5 Great Podcasts for those in Higher Education

With every passing year, the field of higher education evolves. From new best practices in the classroom to advising students on course loads, the array of information that higher education professionals must absorb each year is significant, especially with the field in crisis in the United States in particular according to Forbes.

From blogs to podcasts, a huge variety of methods exist for higher ed professionals to stay abreast of developments in their field. Here are five great higher education podcasts.

1. Higher Ed Happy Hour

This catch-all podcast is run by Washington DC-based podcasters Kevin Carey, Andrew Kelly, and Libby Nelson. Featuring talks on academic and government policy, educational research, and the impact of popular culture on academic development and student bodies, this podcast has aired several highly impactful and timely episodes. It is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

2. The Teach Better Podcast

Co-hosted by Cornell professor Doug McKee and Edward O’Neill, this monthly podcast features discussion and experts about all things teaching from how to make proper use of student data to properly administering and proctoring exams. To date, the Teach Better Podcast has aired eighty-one episodes and has featured higher education instructors from all over. It is available on iTunes.

3. Data in Higher Education

Big data has infiltrated every profession in the world, and higher education is no exception. This timely and densely-packed podcast, hosted by Campus Labs, is intended to help higher education professionals utilize the power of big data to transform their teaching – and their students. The podcast is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Player FM.

4. Changing Higher Ed

The Changing Higher Ed podcast, hosted by Dr. Drumm McNaughton, is a monthly podcast dedicated to transforming higher education institutions from within utilizing a broad set of skills and information. From more effectively increasing enrollment via smart marketing strategies to assist first-generation college students in finding increased success, this podcast is about helping higher education institutions be successful, and the students who attend them find greater support and academic achievement. It is available on iTunes.

5. Deeper Learning Podcast

Broadcast by the Orange County Department of Education, the Deeper Learning Podcast explores the multi-faceted topic of learning as it relates to other aspects of human living, including emotions, human adaptability, language, and law. Each episode features different hosts and guests with unique perspectives on learning and what can impact it – for better or for worse. The podcast is available on iTunes.

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Each of these higher education podcasts offers timely and relevant information on a constantly evolving field. Whether the listener is just beginning a career in higher education or has spent years in the field, each can assist in transforming teaching, advisement, and institutions – as well as positively transform the future of students.