Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

16 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

The highest paying Marketing jobs are available to individuals with only a bachelor’s degree, unlike other fields that require a master’s. Candidates interested in marketing may be surprised that many jobs are possible with only an undergraduate degree, whereas other sectors require graduate education.

Marketing is the ideal career choice for an individual with a flair for advertising, a creative mind, and an interest in helping products sell. This field offers many opportunities in an entry-level position and senior roles. And there are also a lot of high-paying opportunities.


Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Let’s look at some high-paying jobs in marketing that can help you build a lucrative and successful career.

1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Average salary: $183,904 (source)
Salary range: $91,000 to $279,000

The highest paying marketing job is typically a CMO. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for developing and managing a company’s marketing plans. The CMO demonstrates the company’s marketing goals to marketing and sales employees and ensures they know how to satisfy those goals. This marketing executive also uses marketing channels to communicate with clients and the media, guiding external advertising agencies.

A person in this top level marketing position must have exceptional analytical, management, and leadership skills. A big part of the CMO’s job is assessing the marketing environment, analyzing future marketing strategy, and knowing what to modify, keep and promote marketing and advertising campaigns. A CMO oversees the marketing department. They also maintain close relationships with account managers and may help with negotiating sales contracts.

2. e-Commerce Marketing Director

Average salary: $183,286 (source)
Salary range: $161,000 to $209,000

Another high paying marketing job is e-Commerce. The e-Commerce Marketing Director job description is the role of a marketing director but is specific to web storefronts and online marketing. These marketing professionals need a strong advertising background, solid tech skills, and an understanding of online shopping and the unique needs of people who shop online.

3. User Experience (UX) Director

Average salary: $176,000 (source)
Salary range: $157,000 to $195,000

UX is short for User Experience. A User Experience Director ensures that users have a positive experience with a product or brand. These professionals must have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing strategies and also the product or brand. In addition, they may conduct research and analytics to fully understand how the overall experience affects the brand. And then work with other departments to start or modify marketing campaigns to obtain the best results.

4. Vice President (VP) of Marketing

Average salary: $153,335 (source)
Salary range: $95,000 to $211,000

A Vice President is a valued marketing executive and many VPs sit on the board of directors. They outline and manage a company’s marketing services, products, and strategies. This individual usually attends board meetings and reports marketing strategies to top executives.

Their duties include advertising, branding, pricing, and setting up discounts. The VP of marketing generally has a team of marketing researchers working under him or her. According to PayScale, vice presidents of marketing are some of the highest paying marketing jobs. They typically earn average yearly wages over $150,000.

5. Corporate Communications Director

Average salary: $129,265 (source)
Salary range: $87,000 to $176,000

Generally, these marketing professionals have a bachelor’s degree. However, some have MBAs or advanced business degrees. Additionally, they need several years of experience in public relations and media communications. Corporate Communications Directors have some of the highest paying marketing jobs. These professionals craft a company’s messaging and oversee its delivery in press releases, marketing communications, corporate speeches, internal communications, and media responses. They often supervise a public relations (PR) or communications team that develops, writes, and implements the communications strategy.

6. Marketing Research Director

Average salary: $123,734 (source)
Salary range: $84,000 to $182,000

These marketing professionals are just below chief marketing officers (CMO) in the department’s chain of command. Marketing directors oversee a company’s marketing program and report to the CMO. Additionally, they research marketing services and products, analyze marketing trends to remain competitive, and oversee external and interior advertising.

This position requires experience, but graduates only need a bachelor’s degree. Although the marketing director oversees the department and marketing research managers, they pitch in and help when needed on the marketing team.

7. Director of Digital Marketing

Average salary: $109,502 (source)
Salary range: $66,000 to $165,000

A Director of Digital Marketing creates a company’s digital marketing strategy and oversees a team of marketing managers. The plan focuses on online brand visibility and increasing revenue from digital campaigns. It may include digital advertising campaigns, social media marketing, web applications, and search engine optimization (SEO). They also track the analytics of the campaigns and adjust the strategy as necessary to drive the best results for the brand.

Generally, digital marketing directors have bachelor’s degrees and experience in different digital marketing modalities. Because digital marketing is constantly changing, these professionals must stay up-to-date on the latest tools, trends, and best practices.

8. Content Marketing Director

Average salary: $102,450 (source)
Salary range: $61,000 to $153,000

Content Marketing Directors are responsible for content strategy, development, scheduling, and marketing. They also manage content creators. The content may be written, video, or social media, depending on the business.

Most content marketing directors have a bachelor’s degree. However, many start their career as content creators and work their way into this position with years of experience.

9. Product Marketing Manager

Average salary: $96,810 (source)
Salary range: $64,000 to $133,000

Companies want customers to be excited about new products they release. A Product Marketing Manager’s job is to ensure customers understand a product’s features and benefits. When launching new products, these professionals develop a marketing strategy that generates excitement and communicates a new product to potential customers in an easy-to-understand way. They focus on positioning, messaging, and continuing marketing.

Generally, product marketing managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Many work for tech or software companies where the features of a product are usually complex.

10. Creative Director

Average salary: $94,720 (source)
Salary range: $49,000 to $155,000

Creative Directors are in charge of a company’s creative team. Marketing is a massive part of what the team produces. So, the creative director oversees the talent that creates marketing materials. They also work closely with other departments to ensure the marketing message connects with the creative output and meets organizational goals. And they implement marketing campaigns to create interest from audiences.

These professionals need excellent communication skills and leadership skills. Sometimes these roles are referred to as Art Directors. In larger companies, an Art Director may work under a Creative Director.

