Can I Earn a Master’s in Coaching Degree Online?

Those who coach children and young adults and desire to advance their careers while working may wonder if a Master’s in Coaching degree can be completed online. The perception that coaching is a hands-on profession is what generates this question. There is much more structure to coaching than winning; there are the fundamentals of working with kids and young adults in a competitive field which is the basis of a Master’s in Coaching degree.

Master’s Degree in Coaching

In many ways, a master’s degree in coaching reflects a Master’s in Education degree. The fundamental premise is the same for both types of qualifications. These types of master’s degrees emphasize the student rather than the program. Most master’s degree programs founded in the realm of education require a minimum of three years of experience before acceptance. The requirement for a Master’s in Coaching is no different. Those who complete the master’s degree in coaching gain an increased understanding of the principles of education as well as exercise science,  physical development, nutritional science, organizational leadership, sports motivation and psychology, and the advantages of long-term athletic development in students. In some ways, the Master’s of Coaching program is more intense than that found in the Masters of Education program. Graduates who earn a Master’s in Coaching demonstrate their dedication to student-athletes and the sports they play.

Does a Master’s in Coaching Increase Job Potential?

Coaching sports as an occupation is an organic ingredient within school environments. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics’ prediction that coaching jobs will increase by six percent over the next ten years is tied to the increase in student-athlete participation and community involvement in youth programs. Linking communities with school programs is essential to the successful development of modern social structures. Experience shows that successful sports programs generate public appeal and recognition of the importance of school systems in any community. The advancement of master’s degrees in coaching is gradually becoming a requirement for a good sports program. The increase in candidates holding a Master’s in Coaching raises the competitive bar for head coaching jobs at the high school level and assistant coaches at the collegiate level.

Advantage of Pursuing a Master’s in Coaching Online

The development of the Internet, and the technological advances that came soon after, opened a new era for those who seek a coaching career. The nature of the master’s degree in coaching programs across the country allows for distance learning. Students no longer need to take a sabbatical or opt for a part-time job to pursue continued education. With the advancement of online degrees comes the ability to employ what the student learns in a hands-on environment, effectively accenting the education received while taking classes. The student also enjoys the ability to sustain their lifestyle by continuing to work while taking advanced classes.

Several schools allow distance learning to achieve a master’s degree in coaching. Indeed, the advantages of online learning and the nature of the classes lend themselves well to the concept of distance learning. There is no mystery as to why more students pursue the degree online than those who attend classes. Their love of the sport keeps them involved while their need to achieve drives them to seek a Master’s in Coaching online.

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