSU Shreveport is part of the LSU system, students benefit from lots of educational resources. Affordable Colleges Online ranked LSUS #4 on its list of top affordable colleges in Louisiana. 

Program: MS in Leadership and Human Resource Development

11. Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University has an accelerated Human Resources degree online. Students can finish this MS in as few as 12 months. The program covers all types of HR positions and the skills that go with them. It’s a very hands-on program, and students generally learn by doing. This way, they gain confidence and can start using their skills immediately. Students prepare for many types of HR work, including work for businesses and not-for-profit organizations. 

Pittsburg State University emphasizes experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. It focuses on preparing career-ready students. PSU is known especially for its tech and business programs. It also has strong graduate degree programs and a great online learning platform. All of these factors make PSU a popular choice for online graduate students, especially those who want to advance their business careers. US News and World Report ranks Pitt State #22 among Top Public Schools. 

Program: MS in Human Resource Development

12. Utah State University

Utah State University has an MS in Human Resources program for those who want an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. Students can complete this program in four semesters. They learn by engaging with actual business projects, which means they hone the most useful skills for successful HR management. As a result, students can become great leaders and strategists for HR departments. 

Utah State University is a land grant and space grant school. It’s noted for top-shelf academics and research. USU has a long history and has grown a lot over the years. These days, USU helps students forge new pathways and take advantage of opportunities. The school focuses on serving its students and the surrounding community. Utah State is a Top Ten University in the Nation, according to Washington Monthly. 

Program: MS in Human Resources 4 semesters

13. SUNY Empire State College

At SUNY Empire State, students can earn an accelerated Human Resources degree online. This MBA program is designed for both aspiring HR professionals and people who have already started their HR careers. It covers core business and decision-making skills. The HR specialization adds Human Resources skills. Students learn how to manage payroll, make new hires, train employees, and more. 

SUNY Empire State was founded to support students at all ages and stages. As a result, this school appeals particularly to adult learners. This school has a lot of online programs. In fact, this school often leads the way in online learning. SUNY Empire State is affordable, accessible, and as flexible as possible. It also offers customizable learning experiences to help students meet their needs and goals. More than half of SUNY Empire State students work full-time, and at least 40% are first-generation college students. 

Program: MBA – Human Resources Management

14. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University’s MS in Management comes with an HR Management concentration option. Students can complete this accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. For those who don’t need an accelerated option, this degree also has part-time learning choices. In any case, the program teaches students how to help organizations meet their HR goals. It imparts a broad spectrum of business skills as well as more focused HR skills. It also focuses on confidence and effective leadership. 

Stony Brook University is a high-ranking and widely-recognized school. It’s also one of the top colleges in the country. Students at Stony Brook live up to high expectations, and they get a deep learning experience in the process. The school has a low student-to-faculty ratio, so faculty members can work closely with students to help them reach their goals. Stony Brook also produces impactful research. Stony Brook University is a Top 40 Public University, according to US News and World Report. 

Program: MS in Management, HR Management Concentration

15. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University offers an accelerated Human Resources degree online. This master’s degree is geared toward current business professionals, so it offers a lot of flexibility. The program helps students who want to climb the corporate ladder or move into a new career. It uses a competency model and emphasizes leadership skills. It also teaches key HR skills like consulting, business development, and team organization. 

Western Carolina University is part of the larger University of North Carolina system. It uses teaching, research, and hands-on engagement to make a difference for both its students and community. Western Carolina University values excellence in education. This school also ranks highly for online learning, so it makes a good choice for those who need to balance learning with other responsibilities. recognized WCU’s HR program as the “Best for Aspiring Leaders.” 

Program: Master’s Degree in Human Resources

16. Central Michigan University

At Central Michigan University, students can earn an MS in Human Resources Administration. It’s a great choice for students who want an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. In this program, students learn how to develop strategies that deliver real results. They also learn how to work effectively with groups of people and manage teams. As a result, learners can improve their employability and leverage in the field. They’ll leave the program with core business skills, and they can take those skills to new levels. 

Central Michigan University recognizes the power of education to change lives. That’s why it delivers education with an impact. Central Michigan University began as a college for teachers, but it has many thriving programs now. It’s always growing, improving, and striving for the best results to serve the students of today. CMU alumni are often powerful leaders who make big differences in their fields. CMU ranks in the two highest Carnegie research classifications. Only 5% of U.S. universities have this distinction. 

Program: MS in Human Resources Administration

17. Baker College

The MBA at Baker College has a concentration in Human Resource Management. The program generally takes two years to complete. However, because it has an accelerated path option, it’s a viable choice for those who want an accelerated Human Resources degree online. Students learn how to keep teams engaged, motivated, and organized. The program recognizes that HR comes with particular challenges, and it teaches students how to navigate those challenges effectively. The curriculum is based on contemporary HR needs, so students can reap the rewards of a fulfilling HR career. 

