Walsh University

Walsh University appears in our ranking of the Top 25 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration Online.

Walsh University offers three solid online degree programs for graduate students, which include a Master of Arts in Education. This program allows students to enroll in a traditional Master of Arts program or focus on reading literacy, learning design, or leadership. The leadership program helps students meet some of the requirements to become a school principals. Though students usually need to have a teaching license before beginning any of these programs, the university offers some endorsements. These endorsements help students become teachers in Ohio and other states and include programs in computer technology, reading, and middle school education.

The traditional education program meets the continuing education requirements for teachers working in Ohio. It includes a capstone and six required courses such as Psychology of Learning, Philosophy of Education, and Teaching and Learning. Students can also choose from some unique electives, including Historical Perspectives in Education, Design, Development, and Delivery of e-Learning, Social Studies Content, and Mentoring and Supervision. Some of the university’s electives are suitable for those who want to work in specific types of schools.

Walsh University offers an online Master of Business Administration program that is suitable for students who work or want to work in the business arena. It includes concentrations in healthcare management, general management, and marketing. U.S. News and World Report named this one of the best online business graduate programs for 2017. Though students will take electives that relate to their concentrations, they will also take six required courses. One of those classes is Marketing, which looks at some of the methods used to market products online today. The program also includes Sustainable Ethical Leadership, which teaches students the best methods to use when leading others and how to act in an ethical way, Financial Accounting, and Management and Information Systems.

Students working as nurses and those who have their nursing undergrad degrees can enroll in the university’s Master of Science in Nursing program. They can choose from tracks designed for nursing educators, family nurse practitioners, and acute care nurse practitioners. The acute care track is a newer track designed for those who want to work with adult patients in long-term care facilities. Walsh offers information sessions for students who want to learn more about any of these programs. Each track includes required courses such as Epidemiology Methods for Health Promotion and Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Education. Students can also earn a nurse practitioner certificate or a post-graduate family nurse practitioner from the university. In addition to its online programs for graduate students, Walsh University also offers a Doctor of Nurse Practice online for those who already have a master’s degree.

About Walsh University

Walsh University is a small private university in Ohio. Founded in 1951 in Maine, the university moved to Ohio at the end of the decade and established a brand new campus in Canton. The university has a close affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church and has priests working on its campus every day. Those brothers work closely with students to help them with any problems they have. Its Canton campus now covers more than 130 acres and is home to nearly 30 historic and modern buildings.

Though the university offers more than 70 programs for undergrads, it expanded into doctoral and graduate programs over the years. It offers seven programs that graduate students can complete on its Ohio campus and three programs they can finish online. The university also offers an online doctoral program now too. Its School for Professional Studies offers unique opportunities for students who want to go back to school. This school allows them to enroll in programs that will fit around their own unique and busy schedules. Walsh University has an enrollment of more than 2,800 post-graduate students and undergrads.

Walsh University Accreditation Details

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools awarded regional accreditation to Walsh University. Graduate students who have credits they earned from another school can transfer those credits into one of the university’s online programs. NCACS accreditation also gives students the right to apply for state and federal financial aid. Some of the other accreditation that the university holds comes from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Walsh University Application Requirements

Though Walsh offers a number of options for busy and professional students, it still has some strict requirements regarding who it admits to its online programs. Most programs require that students have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in any undergrad programs they finished and that they have a 3.0 or higher GPA in all their major courses. Students must also have degrees from colleges with regional accreditation. They will submit their official transcripts and fill out the university’s online application.

Walsh programs often ask for a writing sample or essay too. Its education graduate program requires that students write an essay about the traits that teachers need and whether they have those traits. Other programs ask for a similar essay. They will also submit an affidavit that they have notarized that states that have good moral character. Most programs ask for three letters of recommendation too. Any student applying to an education program must show that they have a current teacher’s license as well. This license must be valid in an American state.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for online students signing up for an online program starts at $685 per credit hour which is the rate that Master of Science in Nursing students pay. Those enrolled in any other online graduate program pay $705 per credit hour. Students should look at how much it will cost to cover their textbooks too.

Walsh provides 99% of its students with financial aid and hands out more than $30 million in scholarships and grants every year. Graduate students can apply directly for any scholarships they think they qualify for, but they will need to use the FAFSA to qualify for grants and loans. They have the option of borrowing money from the federal government. These are unsubsidized loans. The government also offers loans for parents and those called PLUS loans for students who need to borrow more than others do. Walsh University will also accept any loans given to students by private lenders.