Notre Dame of Maryland University

Online Degrees Available at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Notre Dame of Maryland University appears in our ranking Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Communications Online.

NDMU now offers three graduate degree programs that students can complete entirely online. These programs are open to students in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland, but students from across the nation can also apply. Each program features some required courses and different electives.

Designed for those who want to use their creative skills in the communications field, it features six credits of contemporary communication classes and 30 credits of other required courses. This program prepares students for working as digital marketing specialists and web coordinators. The two communications courses that students take include Approaches to Contemporary Communication and Technology in Contemporary Communication. Students will also take general education courses, including those in computer science and English. They’ll take courses such as Multimedia Applications and Campaign Design and Execution. Students have the chance to transfer credits from another school into this program to complete some of those requirements.

Another online graduate program available from NDMU is its Master of Arts in Gifted and Talented Education. Designed for teachers who want to work specifically with gifted and talented children, it goes over the difficulties of working in this field and the challenges that educators face. This program starts at multiple points during the traditional school year and in the summer to work around the schedules of new students.

Students will take four required courses, including Learning Theory and Practice and Digital Game-Based Learning and Design. They will then take one education elective. To get their teaching certification, they must also take seven other courses that include Foundations of Gifted and Talented Education, Research Seminar in Gifted and Talented Education, and Theory and Development of Creativity. This program features a field practicum too that students can do in any city in the country.

NDMU now offers a Master of Science in Analytics that is helpful for students with business experience and those who currently work in the business industry. More than 70% of the students in this program use the skills they learn in their own positions before they graduate. The university has a large and active network of former students who can help current students as they work through the program. Students must take six credits of math courses and six credits of business or economics classes as well as 24 credits of computer science classes. The Notre Dame of Maryland University requires that students take classes such as Data Design and Management, Data Security, and Foundations of Analytics.

About Notre Dame of Maryland University

Notre Dame of Maryland University is one of the only women’s only private colleges in the nation and the only university of its kind in Maryland. Established in 1873 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, it opened as a preparatory school that prepared female students for going to college. The School Sisters of Notre Dame hoped that the school would foster strong religious beliefs in its students and help them carry those beliefs with them into the future. It also offered females opportunities that weren’t available elsewhere in the state. It wasn’t until 1895 that it added its first college programs. The school later split its prep school off and moved it to a new location. The original college is still in Baltimore.

Also called NDMU, the university is the oldest Roman Catholic private university in the nation and still has an affiliation with the Church today. The school operated as the College of Notre Dame of Maryland until 2011, which is when it became NDMU. More than 3,000 students take classes from NDMU every year. The university saw its enrollment grow after adding graduate programs to its curriculum and after introducing a few online programs.

Notre Dame of Maryland University Accreditation Details

The Notre Dame of Maryland University has both accreditations as well as the approval of major organizations for its degree programs. It has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which is important for students who want to either transfer credits or seek financial aid. The university has approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission too. It also has accreditation for both its nursing and education programs. The School of Education at this university has accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Notre Dame of Maryland University Application Requirements

NDMU offers a number of flexible graduate programs for working students who do not have as much free time as traditional students do. Those enrolling in an online program must meet some specific program requirements and apply to the university. They can use the NDMU online application, which asks students to create a unique account and choose both a password and a username. Most students find that they can complete the application in less than 30 minutes.

The requirements that they must meet will range from program to program. Most ask for a completed application and official transcripts from any colleges they attended. Many programs also ask for a copy of the student’s most recent resume. Students will write a short essay too. This essay must be at least 200 words in length but no more than 500 words long. It will address the reasons why the student chose that program and what experience he or she has in the field. Students can write the essay and copy it onto the application.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Online NDMU graduate students must pay a tuition rate plus a fee for taking online classes. This fee adds $27 per credit hour taken to their total costs. The tuition that the university charges can range from $560 per credit hour for education programs to $690 per credit hour for business programs.

Students applying to the university should complete the FAFSA at the same time that they complete the university’s application. Most graduate students can use their own tax records and file as independent students, but those who are under the age of 25 will use their parents’ tax records and file as dependent. Students can only get government loans if they complete this form. They’ll also need to go through the loan counseling that the university offers. Notre Dame of Maryland University students can also use graduate PLUS loans as well as private student loans.