Baker College offers multiple ways to learn, including online options with no set meeting times. The school is committed to providing the resources that students need for success. As a result, it has a lot of resources for adult learners. Baker College has intentionally small class sizes, so students get the personalization they need. Plus, this school makes a good choice for graduate degree seekers. Baker College is a designated Military Friendly institution.

Program: Master of Business Administration

18. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online is an MEd in Human Resources and Workforce Development Education. This program is designed for those who want business knowledge but also want to train and educate others. Students learn how to design and improve programs for businesses and organizations. It’s a good choice for people who enjoy working with people and want a broad range of skills. 

The University of Arkansas is one of the top public research universities in the country. It always puts its students first, focusing on their needs above everything else. The school imparts skills that can transform people’s lives. It doesn’t just impact students’ lives, either. Its research impacts lives all over the world. The University of Arkansas is fueled by creativity and a love for lifelong learning. US News and World Report ranked Arkansas’s Human Resources program as one of the best online programs for graduate education. 

Program: MEd in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education

19. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University offers an MS in HR Management. At 27 credit hours, this program is an accelerated Human Resources degree online. Students learn what it takes to keep teams engaged, motivated, and productive. They also learn the leadership skills it takes to gain a team’s respect. The program is taught by teachers with real HR experience, and learners can pursue internship opportunities that may later result in job placements. 

Golden Gate University focuses specifically on adult professional education. Because it was designed for adults, most of its courses are available 100% online, and the remaining courses take place during evenings and weekends. Golden Gate University is a career-centered school with courses that help students meet their goals. Classes are taught by experts with field experience. The school also provides career guidance and other student services. Washington Monthly ranked Golden Gate University as the #1 university for adult learners. 

Program: Master of Science in HR Management

20. CSU Global

CSU Global offers an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. The degree can help learners become established, respected, and confident leaders. The coursework teaches students how to help organizations grow and thrive. Students also learn how to solve common business and organization problems. They develop important specific HR skills, including team management, ethics, administration, compensation, and much more. 

CSU Global is a division of Colorado State University. This school recognizes that every student is different, with different needs and circumstances. Therefore, it provides an education tailored to meet those individual needs. For example, students get the same respected CSU education, but they also get the flexibility of a fully online degree program. CSU Global uses a career-based learning format that helps students get ahead. CSU Global was the first fully online, independent university in the United States. It has been a leader in online education for over a decade. 

Program: Master’s Degree in HR Management

21. University of Louisville

The University of Louisville offers an MS in Human Resources and Organization Development. Because it can be completed in two years or less, this degree can be an accelerated Human Resources degree online. This program is designed for current professionals who want to increase their expertise, move up the career ladder, and add to their leadership skills. It focuses on current and future HR needs, so students are prepared for whatever comes next. Students learn how to make the best decisions by using research and evidence. A GRE score is not required for admission into this program. 

The University of Louisville provides the education that students need to reach their goals. Its online educators also teach on campus, so students can know that they’re getting the same education as those who learn on campus. The online learning platform is designed for adult learners, including parents, working professionals, military members, and adults who have multiple responsibilities. With Louisville’s online platform, adults can get a degree from a well-respected university, but they can do it from a convenient location. US News and World Report ranked the University of Louisville among the best online learning platforms for 2021. 

Program: MS in Human Resources and Organization Development

22. University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota offers an MSA with an HR specialization, which fosters the same skills as an accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. The program covers important administrative tasks for businesses and organizations. It includes theoretical work and teaches how to apply that theory practically. Students also expand their critical thinking and leadership skills so that they can oversee teams effectively. The HR specialization adds essential knowledge for tasks like payroll and hiring. 

The University of South Dakota is the state’s flagship university. It combines deep and challenging academics with personalized mentorship opportunities. Though the University of South Dakota is a big school, many people say that it feels like a small community. The school is innovative and uses the latest technology. Its online programs make learning more accessible to all types of learners. The University of South Dakota has won several recognitions from Forbes, Princeton Review, Military Times, and many others. 

Program: MSA in Human Resources

23. Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University has an MS program in Strategic Human Resources Management. At only 12 months long, it’s an accelerated Human Resources degree online. The program recognizes that no organization could succeed without its people, and it teaches how to lead those people effectively. Students learn how to lead in light of the most recent HR protocol, practices, and technology. They also learn how to help organizations reach their fullest potential. When students graduate from this program, they can use their newfound skills to stand apart from the crowd. 

Saint Joseph’s University is a Jesuit University that balances contemporary education with longstanding ideals. Following the Jesuit tradition, it promotes social justice and academic excellence. Saint Joseph’s uses an educational model that sees students as people, not just classroom learners. As a result, it promotes whole person growth. Students at Saint Joseph’s learn how to take their critical thinking skills beyond the classroom. Of course, they also learn vital career skills that can help them reach their goals. According to a Georgetown University study, Saint Joseph’s University ranks in the top 3% for 10-year median earnings. 

