5 Internships for Master’s in Sports Management Students

Here are 5 Internships for Master’s in Sports Management Students. Sports management is a field where applicants must have a Master’s in Sports Management degree to have any hopes of competing for open positions. Even after completing a respected sports management program, it can be difficult for graduates to find the types of management positions they were studying to qualify for. This is where an internship can play a role in strengthening a grad’s chances of succeeding.

Landing a quality internship in sports management can sometimes feel like you’re competing for a compensating position. This is because agencies, schools, teams, and major organizations would much prefer to hire a graduate who completed an internship over one that did not. Here are five opportunities that can make a career search much easier in the future:

Internship Opportunities for Sports Management Students

  • ESPN Domestic Interns
  • World Endeavors Global Openings
  • Professional Team Opportunities with TeamWorkOnline
  • Special Olympics International Opportunities
  • College Internship Programs

1. ESPN Domestic Intern Opportunities

ESPN is quite possibly the most prolific name in the sports industry. Most sports management students and even retired athletes hope of one day working for ESPN to some degree. While landing a full-time, high-pay position may be difficult, the best start is to land an internship.

A majority of ESPN internships are offered in Bristol, New York City, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, but there are some opportunities outside of these cities as well. Interns receive competitive pay, full-time hours, and can apply for a fall, spring, or summer semester as long as they only have 12 months left of their master’s program. Applying is a simple as visiting the ‘Apply Now’ section of ESPN Careers.

2. World Endeavors Global Openings

Another opportunity for sports management students to put all of the classroom knowledge they attained to use is to find an opportunity abroad through World Endeavors. Students can build their confidence and view the world from an international perspective, which can make a huge difference on their resumes. Even better is that about half of the postings allow students to earn credit while interning.

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3. Professional Team Opportunities with TeamWorkOnline

Sports fanatics would give a lot to work for their favorite professional team. The idea of even being behind the scenes making sure that operations are running smoothly will give them pride. Working with a professional team isn’t always easy, but many teams post jobs and other openings through TeamWorkOnline when there are openings.

At TeamWorkOnline, applicants can narrow down the search fields to find openings with a specific organization or in a specific area. The requirements for each team internship will be different as will the responsibilities. Some positions will be in sales while others might be in game operations or marketing.

4. Special Olympics International Opportunities

Another place to find domestic and international internship openings is through Special Olympics International. Anyone who wants to challenge the world through sports and make a difference in the global movement while doing what they love is encouraged to apply. The organization has both full-time and part-time roles posted from time to time but positions fill fast.

5. College Internship Programs

There are typically opportunities available at colleges with serious athletics programs or college with sports management programs. Students don’t have to intern at the school they are studying at but entry into the program is more likely. While most would prefer to intern as a Division I school, Division II schools have the same openings with a lot less competition.

Anyone who wants a solid professional foundation in sports management can benefit from getting internship credit while they earn their Master’s in Sports Management. While not all programs require the credit, the opportunity itself can open doors. Consider these positions and then narrow down your options based on what you want to do and where you want to do it.