5 Best Social Worker Blogs

5 Best Social Worker Blogs and Websites

5 Best Social Worker Blogs and Websites

The best Social Worker Blogs help individuals in Social Work with caring personalities stay informed about the profession and current events. We found the best Social Worker blogs, websites, and online resources to help you stay informed.

The world of social work is constantly improving and publishing new information. Professionals in this field can continue their learning and discovery by reading the insights of some of the world’s top social workers. The social work issues in these blogs range from mental health to social justice. So, these five social work blogs are a great place to start if you want inspiration for your profession.

Blogs for Social Workers

  • NASW Social Work Blog
  • Social Work Career
  • Gary Direnfeld
  • Social Workers Speak
  • Social Work Test Prep

1. NASW Social Work Blog

This is the official blog of the NASW, which posts updates from the organization to keep the social work profession informed. It also informs the public about the services social workers provide and has resources for career development.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization in the world for social workers. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of members. It also creates and maintains professional standards and works to advance policies. This blog is a great way to stay informed about industry news and culture.

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2. Social Work Career

Social Work Career is a blog by Dorlee Michaeli, LCSW. It offers, you guessed it, resources on various topics for social work careers. From how to maintain professional standards to personal success stories, this blog is full of helpful information.

Students and working professionals can find interviews, book reviews, personal growth articles, community practice resources, and also licensing exam tips. You can find career guidance on macro practice as well as clinical practice. This blog has a wealth of information for any stage of your career development.

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3. Gary Direnfeld

With more than 34 years of experience, this Direnfeld discusses relationship issues, parenting, and family life. His site is full of articles on topics related to parenting. Below are some recent posts.

  • How We May Inadvertently Disable Our Kids
  • Teen: But everyone is drinking…..
  • The Most Tragic Loss of All, That of a Child
  • Some Things Just Suck To Do….

Recent topics related to substance abuse, child welfare, and school-related issues. He has a private practice in Ontario that offers mediation and counseling services.

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4. SocialWorkersSpeak

This National Association of Social Workers (NASW) blog educates the public about social work. And it informs professional social workers about association activities and social justice initiatives.

This site also discusses how workers can influence the entertainment industry and how the news media depicts social work issues and the profession. SWS covers issues social workers care about.

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5. Social Work Test Prep

Getting through a college social work degree program can be challenging. Still, the Social Work Test Prep blog provides the assistance students need to learn and retain critical information related to the field.

The site updates regularly with new and relevant materials to help students prepare for exams and also off-campus fieldwork. Using this resource can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety of getting through a final exam schedule at the end of a semester.

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Other Social Work Blogs to Check Out

There are so many more great social work blogs and websites for Social Workers. So, we thought we would add a few more for you!

6. Nicole Clark Consulting

This social work blog is about her work as an LMSW professional. Her unique perspective and data-driven strategies help to support “mission-aligned women of color-led, BIPOC-led, and white allied organizations.”

  • What’s in it for Me? Evaluating Stakeholder Engagement
  • Try This: Assess Staff & Board Buy-In
  • Let’s Build a Partnership

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7. The New Social Worker

This combined news site and blog cover topics related to social work. But, the New Social Worker magazine publishes articles on various issues from work life balance to ways to advance sound social policies. So, both seasoned and aspiring social workers can find something here!

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8. R.E.A.L

This is a site to empower, advocate, and also learn from struggles. It explores solutions for struggles social workers face. And also this online magazine offers a place for social workers to relax! Below are some recent topics.

  • Making Connections in the Era of Social Distancing
  • Tamara Dopwell Social Entrepreneur Shares Her Personal Stress Hacks
  • Stepping out of the Comfort Zone #realsw30

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9. Lyn Romeo 

Here you can find articles from the Chief Social Worker for Adults. Social work professionals and social work students can both enjoy blog posts from Romeo. This wide topic range blog includes posts on mental health, trauma, environmental issues, school social workers, personal development, workforce issues, and also human rights.

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10. Social Work Haven 

This motivational blog is also educational and chock full of new ideas for social work practitioners. Social Work Haven content includes self-care practices to help social workers relax. You can also find personal development, mindfulness, and wellness practices. Below are some of the recent posts.

  • Why Your Body Language Should Improve
  • How to be Your Own Therapist
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients in Social Work

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11. School Social Work

This is another one of the social work blogs that covers mental health topics. School Social Work is a free online community and mental health resource. It supports the practice of professional school social workers and other school mental health professionals.

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12. Martin Webber’s Blog

The blog of Martin Webber, MUSINGS OF A SOCIAL WORK ACADEMIC, also has podcasts. This social workers blog has many resources to promote positive social connections. Webber is an academic and also a published author. Additionally, he is the Director of the International Centre for Mental Health Social Research at the University of York.

Much of his work focuses on how positive social connections are essential for physical and mental well-being. And how social workers interact with clients can significantly enhance recovery from a mental health problem.

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13. SWHelper

Social Work Helper is a progressive news website. You can find lots of information and resources related to social justice, current events, and social issues.

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14. Social Work Tech

The blog post covers digital tools, gadgets, and also other tech tools for the profession. Below are some of the recent posts.

  • Social Worker Email Etiquette
  • Apple AirPods and my Social Workin Day
  • A New Kind of Safety Plan

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15. Social Work Synergy

SWS is a blog from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. Biweekly, professionals can find discussions and social work resources. Some topics include trauma-informed care and practice, social work ethics, human rights, and many more related to social work.

  • Where Social Workers Connect About Macro Practice
  • Social Work’s Response to Immigration

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Why Read Social Work Blogs?

Blogs are a quick and easy way to connect with other professionals by sharing experiences and ideas. A professional blog helps individuals stay informed about personal issues relating.

The exciting social work profession is a deeply rewarding vocation for anyone who loves working with people and also helping others. Education never truly ends, and these top social work blogs can offer much-needed assistance to anyone in the field.

Social Work Acronyms

When you read a social work blog, you may be confused by the many acronyms. So, below is a handy reference list of some common ones bloggers use.

  • ACSW – Academy of Certified Social Workers
  • AMHP – Approved Mental Health Professional
  • BCD – Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
  • CCSW – Certified Clinical Social Worker
  • CDP – Certified Dementia Professional
  • CISW – Certified Independent Social Worker
  • CSW – Clinical Social Worker
  • CSW-C – Certified Social Worker – Clinical
  • DSW – Doctor of Social Work
  • LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • LICSW – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • LISW – Licensed Independent Social Worker
  • LLMSW – Limited License Master Social Worker
  • LMSW – Licensed Master Social Work
  • LMSW-ACP – Licensed Master Social Work – Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • LSW – Licensed Social Worker
  • LSCSW – Licensed Specialist Clinical SWkr
  • MSW – Master of Social Work
  • MSSW – Master of Science in Social Work
  • NASW – National Association of Social Workers
  • SW – Social Worker

Your Social Work Blogs

Are you the person who only reads the occasional food blog? Then, it may be time to reconsider your ongoing social work education! Blogs, podcasts, and free webinars are excellent ways to keep up with the changes in your profession.

You may work in child abuse & child protection, the school of social work, or are a political social worker. But, whatever your focus, there is a blog out there providing news for you!