5 Great Qualities of a Physician Assistant

5 Great Qualities of a Physician Assistant

There are 5 great qualities of a physician assistant that one should possess when looking to embark in this type of medical career. A career in medicine can be challenging, yet rewarding. Becoming a physician assistant can be an excellent career choice for people who are interested in serving patients with compassionate care.

Qualities of a Physician Assistant

  • Attention To Detail
  • Empathy
  • Independence
  • Relate Well To Others
  • Flexibility

1. Attention To Detail

A physician assistant must pay close attention to the small details because these are important in the world of medicine. For example, a day may consist of writing specific orders for medication that patients are required to take for treatment. Although an assistant is under the supervision of a full-time physician, the patients will want to know they can give their full trust in your expertise as well. Having accurate data for every patient will be important.

2. Empathy

Do you remember what it feels like when you’re sick? A physician assistant must carefully tend to their patient’s needs as well as make them feel comfortable. It is important to be compassionate when a severe illness suddenly strikes. Many times the physician assistant will need to be a strong presence of comfort in an unfavorable circumstance. The ability to show empathy is one of the necessary qualities of an excellent physician assistant.

3. Independence

As mentioned earlier, a physician assistant will be working alongside a physician. However, many times the physician assistant will perform duties without further guidance from the physician. Tasks might include conducting a follow-up appointment with a patient, filling out additional paperwork, or assuming other the roles of the physician if he or she is unavailable. Working independently with confidence is an important skill.

4. Relate Well To Others

A daily work schedule of a physician assistant often includes contact with dozens of patients in a single day. One of the essential qualities of a physician assistant is the skill of listening and interacting with all your patients. Every patient and coworker will have a unique personality, and you’ll need to discover the best way to discuss problems and solutions with all of them. The ability to be a people person is essential to perform this job successfully.

5. Flexibility

Most jobs in the medical field require you to be flexible, and a physician assistant is no different. Patients can be somewhat unpredictable, so it is essential to be prepared when things change instantly. Learning to cope with an ever-changing workday is critical, but it will keep the job challenging and engaging. As a physician assistant, it is important to adapt to an irregular work schedule. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many physician assistants may work nights, weekends, and holidays or be on call with only a few hours notice.

For someone who enjoys working with people, who is detail-oriented, and can handle a different challenge every day, this is a great career choice. These are five great qualities of a physician assistant that are important for an enjoyable career.

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