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Online Master’s Degree Programs Offered at Eastern Kentucky University


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From its roots as a normal school to a full university, Eastern Kentucky University always offered education and teaching programs, some of which are now available online. The university offers Master of Arts in Education programs in Elementary Education, Gifted Education, Instructional Leadership, and Special Education. Special education students also have the choice of concentrations in learning and behavior disorders, interdisciplinary early childhood education, or deaf and hard of hearing education. The learning and behavior disorders program include a certification option also.

An applied behavior analysis (ABA) psychology program is available for graduate students online too. This is an accelerated ABA program with eight credits that includes a transfer option. Students can transfer up to 12 credits into the ABA program with approval from the department head. The program includes Introduction to Psychology and other core courses that are worth 16 credits. They’ll also take other classes such as Adolescent and Adult Development, Clinical Psychology, Introduction to Behavior Therapy, and Tests and Measurements. Eastern Kentucky University offers multiple concentrations in this program too, including forensic psychology, autism spectrum disorders, and substance abuse.

Multiple leadership programs are available online such as a justice, policy, and leadership program. It looks for students with a strong background in criminal justice and social science classes. Students pick from concentrations based on their interests and goals, including juvenile justice, law enforcement, and corrections. While students take 12 credits from one of those concentrations, they’ll also take 15 credits of core leadership and justice courses, including Research Methods for Justice Policy and Leadership, Program/Policy Evaluation and Analysis, and Advanced Justice Administration and Leadership.

Licensed nurses can enroll in online Master’s degree programs too such as the university’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Rural Health Family Nurse Practitioner. Designed for students who want to work in rural areas, it increases the number of nurses who can handle the health needs of a small community that lacks medical resources. Students can complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and then transition to the MSN program. To complete an MSN, they must take courses such as Nursing Research, Complex Client Care, Professional Role Transitions, and RN Public Health Nursing. It also includes a nursing clinical that requires students to work in a rural health clinic.

In the university’s school librarian program, students earn an education degree that prepares them for working in K-12 libraries in public and private schools. The teacher leadership core available in the program includes an endorsement option for teachers, while the custom core lets students add endorsements in fields such as literacy, gifted education, and special education. Through Eastern Kentucky University’s online system, graduate students can also choose majors in industrial and organizational psychology, teaching, middle grades education, public administration, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

About Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University is a public university established in 1874 as Central College. Near the turn of the century, financial issues led to it merging with Centre College to form a new college. The Kentucky General Assembly chose the location of the first college as the campus for the new Eastern Kentucky State Normal School No. 1 in 1906. Changes in the school’s curriculum led to it becoming the Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College in 1925, which was also when it introduced bachelor’s degree programs. The college would also serve as the Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College and Eastern Kentucky State College before becoming Eastern Kentucky University or EKU.

EKU made major changes on its campus in Richmond from 2012 through 2019, including adding a new rec center, dining hall, and athletic facilities. U.S. News and World Report rank EKU as one of the best universities and best public universities in the south and for offering some of the best graduate degree programs in nursing, public affairs, and occupational therapy. It also ranks as one of the best universities for LGBTQ students and as a top choice for veterans. More than 15,000 students take classes at EKU every year.

Eastern Kentucky University Accreditation Details

The Commission on Colleges (COC) of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) awarded accreditation to EKU. This functions as both regional and institutional accreditation and covers all programs and courses available for students. SACS accreditation is why students can transfer credits to EKU and why they can use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). EKU also has accreditation for several programs, including those in nursing, public health, and education.

Eastern Kentucky University Application Requirements

EKU charges a $35 processing fee that is due before it will look at an application. Students can pay this fee online when they complete and apply. It asks for the student’s program of interest and some general background information. Other requirements for online graduate students include official transcripts from their previous schools and official test scores. The university accepts both ACT/SAT scores and scores from the GRE and similar tests.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At EKU Online, students pay the same tuition rate whether they live in Kentucky or any other state. The cost starts at $510 per credit hour for those in the university’s online education programs. Nursing majors pay the highest rate of $662 per credit hour. All other online programs charge $611 per credit hour. Students receive free access to some of the resources they need in their courses online. They will also need to pay for textbooks and a computer to take those classes.

Completing the FAFSA is the only thing that students need to do to get financial aid for an EKU online graduate program. Most grad students will use their tax documents because they qualify as independent students. The federal direct loan program awards graduate students with annual loans of $20,500 and allow them to apply for PLUS loans to pay their other costs and expenses. Students may want to use private loans, which let them make payments while in a degree program and secure a better interest rate based on a thorough credit report. Military benefits and reimbursement plans are also available. All of the online Master’s degree programs available at Eastern Kentucky University require a completed FAFSA from students before they will get any financial aid.