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Online Degrees Available at Capella University

Capella University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Education Online.

Capella University is a school well known for its online programs. Many of the counseling programs that Capella offers are available online. One of those programs helps students earn a Master of Science in Addiction Studies. The program features a residency requirement and 10 core courses. Some of the counseling courses that students take include Survey of Research in Human Development for Addiction Professionals, Ethical and Legal Issues in Addiction Treatment, and Principles and Integrated Addiction and Mental Health Treatment. The residency component allows students to study with professors and work with their peers on the university’s Minneapolis campus. Capella also expects students to do internships in the field.

One of the only Doctor of Psychology programs available online is the one that Capella offers. The university allows students to enter with more or less experience. Students can actually earn a bachelor’s and then a master’s from the university before entering the doctoral program. They can also enroll as graduate students and complete all graduation requirements before working on a doctoral degree. Students must take select courses, including Strategies of Clinical Supervision and Consultation, Theories of Psychotherapy, and Multicultural Perspectives in Human Behavior. Doctoral candidates must take a comprehensive exam and complete a residency on the Minneapolis campus before doing a dissertation.

Capella also offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for students who already have a nursing degree but want to earn a BSN. Depending on the experience and the type of degrees they have, students may need to take between one and 14 general education courses and between one and 10 electives. All BSN students will take 10 core classes and do a capstone. The university expects students to learn how to apply the skills they learn in their classes into practical situations and to use the evidence available to them to make healthcare decisions.

Students will take classes such as Nursing Leadership and Management, Collaborative Group Process for Nursing Professionals and Assessment, Communication, and Collaboration. Capella University also offers certificates that students can complete while working on a nursing degree, including certificates in Care Coordination, Nursing Leadership, Diabetes Nursing, and Nursing Informatics.

About Capella University

Capella University is a large school system that has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1993 as a graduate school, it went by the name of The Graduate School of America. Four years after opening, the school received the accreditation that allowed students to use financial aid. Capella Education Company and Capella University opened a few years later to take over the operations of the university and all associated schools and companies. Though some classes are available offline, most of the courses and programs it offers are only available online.

The university now offers more than 140-degree programs for its students. Those who have more experience in the field can take exams and receive credit for some of their past work. With more than 1,600 courses available each year, students have no problem earning their degrees and finishing their programs. More than 95% of the students enrolled in Capella are graduate and doctoral students. The university encourages students to transfer credits from another school they attended to earn their degrees faster and save money. Capella University saw its enrollment grow to include more than 35,000 students in the 2010s.

Capella University Accreditation Details

Though Capella is an online university, it has both regional accreditation as well as specialty accreditation. Many online schools only have distance education and not regional accreditation. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools granted the university regional accreditation in the 1990s and renewed its accreditation since then. The nursing, education, counseling, and information technology programs offered by Capella University have accreditation from organizations such as the American Association for Marriage and Family. Its education programs have accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education too.

Capella University Application Requirements

Unlike other colleges that give students little help when it comes to applying, Capella allows prospective students to talk with an enrollment counselor before they apply. Enrollment counselors offer assistance to students concerned about financial aid and those who need help with transfer credits. Counselors can also help students find out more about the exams that give them credit for their past experiences.

All types of students hoping to attend the university can use the same online application. It asks for a full name, email address, and password, which the site will use to set up an account for each individual student. That student can then log in with that information and complete the application. Capella allows students to get help with the application through email or over the phone. Students can also live chat with representatives from the university during business hours.

The only requirement for most students is that they submit their official transcripts to the university. Capella requires that graduate and doctoral students have a bachelor’s or a bachelor’s and a master’s degree before starting any of its programs. They must also show that they are proficient in the English language and that they maintained a set grade point average in high school or college. Some of its advanced programs will only accept students who are at least 24 years old too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Capella University charges different tuition rates for students at different levels and based on the programs they want to study. Bachelor’s degree students will pay between $336 and $411 per credit hour, while master’s degree students pay between $425 and $796 per credit. Doctoral students will pay up to $790 per credit, and certificate students pay at least $410 per credit. The university also offers FlexPath Option programs that charge students a set rate at the beginning of each 12-week session. Military students qualify for a 10% tuition discount on the certificate and advanced programs and a 15% tuition discount on all bachelor’s degree programs.

Students of all ages and those at any level can apply for federal financial aid. When they complete and submit the FAFSA, students must list the school code for Capella on the application. Students who need more financial aid can receive federal grants. Students of all types can borrow money from the federal government too. There are PLUS, subsidized and unsubsidized loans available for undergrads. Graduate and doctoral students can apply for both unsubsidized and PLUS loans.

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