5 Internships for Criminal Justice Students

 Criminal Justice Student Internships

  • Local police department
  • CIA
  • FBI
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Law Firm

Criminal justice internships are great ways for students to obtain hands-on training working in the criminal justice field. Internships allow the student to combine theory with practice, allowing the criminal justice graduates to utilize the knowledge they have gained in the program. With criminal justice being such a large field with so many occupations, criminal justice candidates can choose from a wide variety of internships. Below are five internships for criminal justice students.

1. Local police department

This internship opportunity might be the easiest for students in criminal justice to obtain because they don’t have to look much further than their local police or sheriff’s department. Although each internship opportunity is different, they’re all the same in that they have the student working alongside a police officer or deputy. Criminal justice students learn all aspects of law enforcement from riding along in a squad car and dispatching to performing an interrogation. Students also learn how to do law enforcement paperwork and learn the importance of accuracy. There couldn’t be a better internship for the candidate who wants to get the first-hand experience in what their local police department does for their community. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers and deputies are in high demand.

2. Federal Bureau of Prisons

The Pathway Program, which is offered through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, is a paid internship offered to students choosing criminal justice as a career. This program teaches students about the United States prison systems and how it is maintained. The internship not only pays the intern but also provides them with on-the-job training and various educational opportunities. At the end of the program, the intern receives a review, and if the intern did an excellent job, he or she may receive a potential job offer.

3. CIA

When it comes to interesting criminal justice internships, many students feel the one-year CIA paid internship is at the top of their list. Although the internship requires interns move to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for the entire year, the intern earns a salary. Because this internship is so popular, criminal justice applicants should apply as early as they possibly can. Interns work alongside a Collection Management Officer and perform many of the same duties. The student will learn about analyzing intelligence, distribution of human intelligence, the collection of intelligence and the process of interviewing suspects.

4. FBI

Students who don’t mind relocating and are interested in an exciting paid internship can check out the Honors Internship Program, which is offered through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This 10-year program is offered in three field offices or their headquarters in Quantico, Virginia or Washington, D.C. The candidate gets the opportunity to see exactly what an FBI agent does throughout the course of his or her day. They also get to learn about the different areas within the FBI. Throughout the internship, the candidate may work in executive management, alongside a field officer or with a data analyst.

5. Law Firm

There are very few towns that don’t have at least one lawyer or law firm, which makes this another relatively easy place for a criminal justice student to find an internship. When we see lawyers on TV, we typically see them in a courtroom setting either prosecuting or defending a client. As an intern in a law firm, the individual will see all aspects of being a lawyer or paralegal. The candidate learns about briefs, depositions, witnesses, court filings, trials and more. The individual has the chance to assist an attorney through an entire case from beginning to end.

Criminal justice careers are either law enforcement or legal. Law enforcement has the individual dealing with crime and criminals, while the legal part has the individual offering legal services. Regardless of which area a student chooses, he or she is helping society. Internships for criminal justice students help the candidate gain experience and decide if that is the area he or she wants for a career.