What is the Average Salary of a Web Designer?

Graphic design and web design are often chosen as career choices by artistic and computer savvy individuals with the average salary of a web designer often on the top of their minds. Web designers are the artistic talent behind the beautiful, playful, and functional designs and pictures we see on websites. They plan, design, write, adjust, integrate and test different designs and web-related codes used to bring the designs to life. Web designers tend to make good money and see good career opportunities in the field. The average wages for web designers vary by many factors.

What Determines Wages For a Web Designer?

Several factors go into determining what wages a web designer can or will earn. These might include education, training, work experience, certifications, location, and employer. An individual with a bachelor’s degree might be offered higher wages than someone with an associate’s degree or no degree at all. Different employers may also pay different wages. The same applies to location. Web designers may make a certain wage in one city or state and discover a much lower wage should the designer choose to move.

What is the Average Wage?

The average wage of web designers can vary from one designer to the next. Aspiring web designers trying to determine the average salary of a web designer may also find different wage predictions with different salary reporting agencies. An August report by PayScale.com lists the average annual salary at $49,001 and reports that wages can range from $30,242 to $79,628. Web designers often receive bonuses and commissions, which can increase wages.

A July wage report by Salary.com reports that web designer wages range from $63,965 to $85,408 with the average yearly wage at $74,728. These figures do not factor in bonuses, commissions, or any other benefits the designer may receive. Approximately 35 percent of web or graphic design specialists are self-employed. The hourly wages for web designers range from $31 to $41 per hour with the average at $36. Below is an example of annual wages in different states.

  • California – $81,690
  • Wisconsin – $71,798
  • Texas – $70,505
  • South Carolina – $69,646
  • South Dakota – $63,852

How to Become a Web Designer

Most web designers have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. An individual may be hired with an associate degree or a strong knowledge of computer programming and coding, but the most common requirement is a bachelor’s degree in fields like computer programming, web design, computer science, business, graphic design, or graphic arts. Depending on their career goals, aspiring graphic design students can often choose between the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Web Design.

The Bachelor of Science focuses more on graphic design while the Bachelor of Arts focuses on computer science courses. The student must complete general education courses, web design courses, and a capstone project. The capstone project usually involves the student creating a web design using tools mastered in the program. It generally takes about four years to earn a bachelor’s degree unless it’s an online program, which can take less or more time.

Web design is not just a career that’s in demand and offers great career opportunities. It’s also a career with an average salary for web designers above the national average in most states and a career that can be very rewarding and challenging.