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Tiffin University offers four online master’s degree programs and more than 20 concentrations that go along with those programs. Data analytics, human resource management, and forensics and fraud examination are some of the concentrations available in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The curriculum includes 10 core business courses such as Innovative Decision Making, Strategic Management, Legal and Ethical Issues in Management and Organizational Analysis and Design. Students who do not have a business degree need to take two prerequisites also. The university requires that students take 12 credits from the data analytics field or another concentration to meet the minimum 36 credit hours.

Online Master’s Degree Programs at Tiffin University

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In the Master of Humanities (MH) program, students can choose from six concentrations that include creative writing and film studies. The film studies concentration prepares students for working as film and video editors, writers, teachers and directors or producers. Each MH program features an interdisciplinary core that is worth nine credits and includes Introduction to Graduate Humanities and Literacy Theory. To complete the program, majors can take a comprehensive examination or complete a thesis, both of which give them three credits. Those in the film studies concentration can take Teaching College Art, Third Cinema, Film Censorship and Classic Hollywood Cinema.

The university offers seven Master of Science (MS) programs, many of which are in criminal justice and similar fields. MS in Criminal Justice students can choose the homeland security administration concentration and get up to three credits for any professional law enforcement experience they have. Students can also go through training at the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy and become licensed police officers in Ohio. The homeland security administration program features 30 credits of classes, including Research Design and Analysis, Contemporary Criminal Justice: Issues and Trends, Focus Areas in Homeland Security Administration and Leadership and Practical Application in Homeland Security, which is a capstone course.

Master of Education majors can choose from two concentrations: educational technology management and higher education administration. Both programs have 30 credits of classes available and ask students to take a 12 credit hour education core. This core includes Diversity in Education, Ethical and Legal Issues in Education, Higher Education Administration Writing Process and Connecting Research, Theory and Practice. They’ll take the remaining 18 credits of classes from one of the concentration areas. In the higher education administration concentration, those courses include Issues in Student Affairs, Crisis Prevention and Intervention in Education and Higher Education Athletic and Sports Management.

About Tiffin University

Located in Tiffin, Ohio, Tiffin University is a private university established in 1888. Founded with help from Heidelberg College in the same town, it opened as an extension of that college known as Commercial College. Students could take business courses here that weren’t available at Heidelberg. Heidelberg established the university as a separate institution but founded its operations. When the two schools split in 1917, Tiffin moved to a new campus near downtown. This separation helped the university create a curriculum that included bachelor’s degree programs and later programs for doctoral and graduate students. Often called Tiffin or TU, it now offers degree programs through the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, School of Business and School of Arts and Sciences. Many of the university’s degree programs are also available through TU Online. More than 2,500 students enroll in Tiffin online programs every year.

Tiffin University Accreditation Details

The MBA and other business degree programs available at Tiffin University have accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Some of these programs also have accreditation from the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). As the university also received regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), all graduate students can apply for financial aid when they take online courses. They just need to make sure that the university receives the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the application deadline.

Tiffin University Application Requirements

Students applying online do not need to pay an application fee, but Tiffin charges a $20 fee for students who submit the paper application. It also encourages students to fill out an information request form with their questions. They need to enter a valid email address and phone number along with a full name and at least one question to use this form. Once they apply, they can view any of the other application requirements that the online programs have.

All of the Tiffin programs ask for official transcripts because faculty members want to see what courses the applicant took and whether the student has a background that will prepare them for that course of study. Many programs ask for a statement of purpose and/or a writing sample to see how the student can write. Other programs can ask for a GRE score or another entrance exam score and for references who worked with the student. Prospective online graduate students may need to provide letters of recommendation instead of references too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tiffin charges the same rates for its residential and online graduate degree programs. Students in the education, humanities and psychology programs pay $550 per credit hour. This rate increases to $700 per credit hour in the MBA, security and criminal justice programs. Students also pay a technology fee of $200 every semester, which drops to $100 during the summer terms. The university charges a late fee of 1% on the student’s balance if they owe any money after the semester starts. This fee will apply until the student pays the total amount.

Online graduate students can work with Tiffin if their employers offer tuition reimbursement or if they want to sign up for a payment plan. Tiffin can send bills to their employers or give students more time to pay their balances once they get checks from their employers. With payment plans, they can break their tuition into equal payments that are due each month. Tiffin students should also use the FAFSA to make sure that they get any of the available federal loans. They can use other forms to apply for alternative loans also. Tiffin University recommends that incoming students submit their FAFSA and university applications at the same time to qualify for financial aid and get into an online graduate degree program.

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