5 Sports Management Internships for Master's Students

5 Sports Management Internships for Master’s Degree Students

Here are 5 Sports Management Internships for Masters Degree Students. Sports management is where applicants must have a Master’s in Sports Management degree to compete for open positions. Even after completing a respected sport management program, it can be difficult for graduates to find the types of management positions they were studying to qualify for. This is where an internship can play a role in strengthening a grad’s chances of succeeding.

Landing a quality internship in sport management can sometimes feel like competing for a compensating position. This is because agencies, schools, teams, and influential organizations would prefer to hire a graduate who completed an internship over one that did not. Here are five opportunities that can make a career search much easier in the future:

Sports Management Internships

Internship Opportunities for Sports Management Students

  1. ESPN Domestic Interns
  2. World Endeavors Global Openings
  3. Professional Team Opportunities with TeamWorkOnline
  4. Special Olympics International Opportunities
  5. Under Armour Rookie Internship

ESPN Domestic Intern Opportunities

ESPN is quite possibly the most prolific name in the sports industry. Most students and even retired athletes hope to one day work for ESPN to some degree. While landing a full-time, high-pay position may be difficult, the best start is to land an internship.

Most ESPN internships are offered in Bristol, New York City, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, but there are also some opportunities outside of these cities. Interns receive competitive pay and full-time hours and can apply for a fall, spring, or summer semester as long as they only have 12 months left of their master’s program. Applying is as simple as visiting the Apply Now section of ESPN Careers.

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World Endeavors Global Openings

Another opportunity for sports management students to put all of the classroom knowledge they attained to use is to find an opportunity abroad through World Endeavors. Students can build their confidence and view the world from an international perspective, which can make a huge difference in their resumes. Even better, about half of the postings allow students to earn credit while interning.

Another opportunity for sport management students to put all of the classroom knowledge they attained to use is to find an opportunity abroad through World Endeavors. Students can build their confidence and view the world from an international perspective, which can make a huge difference in their resumes. Even better, about half of the postings allow students to earn credit while attending this internship.

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Professional Team Opportunities with TeamWorkOnline

Sports fanatics would give a lot to work for their favorite professional team. The idea of even being behind the scenes and making sure that operations are running smoothly will provide them with pride. Working with a professional team isn’t always easy, but many teams post jobs and other openings through TeamWorkOnline when there are openings.

At TeamWorkOnline, applicants can narrow the search fields to find openings with a specific organization or area. The requirements for each team internship will be different, as will the responsibilities. Some positions will be in sales, while others might be in-game operations or marketing.

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4. Special Olympics International Opportunities

Another place to find domestic and international internship openings is through Special Olympics International. Anyone who wants to challenge the world through sports and make a difference in the global movement while doing what they love is encouraged to apply. The organization has full-time and part-time roles posted occasionally, but positions fill quickly.

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Under Armour Rookie Internship

This 12-week internship is an excellent experience for individuals interested in or students studying sports management or the sports industry. This program is ideal for an undergraduate or graduate level student pursuing a degree in sport management, marketing, business, or a related field.

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College Internship Programs

There are typically opportunities available at colleges with serious athletics or sports management programs. Students don’t have to intern at the school they are studying at, but entry into the program is more likely. While most would prefer to intern at a Division I School, Division II schools have the same openings with much less competition.

Anyone who wants a solid professional foundation in sports management can benefit from getting internship credit while they earn their master’s in Sports Management. While not all programs require credit, the opportunity itself can open doors. Consider these positions and then narrow down your options based on what you want to do and where you want to do it.

Sports Management Internships

What is Sport Management?

Sports management is a business field that involves recreation or sports organizations. These management professionals plan, organize, budget, and lead sports teams and organizations.

What are the Benefits of a Sports Management Internship?

Internships offer valuable work experience that can give you an edge in the job market. Individuals can explore their chosen career paths and develop hands on career skills. These settings also provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the field and gain confidence.

Interns gain valuable work experience that helps them enter the workforce with industry-specific skills. Completing a sports management internship with a professional sports organization or sports management group can set you up for a successful career. 

Why Complete an Online or Remote Sports Management Internship?

Remote internships with virtual placements are flexible and forward-moving. So, you can intern around a busy job or school schedule and take care of family responsibilities. In addition, interns can customize schedules to ensure cohesion with the rest of their lives.

So, remote placements give interns greater autonomy and take on more significant responsibilities. Alumni have strong portfolios that demonstrate their abilities to future employers. Remote interns are frequently the only intern at their host organization. So they get more attention and guidance from both teammates and managers.

Many industries are moving towards a remote environment. A virtual internship or professional experience prepares you for this industry movement. Interns learn essential skills for sports management and to launch location-independent careers at home or abroad.

What Does a Sport Management Intern Do?

A sports management internship’s responsibilities may include planning events, business marketing, preparing sports marketing materials, and assisting with camps and similar programs. Interns may also assist social media marketers with accounts and marketing.

What Are the Types of Sports Management Internships?

There are many different internships available. Below are a few common types. 

Facility Management Internship

A facilities manager ensures the field or stadium is ready for game day. They may work closely with the Athletic Director and other managers.

Sponsorship Promotions Internship

This internship experience is a high-visibility role. It focuses on event planning. Interns work with a special events coordinator and promotions manager. They may run tournaments, manage product promotions, and oversee multiple Prospect League teams.

Recruiting and Human Resources Internship

Interns manage coaching staff and evaluate their performance from the role of a human resource. They also work with recruiters to get new players. HR duties include hiring, firing, and overseeing benefits like the management of the Member Pension Plans.

Project Management Department Internship

This role is ideal for a graduate level student pursuing a sports management master’s degree.

Sports Broadcasting and Media Internships

These interns work in media-related mediums, including print, digital, radio, and television. 

Fitness and Athletic Training Internships

These interns work with athletes and focus on fitness and training. In addition, athletic trainers prevent, diagnose, and treat sports-related injuries. These professionals are usually the first on the scene when injuries occur on the field. They typically work under the direction of a licensed physician and with other healthcare providers.

What are the Requirements for an Internship?

The requirements vary by program. But the qualifications typically include prior internship experiences, demonstrated interest working in amateur sports, and experience developing marketing plans and tactics. Employers look for juniors or seniors enrolled in a university program.

To get an idea of the requirements to work in sport management, check out local job ads for the qualifications and requirements. You can also set up a job alert t notify you when new opportunities emerge that meet your criteria.

Do You Need an Internship to Get a Job?

No, but it doesn’t hurt. When you put together your entry-level resume after graduation, an internship can help a lot! But are internships good for a resume? Yes, internships demonstrate professional abilities and experience to future employers and should be part of your resume. So, individuals interested in sports management or a related field can benefit from an internship experience.