5 Career Opportunities in Nonprofit Management

Here are 5 Career Opportunities in Nonprofit Management. Nonprofit positions are growing in demand, specifically management positions. Here’s a list of five positions that anyone with experience or a degree in the field can track down.

5 Positions Available In Nonprofit Management

  • Fundraiser
  • Program/Project Director
  • Volunteer Supervisor
  • Advocacy Director
  • Campaign Manager

1. Fundraising Director

This is a nonprofit management position that is known by other titles, such as donor director and fundraiser. However, it is an important part of any nonprofit organization. This position focuses on fundraising money from donors, be they large corporations or individuals, in order to fund programs and projects that a nonprofit organization would like to establish or maintain. Grant-writing, appeal letters, organizing events and networking all fall under the purview of this position, especially if the director is overseeing fundraising efforts for different programs. It is a challenging and rewarding career for anyone interested in maintaining these organizations.

2. Program/Project Director

Program directors, also known as project directors, are nonprofit organization managers who are entirely focused on their program. This could be anything from an annual drive to make sure children are immunized to working with local community colleges to providing free resume writing and interview skills courses to people in the community who require. Programs may be local, national, or international; the more high-profile the project, the more competitive the position becomes. With dedication and perseverance, it can be a great position that creates positive change.

3. Volunteer Supervisor

Many nonprofit organizations use volunteers, either for projects or fundraising events. Volunteer supervisors oversee organizing volunteers, set project meetings, supervise volunteer participation at events, and more. They are often in charge of recruiting volunteers and ensuring that a project or program has enough volunteer in order to operate correctly. Supervisors are an important part of in-field work and therefore this position is demanding, but well worth the effort.

4. Advocacy Director

Some nonprofit organizations need advocacy directors or representatives that speak for a population or a community that is in need of policy changes or funding for programs. This position can be found in organizations that focus on humanitarian, environmental, health, social justice, and other causes. Because the advocacy director works with their counterparts in government, they are expected to have a strong background in the cause, perhaps even a degree in the field, as well as excellent communication and negotiation skills. They may also be experts in the field in the private sector prior to becoming a part of the nonprofit sector.

5. Campaign Manager

Similar to program and project directors, campaign managers are most often associated with political campaigns, such as state and federal elections. These professionals often lead an entire campaign, such as one to pass or defeat a law at the federal level or bring awareness to humanitarian crises all over the world. Campaigns last for as long as they are needed, meaning the campaign manager will be focused on this issue for the duration of their tenure.

This is not an exhaustive list of every nonprofit management position that is available. This article by Forbes illustrates different ways to locate jobs in the field.  While the field can be competitive, looking at mid-level management positions is a good place for professionals to build a reputation and expertise in a company. This may translate later to more higher positions in the sector. Professionals and students are encouraged to do more research to find more career options that will be available to them in this field.

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