Program: MS in Strategic Human Resource Management

24. Clemson University

At Clemson University, the Master of Human Resource Development is a top accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources online. The program prepares students to help individuals and teams grow. As a result, these teams can thrive within an organization. Students learn the latest approaches to common workplace challenges. They also learn important skills that combine research and practice, as well as the day-to-day responsibilities of an HR professional. 

Clemson University is a dynamic land grant university where students make connections with peers and mentors. This school values discovery, research, and innovation. Students here discover their own potential. They learn how to make a difference in their own lives as well as other people’s lives. Clemson University began as an agricultural college, but these days, it has a wide range of excellent programs, both graduate and undergraduate. Clemson University is ranked in the top 100 national universities. 

Program: Master of Human Resource Development

25. Briar Cliff University

Briar Cliff University offers an MA in Management with a Human Resources Management concentration. It’s an accelerated Human Resources degree online that includes 33 credit hours. This program goes beyond managing paperwork and other office tasks. It recognizes that HR professionals must connect with people and maintain great leadership skills. The program teaches those skills while providing mentorship and a personalized feel. 

Briar Cliff University is a Franciscan Catholic university where each student’s individuality matters. The school provides a liberal arts foundation for a timeless education. Its high-quality courses promote career knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character. Briar Cliff University helps students become lifelong learners. It’s a caring community focused on academic excellence. Briar Cliff University is ranked #34 among regional colleges in the Midwest. 

Program: Master of Arts in Management

Why Should I Get My Master’s in Human Resources?

Earning a master’s in any field is an impressive and worthwhile endeavor. Getting a master’s in the field of human resources, however, is also smart. The best masters program for human resources will open doors, opportunities, and earn graduates even greater compensation.

These are only a few reasons to consider earning a masters and for finding the best masters in human resources programs. The best masters programs for human resources will also elevate your professional status. Institutions offering the best human resources masters programs offer degrees that carry respect, accreditations, and recognition.

Earning the best human resources masters degree possible may also provide an edge over the competition for those highly-coveted HR roles. Why should you get the best masters in human resources degree? How about success, career advancement, financial gains, prestige, and opportunity for starters? 

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Human Resources?

A degree in human resources opens up many doors, but the type of opportunities and master in human resources jobs are reserved for only those advanced graduates. Here is a quick look at some popular masters in human resources jobs.

Human Resource Manager – one of the most popular jobs for masters in human resources management graduates.

Labor Relations Specialist – jobs with a masters in human resource management requirement are often classified as “specialist” positions, such as a labor relations specialist.

Training and Development Specialist – masters in human resource management jobs are often personally and financially rewarding, like these development and training specialist positions.

The list of opportunities, rewards, and personal benefits goes on, but it all begins with earning that highly respected and valuable accelerated human resource master’s degree. 

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Human Resources?

A master in human resources salary is an obvious reason to pursue this degree. While the range for a human resources masters salary will vary depending on several factors, it doesn’t change the fact that a masters human resources salary is considerable.

Based on statistics, sources, and reports a masters in human resources salary will be around $100,000 on the lower end to $110,000 on the higher end. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics confirms these numbers citing the median pay of human resource managers to be $121,220 per year. These are the types of positions that typically earn a master in human resources salary and another reason to pursue that advanced accelerated degree.

Not all masters in human resources management salary packages will be the same, as we mentioned earlier many variables and factors will impact each masters in human resource management salary position. These factors can be geographical which would include the cost of living, taxes, even tuition rates, to the type of area such as rural or metropolis. 

A master in human resource management salary regardless of where the job is located will be substantial, and rewarding. That master of human resource management salary just might vary though, so always understand the perks and benefits in addition to the salary of these important vocations.

Those who have put in the hard work, the effort, the time, and the personal expense have earned that master in human resources salary. There are reasons why a human resources masters salary is considerable, like the job and responsibilities they have. Those who earn a masters human resources salary have put in hours, along with the financial and personal investment these advanced degrees and positions demand.

Graduates who earn a masters in human resources salary are in positions that impact lives, policies, and the treatment of so many. It is that kind of weight along with the heavy workload often dealt with by HR professionals who earn a master of human resources salary, that is part of the job. The pay is good, and the work is hard, and Human Resources is a never ending job.

Congratulations on pursuing an advanced degree, and for being bold enough to consider accelerated learning options. This is not only a great way to fast-track your career but also to begin earning the type of income that is associated with advanced degrees, like a master’s in human resources.

The world of HR is a fast-paced and exciting one, and for those with an advanced degree, it is also financially rewarding. And it is also the type of role that can make a difference in the life of many, and there may not be a value we can attach to that.