Top 10 Easiest Master's Degree

10 Easiest Masters Degrees Online

10 Easiest Masters Degrees Online

The easiest masters degrees online are some of the quickest online master’s degree programs that are affordable and flexible. Many professionals are looking for a quick online Master’s to help them climb the professional ladder at work. But more than that, some are seeking the easiest online master’s degree.

Why? Typically online students who are looking to go back to school are also professionals; they’re working and have families, too. They simply don’t have time for lengthy programs. Or, they are unhappy in their current job and are hoping that an easy online degree will help them change careers, and change them fast.

Each program will have varying requirements, so we will leave the decision up to you. But if you’re strong in your writing and communicating skills and ready to advance your education and your career. Some easy online degree programs are Business Administration, Art Education, Supply Chain Management, and also Organizational Leadership. But, keep reading for our list of the top easiest degrees online.

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As a general rule, when considering whether an online Master’s degree will be easy or not, try finding programs that offer:

1. Liberal Arts

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Liberal Arts

Pursuing online degree programs in liberal arts or liberal studies can open doors to many career options. An easy online Master’s degree in Liberal Arts is a broad, interdisciplinary graduate degree. These online master’s programs focus on subjects like philosophy, music education, art, mathematics, the social sciences, and the natural sciences.

Graduate students seeking a deeper knowledge of the liberal arts field and who are creative will enjoy this degree in interdisciplinary studies. Additionally, graduates can excel in various jobs, including careers in business, government, health services, family services, and more.

Faulkner University

  • School Location: Montgomery, Alabama
  • Degrees: online Master of Arts (MA) in Humanities program

2. Library Science

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Library Science

If books and research are your things, you might consider one of the easiest online master’s degrees in library science. This field is a little less broad than Liberal Arts because an easy online Master’s degree in Library Science will lead to more specific careers as librarians, archivists, and library directors.

It probably goes without saying that students pursuing this field will need to love books and research. On the surface, a Master’s degree in Library Science or Information Science may seem extremely easy. However, it is quality education for those interested in research skills, digital librarianship, and more.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

  • School Location: Clarion, Pennsylvania
  • Degrees: MSLS in Information and Library Science program, concentration in Local and Archival Studies program, or Reference and User Services Concentration program, or School Library Media program.

3. Public Administration

Public Administration

If you have a desire not only to change the world but to lead the way, a quick online master’s in public administration may be exactly what you are looking for.

Think of an online master’s degree in Public Administration as an MBA for those seeking government or public sector jobs. In this online graduate program, you’ll take classes in policy analysis, strategic planning, fiscal decision-making, accounting technology, and more. Graduates can pursue local government, urban planning, and homeland security jobs.

Valdosta State University

  • School Location: Valdosta, Georgia
  • Degrees: Master of Public Administration (MPA) Public Sector Management concentration online, or Public Policy concentration online.

4. Sports Management

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Sport Management

One of the easiest online master’s degree programs is Sports Management. If athletics is your great love, then an online masters in this career might be the way to go.

This is a no-brainer if you love sports, people, and business. This online program allows students to examine business principles like statistics, finance, marketing, and PR. Additionally, they study how they intersect with sports.

Pursuing one of the easiest online master’s in Sports Management is perfect for people looking to be a sports agent, sports manager, athletic director, or other sports-related careers.

University of Miami

  • School Location: Miami, Florida
  • Degrees: Master of Science in Education in Sport Administration (M.Ed.)  program

5. Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare Administration

Now more than ever, healthcare administrators are a vital part of society. Easy online master’s degrees in healthcare administration can pave the way to a rewarding future. An MHA degree will include some math and finance. So, if you’re into that and want to work in the healthcare field, take a good look.

You’ll take classes in healthcare finance, ethical decision-making, healthcare planning, and more. Graduates with an online Master’s in Healthcare Administration can pursue high-level administration positions in hospitals and healthcare facilities, often with a high paycheck to match the high-level job! Some of the roles include Health Services Managers or work in Human Resources Management.

Weber State University 

  • School Location: Ogden, Utah
  • Degrees: Executive Master of Health Administration (eMHA) online program

6. Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership

Professors, faculty, instructors, and teachers will always be in need. Are you looking to advance your career in the field of education? Obtaining an easy online master’s in educational administration might be the way to go.

