15 Best Higher Education Podcasts

Higher Education podcasts have an array of current information for students and higher ed professionals, from best practices to innovations. With every passing year, the field of higher ed evolves. According to Forbes, from new best practices in the classroom to advising students on course loads, the array of information that higher education professionals must absorb each year is significant, especially with the field in crisis.

What are Higher Ed Podcasts?

Higher Education Podcasts are audio programs about topics related to higher ed that are available for download. These podcasts can cover various topics, from student issues and the college admissions process to faculty development and the latest research trends. They can also provide insights into college life and career advice.

From blogs to podcasts, a huge variety of methods exist for higher ed professionals to stay abreast of developments in their field. Here are five great higher ed podcasts.

The Best Higher Ed Podcasts:

1. FutureU Podcast

FutureU Podcast logo

Hosts Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn explore the opportunities and challenges associated with higher education in their weekly FutureU Podcast. The podcast covers topics such as the changing higher ed landscape, how technology is transforming how we approach college, and the current state of the job market.

Selingo and Horn bring together experts from the higher ed, technology, and workforce sectors to discuss the future of higher ed. This podcast is an excellent resource for anyone interested in staying current on the latest developments in education.

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2. Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

The Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast is a podcast hosted by Dr. Bonni Stachowiak, which explores the challenges and opportunities of higher ed. Each episode features an expert guest who shares insights, strategies, and stories about teaching in higher ed.

This podcast covers professional development, facilitating learning, personal productivity, online education, student engagement, educational technology, student retention, and also teaching strategies. Higher education professional faculty members become better teachers by providing practical advice and strategies to implement in the classroom.

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3. ACE’s dotEDU Podcast

dotEDU Podcast

The ACE dotEDU podcast is an educational podcast hosted by the American Council on Education (ACE). The podcast provides insights and resources to help practitioners, students, and the public makes informed decisions about the higher ed landscape. Topics include student success, higher education trends, online learning, college affordability, digital learning, and career development. ACE dotEDU podcast also features interviews with experts in the field and profiles of higher education leaders.

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4. Enrollify Podcast

Enrollify Podcast logo

The Enrollify Podcast is a weekly podcast that provides practical tips and strategies for college enrollment professionals. Hosted by college admissions and enrollment experts, the podcast covers topics such as financial aid, communication strategies, marketing, and student success. The podcast aims to help college enrollment professionals succeed in their roles and provide insights into the ever-changing landscape of college admissions and enrollment.

Zach Busekrus is the host of the Enrollify Podcast. He is a digital marketing strategist who has worked in the education industry for nearly a decade. He has helped hundreds of schools and universities grow their enrollments, increase their revenue, and enhance their marketing efforts. Zach is also the author of “The Enrollment Growth Playbook,” a comprehensive guide for schools to increase student enrollment.

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5. Higher Ed Happy Hour

Higher Ed Happy Hour Podcast logo

This catch-all podcast is run by Washington, DC-based podcasters Kevin Carey, Andrew Kelly, and Libby Nelson. This podcast has aired several highly impactful and timely episodes featuring talks on academic and government policy, educational research, and the impact of popular culture on academic development and student bodies. It is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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6. Data in Higher Education

Data in Higher Education

Big data has infiltrated every profession, and higher education is no exception. This timely and densely-packed podcast, hosted by Campus Labs, is intended to help higher education professionals utilize the power of big data to transform their teaching and their students. The podcast is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Player FM.

Data in Higher Education is a podcast hosted by three data experts exploring the world of higher education data. The podcast explores data-driven strategies to enhance student learning, improve student success, understand the impact of technology, and explore new trends in the higher education industry. Each episode features interviews with experts in the field and provides listeners with the latest research and insights related to data in higher education. The podcast also includes case studies of successful data-driven initiatives, highlighting the best practices that can be used to make data work for higher education institutions.

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7. Teach Better Podcast

Teach Better Podcast

Co-hosted by Cornell professors Doug McKee and Edward O’Neill, this monthly podcast features discussion and experts about teaching, from how to properly use student data to properly administering and proctoring exams.

The Teach Better Podcast has aired eighty-one episodes and features higher ed leaders and higher education instructors from all over. It is available on iTunes.

