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5 Highest Paying States for School Counselors

Here are the Highest Paying States for School Counselors. According to the BLS, their average compensation is a bit over $56,000 a year. While that may seem acceptable, it is also less than what first-year employees make in a lot of other markets. To help combat this issue, school counselors often relocate.

1. New Jersey

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not rank New Jersey (NJ) within the top five states for school counselors, it is important to consider it. Undeniably, the actual salary will not be as high as it is in some upcoming regions. Nonetheless, many people fail to realize that the standard of living plays an important role. The mean annual wage in NJ is north of $72,000. School counselors earn an average of $53,000. That salary, which is clearly under the overall mean, is still much better than what most other states offer because NJ’s high standard of living comes at an affordable cost of living.

2. California

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks California as the number one state for any school counselor who is seeking better pay. The hourly mean wage is a bit under $36 which equals $74,530 when annualized. Additionally, California has more active school counselors than any other state in the nation. As of 2016, there were 32,400 professionals in this sector. The next closest one was Texas who had 6,730 fewer counselors. It is important to note, however, that the cost of living in California is about 1.7 times higher than the average for the U.S.

3. New York

Although California’s cost of living is certainly a downside, it almost looks complimentary when compared to New York. With an average index of 209.3, it is 109.3 points above the average for the United States. That means that average costs are at least twice as high. Well, this is also why school counselors who work here will earn a whopping $67,920 a year. That amount puts them at more than $12,000 above the overall average salary for the entire country. So, even with the unprecedented cost of living, someone who decided to relocate to New York on a school counseling salary could live comfortably.

4. Wyoming

Wyoming is a perfect depiction of a state that falls right into the average category that was mentioned a few times. The annual earnings are a mirrored image of the United States. average earnings that come in at $56,000. Similarly, the cost of living is just a bit over 105.6. That means that average expenditures are just 5.6 percent higher here. Things like transportation and utilities come in at a considerable discount when compared to the nation’s average. Any school counselor who pursues their career here will earn a little over $54,000.

5. Texas

If Texas was a country of its own, its annual GDP of $1.645 trillion would put it at the 12th spot for the entire world. This makes it one of the most lucrative states for pretty much every profession, including school counselors. In addition to the outstanding economy, it is the second-largest state in the nation. Counselors who work here will earn approximately $53,000. Even with the enormous size and outstanding economy, the cost of living for the Lone Star state is just 101.8. Hence why it is easily the best option on this list.

Some other states that do not quite qualify for the top-five ranking include Florida, Illinois, Nevada, and Oregon. The reason why they fall behind include things like costs of living, crime rates, and the local economy. So, school counselors looking to live comfortably should start by researching Texas, California, New York, Wyoming, and New Jersey.

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