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Nebraska Methodist College offers a few different online master’s degrees including a Master’s of Science in Nursing, a Master’s of Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Wellness and Health Promotion Management. For the MSN degree, there are three main areas of study with two different tracks each, either the RN to MSN or BSN to MSN depending on a student’s prior educational achievement. The Nurse Educator pathway prepares nurses to become teachers at the certificate and undergraduate levels. The Nurse Executive program is geared toward nurses looking to advance into leadership roles in a healthcare organization. Students complete classes like organizational behavior and structure and human resource management. Finally, the Nursing Informatics MSN combines information technology and data analysis skills with nursing practice. Each of these programs is designed for working professionals with students completing 5 or 10-week courses, one at a time, and all culminate in a hands-on practicum experience in their communities.

The MBA degree offered by Nebraska Methodist College focuses on advanced business topics as they relate to healthcare, preparing students for roles as hospital administrators and practice managers. Students take eight core classes and then choose a specialty area, healthcare administration, informatics, or quality improvement and outcomes management. Finally, the MS in Wellness and Health Promotion combines marketing, project management, and public health studies to graduate community health professionals and wellness leaders.

About Nebraska Methodist College

Located in Omaha, Nebraska Methodist College (NMC) first began in 1891 as a nursing diploma school, and not until the 1980s did it begin to expand into allied healthcare fields. In 1985, NMC changed its curriculum and became a certified degree-granting institution and was awarded its first bachelor’s degree in 1989. Since then, more degrees have been added including in the areas of physical therapy, surgical technology, radiology, respiratory care, and advanced nursing practice. Today, with an enrollment of over 1000 students, the school offers 42-degree programs, both online and on-campus.

Affiliated with Nebraska Methodist Health System, faculty emphasize the importance of direct patient care and provide students with ample opportunities for clinical experience. As a whole, the college works to prepare ‘educated citizens’ by not only teaching professional healthcare-related skills but also by helping students learn to think critically, focus on innovation, and behave ethically. Community service work is also a huge part of the experience at Nebraska Methodist College, so much so that it received the Community Engagement Classification by the Carnegie Foundation in 2015.

Nebraska Methodist College Accreditation Details

Nebraska Methodist College including all of the online graduate degrees is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. This organization is responsible for evaluating colleges and universities in nineteen states located primarily in the central part of the United States. There are five main categories studied including Mission, Integrity, and Teaching and Learning. The HLC protects students by ensuring that schools provide quality education and are run on sound business practices. Nebraska Methodist College was last certified in 2017 and is scheduled for its next review in 2026.

Nebraska Methodist College Application Requirements

There are a variety of online graduate tracks available at Nebraska Methodist College, so students from many different educational and experiential backgrounds can find the appropriate pathway for their degree. In order to apply for all programs, prospective students need to submit a completed application through the Nebraska Methodist College admissions portal including a professional resume and a short written statement outlining career goals and interest in NMC. Additionally, students must request official transcripts from all previous schools from which a degree was earned.

Applicants to all Master’s of Nursing Science programs need to include documentation demonstrating a current registered nurse license in good standing. After all, the material is received, an admissions representative meets with each applicant to discuss their credentials and answer any questions. All master’s programs have a rolling admissions process up until the application deadline which means that applications are evaluated as they are received. In general, programs have start dates each fall and spring, but the tracks geared toward students with an associate’s degree and no bachelors have an additional start date each summer.

GRE scores are not required for any graduate programs at Nebraska Methodist College, but the admission board does prefer prior GPAs greater than 3.0. Students with lower scores are still considered and can make up for this deficit with extensive experience, community service, or leadership roles. Additionally, all enrolled students in the MSN programs must remain certified as registered nurses throughout their schooling. MBA and Wellness and Health Promotion students do not need any specific previous health education or experience as long as they have earned a bachelor’s degree in any field. One final consideration for prospective MSN students is whether the curriculum meets licensing requirements in their state. This information can be found by contacting state nursing licensing boards, and requirements do vary throughout the country.

Tuition and Financial Aid

All online master’s programs at Nebraska Methodist College have the same tuition rate of $719 per credit hour. However, the programs that admit RN students who do not have a BSN have lower tuition costs for their introductory courses. This series of five classes is called the Bridge Curriculum and is offered at a reduced rate of $308 per credit hour. Financial aid administrators are available to assist students with funding their education and encourage everyone to complete a FAFSA prior to each year of enrollment to determine eligibility for federal grants and loans. In addition, many online graduate students continue to work while attending classes which is another funding option for students to explore.

Employers often offer tuition reimbursement benefits, paying for all or partial tuition each semester, especially if the employee is studying a related field. Depending on a student’s particular goals, location, and background, he or she could also be eligible for a variety of private scholarships and grants including programs like the Nurse Faculty Loan Program which is available for nurse educator MSN students. The NFLP helps students secure loans for school and then erases up to 85% of this debt after 4 years of full-time work in the field after graduation.

Nebraska Methodist College