What is Information Systems Security?

What is Information Systems Security? A person considering a career as an information systems analyst, information security specialist, data scientist, computer scientist, or related profession may wonder what information systems security is. This concept refers to the overall actions that are taken to protect data and the systems that contain and use the data. Awareness of what information systems security entails could help a person plan their college major or their career path.

Processes for Keeping Information Confidential

Some of the essential activities of information systems security are the processes or methods that are used for keeping data confidential. These processes could range from the encryption of data as it is uploaded from a person to a business, such as with eCommerce. It can also include the internal processes that companies use when analyzing their data. Making sure that data integrity remains intact is another aspect of the security of information and information systems.

Control of Access to Information and Information Systems

The control of access to data is a big part of this career. This involves setting up passwords and accounts for users and track who accesses electronic files and who makes changes to them. It also includes the physical protection of servers, such as keeping them in a locked room with limited access afforded by a keypad or electronic key cards. This type of security must also involve the exclusion of access by unauthorized persons within and outside of an organization.

Protection of Information At All Times

This Career involves the protection of all types of data at all times. This includes routers and servers that transmit and store data. It also includes hard drives, thumb drives, and cloud storage of data. Telephone conversations, printed or hard copies of data and in-person conversations are also a part of the protection of information. For example, a person who takes their work laptop home might have their car burglarized while they are at the gym after work. The information on that hard drive could be stolen, as could the confidential paperwork in the person’s bag. Information security involves protecting all of these forms of data no matter where they are or if they are in transit versus fixed in place.

Detection, Documentation and Remediation of Security Breaches

According to Techopedia, information systems security also includes the detection of security breaches. For example, the Equifax data breach of 2017 caused the personal financial and identity information of more than 140 million Americans to be exposed and released without authorization. This had to be documented, and the security analysts had to determine what happened and apply a fix to stop the flow of data. All of the individuals had to be apprised of what happened and offered remedies for future protection of their information.

Everyone uses technology, and everyone’s personal information is collected at multiple points, which means that everyone should be aware of what measures are taken to protect that information. People who specialize in information systems security have an excellent job outlook, with jobs expected to grow by at least 32 percent between 2018 and 2028, explains the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Understanding what information systems security is could help a person prepare for an in-demand, lucrative career.

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