University of Texas at Tyler

There are approximately 16 online degree programs available for graduate students attending UT Tyler. This does not include the hybrid programs, which require that students complete residency sessions on the Tyler campus.

Soules College of Business offers three online programs such as a Business Administration MBA program. The oil, gas, and energy concentration option are only available for online students. They can also choose a concentration in quality management or another field. Students will take classes that meet for 16 weeks, including Decision Making in Operations Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, and Advanced Marketing Fundamentals.

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The university’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers five-degree programs for online graduate students. One of those programs allows students to complete both a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration. Students must take courses from both disciplines, but the program allows them to complete all their work through the online system. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences also offers degrees such as a Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Education or Nursing Administration. Those in the nursing administration program develop leadership skills, while those in the nursing education program learn how to teach others in the nursing field.

Students can earn a graduate degree in public administration, English, or criminal justice from the university’s College of Arts and Sciences. The criminal justice program features 21 credits of required classes, including Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration, Contemporary Issues in Corrections and Law Enforcement: Environment and Practice. Students will also pick a concentration in management, research, or general criminal justice and take nine credits from that discipline. UT Tyler asks all graduate criminal justice students to complete a thesis also.

The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers online graduate degrees in Occupational Therapy, Health Sciences, and Kinesiology.

When designing its Master of Arts in English program, UT Tyler wanted to give students the freedom to study different aspects of the English language. This is an individualized program that allows students to do independent work and to take classes from any related discipline. Though all students will complete 36 units of work, students have the option of taking a few more classes or taking fewer classes and doing a thesis. These students can look forward to taking classes such as History and Practice of Rhetoric, American Literature Through the Romantic Period, The Modern Novel, and Studies in Victorian Literature. The university allows students to focus on more modern literature or historical works.

The College of Education and Psychology at UT Tyler offers more online degree programs for graduate students than any other department. Students can enroll in one of five different programs. Its Curriculum and Instruction program awards students a Master of Education degree. This program focuses on the curriculum that teachers follow in their classes and how they educate their students. The reading graduate program offered by the university focuses more on how to teach students how to read. Students in this program will also learn how to handle those with disabilities that can prevent them from learning at the same rate as their peers.

UT Tyler also offers a School Counseling program for those who want to work with students in any type of school. The program meets the requirements that most states have in place for those who want to obtain a counseling license. Students applying to this program must sign a form and authorize the university to perform a background check on them. They will complete two internships and a practicum in addition to taking classes such as Mental Health in Schools and Group Counseling. The University of Texas at Tyler offers other online graduate and undergrad programs through UT Tyler Online Education.

About University of Texas at Tyler

Established in 1971, the University of Texas at Tyler is a public university that is part of the University of Texas System. To distinguish it from other campuses in the Texas system, the university usually goes by the name UT Tyler. It opened as Tyler State College and offered only courses for upperclassmen. The university continued offering advanced classes after becoming Texas Eastern University a few years later. It would later add classes for undergrads and introduce its first graduate courses, which led to the university becoming UT Tyler.

UT Tyler now offers both graduate and undergraduate programs as well as some options for doctoral students. The university also operates a virtual campus that it calls UT Tyler Online Education. There are now 16 full degree programs available for graduate students from colleges such as its College of Arts and Sciences and the Soules College of Business. A small number of online programs are also available for undergrads. Between both it’s virtual and its main campus, UT Tyler has an enrollment of well over 10,000 students.

The University of Texas at Tyler Accreditation Details

As UT Tyler has accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, students taking classes online and those enrolled in a traditional program can apply for financial aid. Those students must enroll on a full-time basis to qualify for an aid package. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education granted accreditation to all the university’s nursing programs, including the graduate programs available on its campus and online.

The University of Texas at Tyler Application Requirements

Prospective graduate students with an interest in UT Tyler’s online programs only need to meet a few admissions requirements. They must have a bachelor’s degree completed and in hand before taking any graduate classes. Incoming students must also submit official scores from a graduate exam such as the GMAT or the GRE. They will complete and submit the online application before giving the university their official transcripts and test scores. Students may need to meet other requirements for select programs, including going through an interview or providing a resume, a writing sample, and/or a personal essay.

Tuition and Financial Aid

UT Tyler charges a tuition rate of $849 per semester hour for any graduate student who is also a Texas resident. Students from any other state will pay $1,288 per semester hour. The university encourages graduate students to apply for financial aid at least one semester before they want to start an online program. Students can now submit the FAFSA nearly a year before classes start too. Most of the University of Texas at Tyler online graduate students use the unsubsidized loans available from the federal government.