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California Baptist University

California Baptist University offers 14 different graduate programs that students can complete online. While each program has different application requirements and features different courses, those programs prepare students for taking on advanced roles and for improving their skills.

One of the programs now available online is a Master of Public Health program, which features 44 credits of work. It usually takes 16 months to finish this program. Public Health Practice Experience is the only course that students will take two times. They’ll do an internship in a public health agency or organization in the cities where they live. Students have the option of working with two different organizations or working for the same one during both sessions, but the tasks and the work they do must change from one session to the next. This program also features required classes that include Strategic Management for Public Health Services, Current Issues in Public Health and Public Health Promotion and Disease Intervention.

California Baptist University appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Communications Online.

The university’s Master of Science in Psychology Counseling prepares students for getting their counseling licenses and working as professional counselors. Students spend 24 months in this program because they must do two practicums. Those who want to obtain their licenses must take six extra classes and pass a background check. The university also offers some electives that students can take in addition to their required classes. Those classes include Human Sexuality, Human Growth and Development, Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling Techniques and Human Communications in Group Process.

Teachers and those who want to become teachers can complete the CBU Master of Science in Education program in just one year. This program is available in different specializations such as early childhood studies. Students in this program will learn practical skills that they can use when working with preschool kids and in elementary schools. CBU requires that students take 15 credits of education classes and 18 credits of early childhood studies classes. Theories of Learning and Teaching and Curriculum Theory and Development are two of the required classes all students take. Early childhood majors will also take courses such as The Exceptional Child, Early Childhood Literacy and Language Development and School, Family and Community Partnerships.

CBU also offers a Master of Business Administration online program that takes one year to finish. The university offers this program with multiple specializations such as accounting, but one of the more popular options is the general program. Students in the general MBA program look at the most important issues facing business professionals today. They learn the skills that help them succeed in different roles too.

The MBA program consists of 15 credits of specialization courses and 21 credits of core business classes. Students will take courses that range from Global Business Management and Financial Management to Strategic Management and Legal Environment of Business and Management. Though some of its online programs have prerequisites that students must complete, California Baptist University allows students to complete those prerequisites at other colleges.

Other online master’s programs at CBU include degrees in kinesiology, communications, accounting, organizational leadership, and more.

About California Baptist University

Established in 1950, California Baptist University is a large private university with a suburban campus in Riverside, California. It has an affiliation with the California Southern Baptist Convention, and many of its students are Southern Baptists. Just 120 students enrolled in the university’s first year, but its enrollment grew steadily and now includes nearly 10,000 students. The state moved to a new campus in 1955 after outgrowing its old campus and after receiving a charter from the state. Also called CBU, the university received regional accreditation in 1961.

The university is now home to 11 schools and colleges that are responsible for 20 different departments. It also has an Online and Professional Studies Division that offers online classes for professionals and working students. This division allows students to earn their degrees through online courses. Some programs also require that students do some practical work in the real world. CBU sees a large number of graduate students enrolling in its online programs.

California Baptist University Accreditation Details

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges grants regional accreditation to California Baptist University, which means that both online and traditional students can apply for financial aid. It also allows those students to transfer credits from any other school that also has regional accreditation. CBU also has accreditation for its education and business degree programs among others.

California Baptist University Application Requirements

Students applying to any of the university’s masters programs online or on its campus must complete the same application requirements. While it typically takes two years to complete one of these degrees at another school, many of the CBU programs allow students to complete all requirements and graduate in one year. Students must use the university’s application and select the program they want to study. There is a $45 fee that goes along with that application.

CBU requires that all graduate students have a bachelor’s degree and that they submit transcripts to show that they completed a degree program at an accredited university or college. They will also list contact information for their references and put that information on the application. The university will later contact each reference and ask for a recommendation. Many programs also ask that students write a short essay. They need to submit official test scores, a resume, writing sample or a sample of research work they did in college. Some programs also ask students to interview with a department head.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Like many schools today, CBU charges different rates for different graduate programs. Some of its programs charge a rate of just $580 per credit hour, but students may pay up to $933 per credit hour. Its technology and computer science programs generally charge the highest rates. Graduate students typically take at least nine credit hours of classes to qualify as a full-time students and receive financial aid.

Financial aid is available from the university and from the government. Government aid usually includes unsubsidized student loans. Those who complete the FAFSA and use the CBU school code may receive loans. The government also offers PLUS loans for graduate students. Students can borrow money each year until they graduate or until they hit the maximum amount allowed by the government. They can also use the alternative loans offered by private lenders to pay their tuition.

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