If you’re already in the Education field, an easy online Master’s program to consider is one in Educational Leadership. It’s an excellent fit for those wanting to become school principals in public or private schools. or in higher district positions, and most often, won’t require a thesis. Win!

East Carolina University

  • School Location: Greenville, North Carolina
  • Degrees: Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) program / or Educational Leadership (EdD) Higher Education Administration concentration program or Pre K-12 concentration program

7. Human Services

Human Services

If you hear the call to help your fellow man, pursuing a quick and easy online master’s in human services can give you the tools you need to heed that call. There are also many online degree programs in this field.

It’s a broad field, allowing students to choose from many careers, like mental health professionals, social services, health care, mental health counseling, school counseling, and more. Other roles graduates find are in Human Resource Management and Project Management. So, if you love to serve others or want to see social justice in action, check out an easy online graduate degree in Human Services.

Wilmington University

  • School location: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Degrees: Master of Science (MS) in Human Services program with a specialization in Administration of Human Services or Human Services Practice.

8. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Another easy online masters degree is in Criminal Justice. If you want to advance your career in law enforcement, criminology, or the legal system, this easy online master’s in criminal justice might be the way to go. Also, there are a lot of online programs in the justice studies field.

Getting an easy online Master’s degree in Criminal Justice could be an option if you love to study criminal behavior, policies, psychology, and corrections theory. Dedicated graduates find work in city government, law enforcement, homeland security, or other related organizations and fields.

Wayland Baptist University

  • School Location: Plainview, Texas
  • Degrees: Master of Arts (MA) in Criminal Justice online program

9. Teaching and Education

Teaching and Education

Teachers fulfill one of the most important roles within our society. If guiding today’s children into the future is your calling, then going after an easy online master’s in teaching may be just the thing!

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Want to advance your paycheck in the education field? Try a Master of Teaching degree. Courses focus on pedagogy, teaching methods, learning technologies, behavior management, educational psychology, curriculum, test tasking, and more. Furthermore, there are online programs for teachers in almost every state.

Many teachers can boost their current salaries with a teaching license and an online master’s degree in education. Additionally, some advance their careers to a different or more specialized role with a master’s in education (MEd). Some roles include Education Administrator, Curriculum Specialist, Site Principal, Special Education Teacher, or Instructional Leader.

City University of Seattle

  • School Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Degrees: Master in Teaching program

10. Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

In the corporate world, excellent communication skills are critical. Going after an easy online master’s degree in corporate communications can give you a leg up on the competition.

If you’re strong in communication skills and also pursuing a corporate career, you might want to check out an easy online Master’s in Corporate Communications. But you’ll definitely need to love research and writing, as these online master’s programs will be vital in both. Graduates can find work in PR, marketing, advertising, and communications.

Marist College

  • School Location: Poughkeepsie, New York 
  • Degrees: MA in Integrated Marketing Communication program

What is the Easiest Master’s Degree?

Online programs allow online learners to work at their own pace. The easiest master’s degree to get online is one in a field that does not require practicums, placements, or labs. Generally, science and related programs and degrees that require a thesis are much harder to teach online.

However, areas like Business, Communications, History, or Sports are great degrees to earn online. For example, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the popular graduate degrees to earn online. Another example of an easy program is an online Master of Arts in Philosophy. So, when you search for the easiest masters degree programs, look for ones that fit the criteria below.

  • The online program fits your needs and goals
  • Requires less math and science
  • No internship requirement
  • Thesis NOT requirement
  • No GRE or GMAT scores required

What are Non-thesis Online Master Programs?

A thesis is an original research article that some graduate students write. It is the culmination of what they learn and study in a master’s program and is usually 100 to 300 pages long.

Writing a thesis makes graduate programs seem a little harder. So, search for programs without a thesis or non-thesis programs. Many non-thesis options offer a project or no culminating project instead.

Programs Without an Internship that Consider Your Work Experience

It is difficult to support internships through online learning in one of the easiest online master’s degrees. But, because you’re most likely a working professional, you’ve probably already got the experience you need.

So, unless you are in one of the online master’s degree programs to change careers, you probably don’t need to participate in an internship. And, online master’s programs that require a placement, often let you use an employer. Just make sure all the requirements line up with your schedule and family obligations.

What are Test-optional Degree Master Programs?

Many schools require a standardized test like the GRE to get into a graduate program. However, some schools with online master and online graduate programs are considered test-optional. So, they don’t require GRE scores for students who have been out of school for at least 5 years.