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8. The WonkHe Show Higher Ed Podcast

WonkHe Show Higher Ed Podcast

The Wonkhe Show Higher Ed Podcast is a weekly podcast that looks at the most pressing issues in higher education. Hosted by Wonkhe, a leading think tank on higher education policy, the podcast features interviews, conversations with leading higher education experts and policymakers, and discussions of the latest news and research.

Guests have included university leaders, ministers, researchers, and students, and the podcast covers a wide range of topics, including research, teaching, student experience, and more. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms.

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9. Changing Higher Ed

Changing Higher Ed

The Changing Higher Ed podcast, hosted by Dr. Drumm McNaughton, is a monthly podcast dedicated to transforming higher education institutions from within utilizing a broad set of skills and information. From more effectively increasing enrollment via intelligent marketing strategies to assisting first-generation college students in finding increased success, this podcast is about helping higher education institutions be successful and the students who attend them find greater support and academic achievement. It is available on iTunes.

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10. Deeper Learning Podcast

Deeper Learning Podcast

Broadcast by the Orange County Department of Education, the Deeper Learning Podcast covers the multi-faceted topic of student learning. It explores how it relates to other aspects of human living, including emotions, human adaptability, language, and law. Each episode features different hosts and guests with unique perspectives on learning and what can impact it. The podcast is on iTunes.

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11. Higher Ed Marketer Podcast

Higher Ed Marketer Podcast

This higher education marketing podcast is a weekly podcast about marketing and communications in higher education. It features interviews with higher education marketers about their marketing and communications strategies. These higher education professionals offer insight from industry experts, and tips and advice for higher ed marketers.

Kevin Anselmo hosts the podcast, an experienced higher education marketer who brings his passion for marketing and communications to the show. The Higher Ed Marketer podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms.

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12. College Admissions Decoded podcast

College Admissions Decoded podcast

The College Admissions Decoded podcast by Arjun Ram is a series of interviews with college admissions experts, counselors, and students who have gone through the process. The podcast covers topics such as the admissions process, tips for finding the right college, and advice for applicants.

It also features interviews with admissions officers from colleges across the country to help demystify the college admissions process and provide valuable insights for students and parents. National Association for College Admission Counseling.

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13. Higher Ed: Rewired podcast

Higher Ed: Rewired podcast

This educational podcast series hosted by Dr. Jonathan Reichert is produced by California State University. The podcast focuses on the convergence of research and practice in higher education, featuring conversations with faculty, administrators, and researchers.

Recent episodes include discussions of topics such as technology, assessment, student success, and more. Listeners gain insights and practical advice to help them apply research-based strategies in their own institutions.

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14. Careers in Higher Education (CHE)

Careers in Higher Education (CHE) logo

The CHE Careers in Higher Education podcast is an educational resource for those interested in a career in higher education. It features interviews with professionals from various sectors of the higher education landscape. Program topics include admissions, financial aid, student affairs, and also career services.

This podcast covers topics such as career exploration, choosing a field, job search strategies, networking, and more. Listeners gain valuable insight into the field of higher education. And they learn practical advice for pursuing a career in this increasingly competitive landscape.

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15. Office Hours with EAB

Office Hours with EAB

The Office Hours with EAB podcast is a series of conversations with faculty, staff, and alumni from the Education Advisory Board (EAB), a research and consulting firm focused on higher education. Through the podcast, listeners can learn about the most pressing issues facing colleges and universities, including topics like student success, technology trends, and diversity and inclusion.

Guests share their insights on how institutions can create an environment that promotes learning and success, while also exploring the challenges they face in their day-to-day work. By providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise, the podcast helps to foster a collaborative dialogue between EAB and the higher education community.

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Why Listen to Higher Ed Podcasts?

Listening to higher ed podcasts can be a great way to stay current on the latest college and university education advancements. Through these podcasts, you can learn about new trends, strategies, and technologies used in the higher education sector, as well as how to best prepare for and succeed in college. Additionally, higher education podcasts can provide advice and resources for college students and recent graduates, helping them make the most of their educational experience.

Each of these higher ed podcasts offers timely and relevant information on a constantly evolving field. Whether the listener is just beginning a career in higher education or has spent years in the field, each can assist in transforming teaching, advisement, and institutions.