5 Job Settings for Social Workers

Here are 5 Job Settings for Social Workers. Working as a social worker can be a very rewarding career. In addition to helping others, you get to experience something new each day as you meet diverse clients and are faced with different situations. For someone who likes a fast-paced workday, the field of social work is a great option to consider. Whether you are just starting out in your educational path towards social work or you are finishing up your degree and will soon be looking at various social work jobs, it is important to think about what different options you have. There are many different settings that you can consider in this field. Let’s take a look at five different settings for social workers.

5 Social Workers’ Job Settings

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Private Practice
  • Government Agency
  • Nursing Home

1. Hospital Setting

The role of a social worker in a hospital setting is usually beneficial for not only patients that have been admitted but also for the families that are involved. Oftentimes, a patient will need ongoing care or rehabilitation after their hospital stay. A social worker will work with the patient and their family to decide where that care will take place and orchestrate anything that needs to be done ahead of time.

2. School Setting

A social worker has a very important role in a school. There are often times that some intervention is needed for troubled students who are struggling to succeed or might be having personal issues at home. Extra guidance from a social worker can help keep them on track and having everybody involved is important, including teachers, parents, staff, etc.

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3. Private Practice

Working in private practice as a social worker has many benefits. You can make your own hours and set your own schedule. You get to choose who you make appointments with and you can utilize your preferred treatment methods to provide optimal care. Private practice can be run with other professionals in your area that you know and trust, or you can choose to provide services yourself in your own facility.

4. Government Agency

A government agency or federal job utilizes social workers for a variety of purposes. there might be social workers that partake in the adoption process in that county. Social workers also have a big role in the foster system in a certain areas, to make sure that homes are providing good care and are safe for children. This is a secure job that often has very good pay and good benefits.

5. Nursing Home

In a nursing home, a social worker is needed in order to create a care plan and to carry out the care of patients. A social worker will work with the family members that are admitting their family members into the facility. Ongoing, the social worker will often be the person who will communicate with family regarding the patient and how they are doing and address any issues they have.

There are many types of social work jobs that you can apply to when you have first completed your degree according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You might not have a great idea of what type of work you want to pursue but getting your feet wet and trying out some different jobs will provide you with the information that you need in order to get your career started. Social work is a rewarding career with a variety of job setting options.