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5 Job Opportunities for Health Educators in the School Setting

5 School Setting Job Opportunities for Health Educators

  • School District Health Program Coordinators
  • School Health Instructors
  • Sports Coaches
  • School Health Counselors
  • Physical Education Instructors

There are many fantastic job opportunities available for health educators in the school setting today. From health instructors and physical education teachers to sports coaches and health counselors, health educators hold vital positions in schools on all educational levels. While the job possibilities for school health educators are numerous, five of the most popular positions are described in the following sections.

1. School District Health Program Coordinators

One of the most popular job opportunities for health educators in the school setting is that of a school district health program coordinator. These professionals’ main responsibility is to design various health programs for the schools in their districts. They must also make sure that all health programs abide by any local and state regulations about school health programs. This often requires site visits, inspections, and discussions with school principals and other top school personnel.

2. School Health Instructors

Another great career for health educators in the school setting is as a school health instructor. While some school health instructors can be found working in elementary schools, they are most commonly found working in high schools and colleges. Their main responsibility is to teach students about a variety of health-related issues including sex education, hygiene, nutrition, alcohol, and drug abuse, and the benefits of physical fitness. The average salary for persons in this field in 2018 was approximately $46,000 per year according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Sports Coaches

Health education graduates who would like to work in a school setting may also want to consider obtaining a position as a sports coach. These positions are perfect for persons who have minored in sports science. Sports coaches are employed by high schools, colleges, and universities to coach a variety of sports teams. Other common duties of sports coaches include recruiting team members, motivating team members, overseeing practice sessions and drills, scheduling games, and ensuring that the team has the proper equipment they need.

4. School Health Counselors

Yet another terrific job opportunity for health educators who want to work in school settings is known as a school health counselor. These professionals are employed by all school levels, but their tasks may vary depending on the needs of their employer. While some school health counselors counsel individual students on issues such as sex education, required immunizations, or nutrition, others offer to counsel students about mental and emotional health issues. Training in other areas such as psychology, school counseling, and/or first aid may be required for some of these positions.

5. Physical Education Instructors

Physical education instructors, often referred to as PE teachers, are also among the many careers available to health educators who want to work in school settings. Physical education instructors may choose to work in elementary and middle schools, high schools, or colleges. Their main job is to teach physical education to students by teaching them how to perform in various sports and exercises. PE teachers who work on the college level are often allowed to teach in just one or two areas of physical education such as dancing, yoga, soccer, or tennis. Some employers of PE instructors may require applicants to possess training in sports science in addition to health education.

Health education is a broad field that provides career opportunities in many industries including business, government, medicine, and education. Within the realm of education, there are many exciting career possibilities for health educators in the school setting, and five of the best are discussed in the sections found above.

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