Touro University Worldwide

Online Master’s Degrees Available from Touro University Worldwide


Touro University Worldwide appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Educational Psychology Online.

Touro University Worldwide offers 10 graduate degree programs in fields such as psychology and dispute resolution. Though the university is part of a school system based in New York, it allows students from any state to sign up for classes and also accepts those from other countries. Touro offers a Master of Health Sciences with two concentrations options. One is in health education and shows students how to teach others about health issues. The other concentration is in public health and looks at health issues that connect to a large group.

A Master of Arts in Psychology is available with different concentrations too: media psychology, health psychology, and educational psychology. Students will take three concentration classes and nine required psychology classes. The university has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy that is available online too. Students can choose between a clinical and a non-clinical track or opt for a program that helps them become a licensed marriage and family counselors. The clinical and licensing tracks require that students do 500 hours of fieldwork across six practicums.

Any student who wants to run a business or work for a business owner may find the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program helpful. It includes 10 different concentrations and tracks that let students focus on a business subject that works with their career goals. They can choose from options such as cybersecurity management nonprofit management and finance. The university also offers a track for executives working in the health care industry. A similar program offered by Touro allows students to study public administration. They will take a capstone during their last semesters and take 11 required classes ahead of time.

About Touro University Worldwide

Touro University Worldwide is the online branch of the Touro College and University System. Established in 1971, it chose the Touro name to pay homage to a Jewish family who owned a large business in New York. Though it has a deep connection to the Jewish faith, it does not have any official affiliation with that faith. Touro slowly established other programs for current and future students outside of the campus located in New York. It added a law school in 1980 and a school for continuing education students in 1989. A second full campus opened in California in 1997 that uses the name Touro University California. There are plans to open even more campuses in the future.

Also called TUW, Touro University Worldwide is the online division of the system. Founded in 2008, it provides students with the same opportunities that they would have on any physical campus. The university offers more than 20-degree programs for graduate and doctoral students and undergrads. Some of those programs provide students with ways to network in their own cities, including internships and practicums. More than 6,900 undergrads now attend schools in the Touro system every year, and the system has an enrollment of more than 4,000 graduate and post-graduate students.

Touro University Worldwide Accreditation Details

TUW does not require that students spend any time in New York to earn their degrees. No matter where students live, they will find that the university’s accreditation covers their classes and programs. That accreditation comes from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) through its Senior College and University Commission (SCUC). This accreditation allows TUW to receive federal funds, which it will use in its financial aid packages. The accreditation also gives students the option of bringing credits with them or taking credits to another school.

Touro University Worldwide Application Requirements

Though TUW once charged a $60 application fee, it now waives that fee for any student applying to an undergrad or graduate program. Only those applying to doctoral programs need to pay a fee. Students will complete the university’s application and submit it online. They can either report their grades and degrees on the application or submit an unofficial transcript to the university. TUW gives students up to the end of their second semesters to submit their official transcripts. Those transcripts must list the name of the college or university the applicant attended, the grades the student earned, and show that the student earned a degree. Students also have the option of filling out a request form and letting TUW get their transcripts from the schools they attended.

The university occasionally grants conditional acceptance to students who do not meet the bare requirements for full acceptance. Those students will take one full session of classes, which gives them the chance to raise their grade point averages up to a minimum of 3.0. If the student does not reach this GPA, he or she will need to take other classes. The psychology and other social sciences programs offered by the university only require a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students who transfer from another graduate school will need a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As TUW does not charge as many fees as other online schools do, it offers students affordable rates that will remain the same as they take classes. All graduate students pay $500 per credit hour, which comes out to $1,500 per class. This is the same amount that students pay when they do their practicums. The only fees grad students pay include those charged when they graduate or request an ID card. Students in the marriage and family therapy program will also pay a $145 materials fee, which gives them copies of manuals they need and resources that help prepare them for the licensing exam.

Students attending TUW qualify for financial aid if they are a citizen of the country or legal immigrants. They can submit the FAFSA and get aid as an incoming graduate student. As long as they make progress towards a graduate degree, those students can get financial aid in the coming years too. The federal government offers unsubsidized loans and will provide students with those funds during the first few weeks of the semester. TUW asks that students go through entrance counseling before it will disperse those funds and requires that they go through exit counseling before they graduate. Any student enrolled in one of the online master’s degree programs offered by Touro University Worldwide can also use alternative student loans.