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5 Career Choices with a Master’s in Business Administration Degree

Here are 5 Career Choices with a Master’s in Business Administration Degree. Master’s in business administration (MBA) degrees pave the way to a vast array of job opportunities for business administration graduates. Organizations of all types and in almost every industry need qualified persons with MBA degrees to fill a variety of top-paying positions. From banking institutions and healthcare facilities to large corporations and retail chains, MBA grads are in high demand.

Although the career choices for persons with MBA degrees are many and varied, there are a few select positions that are quite popular today. Each of these positions provides excellent starting salaries, and in many cases (depending on the particular company) offer attractive benefits packages as well.

MBA Degree Career Choices

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Health Services Managers
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Investment Fund Managers
  • Marketing Managers

1. Computer and Information Services Managers

One of the most popular career choices for people who have earned master degrees in business administration is that of a computer and information services manager. Often referred to as CIS managers, computer and information services managers oversee computer, internet, and intranet-related activities associated with organizations. Common responsibilities of CIS managers include planning the installation of software and hardware, upgrading software and hardware, developing computer networks, and managing network security systems.

2. Health Services Managers

Obtaining a position as a health services manager is a terrific career choice for Master in Business Administration graduates who are interested in healthcare management. Health services managers work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure that medical facilities run smoothly. They can be found working in a variety of facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and pharmaceutical companies. Typical duties of these professionals often consist of hiring and supervising staff, ensuring compliance with healthcare laws, and managing organizational finances.

3. Human Resources Executives

Sometimes referred to as human resources managers, human resources executives oversee all activities pertaining to the recruitment and hiring of staff members for a broad range of organizations. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, persons who choose these careers earned an average salary of $110,120 in 2017. In addition to overseeing the recruitment and hiring of employees, HR executives are also responsible for such tasks as resolving issues between employees and management, directing disciplinary procedures, and planning employee orientation programs.

4. Investment Fund Managers

Another great career choice for graduates with a Master’s in Business Administration degree is to become an investment fund manager. While some investment fund managers work independently, many choose to work for large investment and asset management companies. The main duties of investment fund managers are to provide sound financial advice and services to clients pertaining to a wide array of investment matters. This typically includes such things as investing in property and other types of assets, purchasing shares and bonds, and staying abreast of current financial data.

5. Marketing Managers

Becoming a marketing manager is an ideal career choice for persons with MBA degrees who enjoy the marketing aspect of business administration. Marketing managers work with marketing teams to design and implement various advertising and promotional campaigns to promote their employers’ services and/or products. The daily tasks of these professionals may involve determining appropriate target markets, crafting marketing plans, coordinating marketing strategies across different platforms, managing marketing budgets, building relationships with media outlets, and managing social media marketing strategies.

Business administration graduates will find that they qualify for a broad range of exciting job opportunities. And for those grads who have earned a master’s in business administration degree, the five career choices described above are among the most popular positions for business graduates today.