11. International Marketing Manager

Average salary: $89,181 (source)
Salary range: $58,000 to $119,000

To ensure a company is as successful as possible, it must advertise and market products locally and globally. Global or International Marketing Managers ensure visibility while staying within the company’s marketing budget. They oversee the entire budget, present their findings to the company and execute marketing plans for development.

Global and international marketing managers work closely with other departments to coordinate development efforts and determine the best ways to expand the company’s business. International marketing managers are generally skillful in project management, strategic marketing, product marketing, marketing communication, and marketing management.

12. Demand Generation Manager

Average salary: $89,121 (source)
Salary range: $62,000 to $114,000

Most of these professionals have a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, Demand Generation Managers usually have significant experience in various marketing roles. So, they feel comfortable moving between marketing platforms and strategies in this multifaceted role.

They manage marketing initiatives that generate demand for an organization’s product or service. This may be business efforts geared toward individuals, business-to-customer (B2C), and other companies (B2B).

Some responsibilities include:

  • Drive new leads through marketing campaigns
  • Build buzz around new products
  • Find and maintain Influencer marketing partnerships
  • Develop loyalty programs to ensure repeat customers

13. Database Marketing Manager

Average salary: $85,426 (source)
Salary range: $55,000 to $101,000

The primary responsibility of a Database Marketing Manager is to oversee targeted marketing programs based on data analysis. They develop and implement campaigns to acquire new customers based on information. Many manage a team that often includes analysts and, in larger companies, other managers. These teams maintain the company’s marketing database and find ways to use it to maximize sales results for marketing efforts.

These top executives only need a bachelor’s degree. However, they also need extensive knowledge of data collection practices and data analysis. Additionally, these professionals need a strong understanding of database software.

14. Sales Channel Development Manager

Average salary: $82,676 (source)
Salary range: $51,000 to $125,000

A Sales Channel Development Manager oversees an organization’s sales department. They ensure the department effectively markets products and meets its sales goals. Maintaining key business relationships with other companies and partner channels is a part of this job and channel development. Most of these managers have successful sales experience and also a bachelor’s degree. They are usually familiar with partner channels and the structure of various sales channels.

15. Brand Marketing Manager

Average salary: $80,739 (source)
Salary range: $51,000 to $116,000

The way a product or company is perceived in the market is its “brand.” So, Brand Marketing Managers work to keep an organization’s brand solid and positive to ensure maximum profits. As the lead marketing professional dedicated to the brand, they merge a company’s business objectives with effective marketing strategies. Additionally, they oversee the brand strategy, ensuring that the products, marketing promotional campaigns, and other events align with how the business wants to be perceived. The primary responsibilities of the brand marketing manager are to maintain the brand to keep current customers and create interest in the brand to brings in new customers.

Typically, brand managers have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and also three to five years of experience working in a more junior brand marketing role. This role requires a combination of creativity with analysis to optimize efforts. Therefore, analytical skills are also a must for a brand manager.

16. Digital Marketing Manager

Average salary: $72,637 (source)
Salary range: $49,000 to $106,000

A Digital Marketing Manager oversees one or more marketing teams. They needs knowledge of various digital marketing channels and also experience in project management.

What Kind of Degree Do You Need to Work in Marketing?

Most entry-level jobs in marketing require only a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, many of the highest paying marketing jobs are advanced positions, but are also available with an undergraduate degree and a few years of experience in the field. However, a master’s degree in marketing qualifies graduates for many top roles in the industry, which are also the highest paying marketing jobs.

Can You Earn a Marketing Degree Online?

Yes! There are many online bachelor’s degrees in marketing available. These programs allow working students or those with existing obligations to learn on their schedule. Working marketing professionals can also earn a graduate degree in marketing or advertising. An advanced degree can further your career path and increase your income potential.

What Do You Learn in a Marketing Degree Program?

A typical undergraduate degree is 120-credits. The curriculum includes general education classes, major-specific courses, and also a marketing capstone project. Some programs have specializations or areas where students can focus their studies. These concentrations include healthcare management, accounting, project management, and also strategic communications. Below are some of the topics students study.

  • Market Data and Statistical Analysts
  • Marketing Research / Market Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Account Management
  • Sales Channels
  • External Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing

How Do You Get a Job in Marketing?

After completing an undergraduate degree, many professionals use internships to gain experience in the field. They also develop a portfolio to show successful marketing jobs they completed. Strong analytic and leadership skills, creativity, and also artistic abilities are all strong skills to help find a high-paying marketing career.

Job Outlook in Marketing

Are marketing degree jobs in demand? Yes! As long as companies sell products, there will be jobs in advertising and marketing. Furthermore, marketing is a field with many different positions. And graduates can qualify for many top jobs in only a few years. As new media and marketing types emerge, there are new opportunities to work in this field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects overall employment is growing faster than average. Advertising, promotions, and marketing manager jobs will increase by 10 percent from 2021 to 2031 (BLS). Marketing executives with an advanced degree are in demand even more, so they land some of the highest paying marketing jobs!

How Much Can You Earn with a Marketing Degree?

Do the highest paying marketing jobs pay well? Your earning potential in marketing depends on a variety of factors. These may include your specific employer, prior work experience, additional skills, and also the degree you hold. Additionally, marketing salaries also vary by geographic location.

The income potential in this career field is high. For individuals with experience and additional skills, marketing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path!

Your Career in Marketing

Are you interested in a career in marketing or advertising? Job satisfaction in this field is high but can also be fiercely competitive. However, employment opportunities for marketing and advertising professionals with advanced degrees are abundant. So, if you are interested in one of the top paying jobs in this or a related field, check out some of our degree rankings for a Master’s in Marketing online.