Additionally, more schools with online learning programs are leaning into test-optional admissions since the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a list of some standard tests schools may require for graduate admission.

  • Graduate Records Examination (GRE)
  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Your Master’s Degree

Make sure that the higher education program you chose relates to the careers you love. For example, don’t just choose an easy online Master’s degree in Education if you don’t think teaching would make you happy. Both puzzle pieces need to fit!

Why Should You Earn a Master’s Online?

Online learning is convenient. Working professionals find online programs have the flexibility they need to finish a masters degree without disrupting their lives. However, getting an online degree can lead to higher pay, more job opportunities, and cheaper tuition.

Earning a master’s degree has many advantages. With more education, graduates can earn a higher salary. They can also move into positions with more responsibility and advance their careers. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that jobs requiring a master’s degree are also rising. The next decade will grow faster than any other education level.

Is Online Education Cheaper than Traditional Education?

Are the easiest online master’s degree programs affordable? Yes. The first reason an online degree is less expensive is that schools often charge less per credit for online classes. Additionally, students don’t have to commute to campus, pay to park, quit their job, or move to attend school. Many online campuses also charge the same rate for in-state and out-of-state tuition.  

Can Graduate Students Receive Financial Aid For Online Programs?

How do you pay for online Master’s degree programs? Many universities and colleges offer financial assistance to both traditional and online students. Unfortunately, graduate students are not eligible for need-based financial aid, such as the Pell Grant.

However, graduate students can take out low-interest federal student loans to pay for their education. The first step in applying for loans is to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. In addition to loans, graduate students can apply for scholarships for financial aid.

What are the Admission Requirements for the Easiest Online Master’s Degree Programs?

The admission requirements for each program vary by school and type of program. However, a general master’s degree requires the list below for admission.

  • Completed application with fee
  • Bachelor’s degree completed
  • Undergraduate degree transcripts 
  • Cumulative GPA (3.0 or 3.5 is common)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE or a GMAT test scores (if needed)
  • Prerequisite coursework or prerequisites
  • Personal Statement of professional goals
  • Resume or CV and work experience
  • Academic Writing Samples (if needed)

Do Online Master’s Degree Programs Accept Students without a Bachelor’s?

There are a few exceptions to the bachelor’s degree requirement for online master’s degrees. For example, one exception is for an RN/ADN to MSN nursing program. This is an accelerated program that students can enter with a only two-year associate degree. So, there are exceptions (accelerated programs) to the bachelor’s degree requirement, but there are very few.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Master’s?

Most students complete a master’s degree program in about two years. These online master’s programs require thirty to forty credits, depending on the school and the program. In a traditional program, a master’s program is about four semesters. The length of time it takes to complete the program depends on 

  • the program’s requirements
  • full-time or part-time attendance
  • if the program is accelerated
  • prior education

Are the Easiest Master’s Degree Programs Accredited?

Yes. Accreditation means that the school meets specific educational requirements. There are two types of accreditation, institutional accreditation and programmatic accreditation.

What is Institutional Accreditation?

Institutional accreditation is for the entire school, college, or university. It can be regional or national. And it is for on-campus programs and online For example, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission accredits schools in the southeastern states.

Accreditation comes from different regional organizations. They include: 

  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission (SACSCOC)
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education 
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

What is Programmatic Accreditation?

Programmatic accreditation refers to the industry-specific rating for a program at the school. For example, a body accredits nursing programs and rates business degrees. These agencies review degree programs to make sure they prepare graduates to work in a specific field.

An easy analogy for accreditation is a restaurant health grade. The local health department sets guidelines and periodically checks restaurants to ensure they implement them. Then they get a grade based on how well they abide by the criteria for what is safe. You don’t want to eat at a restaurant with a failing health grade. Nor should you attend a school that doesn’t have accreditation. Accredited schools have made the grade!

Boost Your Career with a Masters Degree

Let’s be real. All online masters programs require a lot of work – it’s grad school. When we say Easiest Online Masters Degrees, we let you know that some programs have fewer and less complicated requirements. Also, the program that is right for you and easiest is the one that fits your specific needs. So, figure out what you want and also research schools on your own.

Also, remember, most online masters programs cater to working adults. The college and universities that offer these programs want you to be successful. So, after you pick a few schools, contact a counselor or student support services. They can help you figure out all the specifics of their school and program!