5 Career Options For Holders Of A Master’s In Marketing

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Career paths for a master’s in marketing graduate usually include managerial jobs. These are among the highest-paying and in-demand jobs in business, making marketing an excellent career choice for many students. A master’s degree in the subject can open up even more doors. Here are five careers students who obtain a master’s in marketing can consider.

1. Public Relations Manager

One master’s in marketing career path is that of a public relations manager. These professionals command six-figure salaries on average and are key to cultivating a good image for a particular organization in the public eye. Some of their duties may include creating press releases, giving press conferences, managing customer support teams, overseeing employee training for better customer interaction and more. A bachelor’s degree is the base requirement for becoming a public relations manager, although some jobs (and often the better ones) require a master’s degree.

2. Marketing Manager

Marketing manager is a coveted position in most organizations, which means competition for jobs can be strong. However, a master’s in marketing can give graduates an upper hand over managers with other backgrounds when trying to land a job as a marketing manager. This career is expected to be in-demand in the future as well due to companies understanding how important marketing is to their survival as an organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is expected to grow 10% through 2026, which it classifies as much faster than average.

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3. Sales Manager

These professionals focus on increasing sales for their companies by working with both their company’s sales representatives and outside distributors. They often have more interaction with others than other marketing managers, making this a good career choice for students with strong interpersonal skills and who enjoy interacting with people. Sales managers have a potential for very high salaries due to sales commissions and bonuses if they are highly skilled at their jobs. Sales managers must remain up-to-date on marketing trends, product information and sales techniques to be good at their jobs. They also must set sales goals, monitor sales representative teams and have a deep understanding of customer needs.

4. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing is a league of its own in the modern business world. So much of a company’s marketing efforts are done online that specialists in digital marketing are a necessity. Because of this, students with skill and focus in digital marketing should consider a career as a digital marketing manager. Digital marketing managers plan, implement and analyze digital marketing campaigns. This can include content marketing, SEO optimization, social media marketing, online advertising, online promotions and giveaways, digital customer outreach and more.

5. Chief Marketing Officer

Often the highest marketing position at a company, it should come as no surprise that an advanced degree is usually required to get a job as chief marketing officer. The chief marketing officer is responsible for directing all marketing efforts in the company. This is a position where several years of experience in marketing are almost always necessary. However, small startups may possibly offer recent graduates a job who do not have a lot of prior experience so long as the applicant has proven success in marketing.

Marketing is a dynamic field with many different career options to choose from. Students are bound to discover one that suits their skillset and their preferences. There are quite a few career paths a master’s in marketing graduate can pursue.