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Online Graduate Programs at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas


The University of Nevada at Las Vegas appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Educational Psychology Online.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas ranks as one of the top schools in Nevada. As many students live and work in Las Vegas, the university established online programs to help those students fulfill their degree requirements without taking time away from their personal and professional lives. Students can earn three graduate certificates online in fields such as nuclear safety engineering and infection prevention. They can also earn one of six online graduate degrees.

One of those online programs helps students earn a Master of Science in Emergency and Crisis Management. Designed for those who want to work in emergency management departments in public agencies and private corporations, it includes 33 credits of classes. Community Preparedness, Science of Catastrophes, Evolution of Terrorism, and Exercise Design and Response Plan are some of those required courses. Online students must also do a culminating experience and take a class called Research in the Implementation of Concepts in Crisis and Emergency Management. A graduate certificate in emergency management cybersecurity is also available.

Another online program available from the university is an Executive Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA). Epidemiology in Health Services Management, Health Care Economics, Human Resources Management of Health Care Organizations, and Health Care Law and Ethics for Managers are among the program’s required classes. The university’s Master of Hospitality Management prepares students for working as hotel managers and leaders in similar organizations. It includes nine classes and a final paper. Students must present this paper at the end of the program. The University of Nevada at Las Vegas allows students to take up to three classes each semester and graduate in 18 months, though most students take 24 months to complete the program.

Other options for online graduate students include programs in educational leadership, educational psychology, nursing, and urban leadership. The nursing program has a nurse educator track and works seamlessly with the university’s doctoral nursing program, which features the same track. Urban leadership majors spend at least 15 months taking 12 classes, including two electives and 10 required courses. Those required courses include Leadership in Urban Contexts, Design Thinking for Urban Issues, Developing and Nurturing Teams, and Social Media and Communication Technology.

About the University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Located just outside the main area of Las Vegas is the public university called the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Also known as UNLV, it offers doctoral and graduates programs as well as undergraduate options both online and on the Las Vegas campus. Established in 1957, it served as a small extension branch of the University of Nevada, Reno. As the university did not have much funding, it used a local high school for classes before raising money to build a new campus in the city of Paradise. The university served as the University of Nevada, Southern Division for 12 years and then Nevada Southern University from 1965 to 1969 before becoming UNLV. U.S. News and World Report added UNLV to its lists of the best American colleges and the best schools in the world, while Forbes ranked it within the top 600 American colleges.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas Accreditation Details

The NWCCU granted accreditation to UNLV that allows it to set degree requirements and award degrees to students. As this is a form of regional accreditation, UNLV can also give students credit for the past work they did and the classes they took. Some of the programs offered by the university that also have accreditation include those in nursing, marriage and family therapy, physical therapy, and counseling.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas Application Requirements

The UNLV Graduate College is responsible for looking at each application and deciding whether the student meets the basic requirements for acceptance. Those requirements include a strong background in one subject and a bachelor’s degree from either a college or university that has regional accreditation. There is also an application fee, which covers the cost of processing the application. The college will then pass the application onto an individual department, which is responsible for making the final decision. Each department has its own requirements for admission.

Students typically need a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Though the urban leadership program accepts a 2.75-GPA, the healthcare administration program only accepts those with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students will also need to submit transcripts from any schools where they earned university/college credits and a resume that makes note of any experiences they have in the fields they want to study at UNLV. A personal statement that describes the interest the student has in the program is another requirement. Most programs ask for up to three letters of recommendation also. Some programs ask for reference contact information. Those departments will contact each reference listed and ask them to upload their letters of recommendation. In lieu of a personal statement, students may need to write an essay of up to two pages.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Nevada residents attending UNLV receive a discount that lowers their tuition rates. Those students pay $4,452 per semester. They’ll also need to pay a $35 orientation fee that is due during the first semester. Nonresidents pay the orientation fee and a tuition rate of $11,688 each semester. Students will often find that the amount they pay differs because they take more or fewer classes from one semester to the next. Grad students also pay a few hundred dollars every semester for their books.

One of the best ways for grad students to pay their UNLV costs is with an assistantship. These positions go to students taking at least six credit hours of classes and require that they work 20 hours a week in their departments. They receive tuition coverage and a $10,000 stipend that covers their living expenses as well as health insurance. To get one of these positions for the fall, students must apply by March first. UNLV offers a small number of scholarships that allow online students to get help in paying their costs. Those students can also use the FAFSA to get federal loans and use any alternative loans they receive. Online graduate students can get quite a bit of help paying for any of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas online degree programs.