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Online Master’s Degree Programs at Purdue University Global


Purdue University Global appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Educational Psychology Online.

Purdue University Global offers an alternative to traditional degree programs because it offers students the chance to earn their degrees online. Students can now choose from nine different fields of study that include criminal justice and business. A Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management are both available through the university. Business majors can earn degrees in business administration, finance, accounting, or management and leadership.

The university designed several ExcelTrack programs for students who prefer working at a different rate. These programs allow students to take as many classes as they want each term for one set price. They receive the same support that students in other programs do but have the chance to finish their studies faster. One of the ExcelTrack programs helps students earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The university’s Master of Science in Nursing is also available as one of these programs.

Students with an interest in education can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching from the university. Though this program does not help students get their state teaching licenses, it can prepare them for working in roles that do not require a license. The university offers Master of Science programs in Education, Higher Education, and Instructional Design and Technology as well as an educational psychology program. Designed for future school counselors, this program prepares students for helping teenagers and younger children with issues at home and school.

Though Purdue University Global offers an online psychology program, it also offers a human services program that includes social science classes. Students can choose from concentrations in organizational and social services or family and community services. They’ll take classes such as Skills and Practice in Human Services, Professional Ethics and Personal Values, and Human Development and Human Behavior in Context. Other graduate programs offered by Purdue online let students major in health care administration, health information management, nursing, legal studies, information management, and cybersecurity management.

About Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is a large university that operates several campuses in Indiana. Some of those campuses are joint efforts between the university and other schools such as Indiana University. Though Purdue originally offered some online classes, it looked for ways to expand those offerings and reach more students. That led to Purdue acquiring the online system formerly used by Kaplan University. Purdue took over the operations of its online university and closed some of its physical campuses while leaving others open. All of those campuses and schools now use the Purdue name. The online system also uses the name PG.

Established in 1937, Kaplan University started life as the American Institute of Commerce, which later became Quest College and then Kaplan College. Kaplan developed a strong reputation for its programs that catered to nontraditional students. Since taking over that system, PG worked with other companies to offer new opportunities for students. Several companies based out of Indiana provide free tuition to employees attending the university, and Walmart added PG to its Live Better U program, which helps employees afford the cost of college. Indiana is one of just seven states where the university has physical campuses and regional branches, but most of its more than 29,000 students attend the online campus, which offers more than 180 programs.

Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

PG has the same institutional accreditation that Purdue University has, which comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The university also has accreditation from other groups and organizations, including the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and others.

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

The basic requirements for admissions at PG included a completed enrollment agreement and a short interview. Students can talk to an admissions rep over the phone. That rep will ask questions, including what the student studied as an undergrad and what type of degree he or she has. All the information shared will go into the student’s application. This process lets the university automatically accept students. Students can include their parents and/or spouses in the interview process if they want. The enrollment agreement is a piece of paper that states the student will attend PG and will pay the enrollment deposit before the start of the semester.

PG also tests students to make sure they have the English skills needed at the graduate level and the technical skills needed to work online. The admissions rep may ask questions about the student’s internet and computer to make sure the applicant meets the university’s tech requirements for new students. All graduate students must provide official college transcripts before PG will disperse the student’s financial aid. Students applying to an ExcelTrack program must show that they took three undergrad courses in the same subject area, make arrangements to pay for the program, and attend an orientation session.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Most of the graduate programs available from PG charge $420 per credit hour. Business majors and those in the health care administration program pay $485 per credit hour. The ExcelTrack business program charges $1,550 per term rather than a rate based on credits. Students in the nursing version of that program pay $3,200 per term. Students must put down a $25 deposit after receiving an acceptance letter, which the university will credit towards their accounts. PG also offers discount programs for veterans and military students. Veterans pay $361 to $417 per credit hour, while military students pay $320 per credit hour.

In addition to discounts, PG offers payment plans for students who do not qualify for financial aid. They can find out about the aid opportunities available online through the FAFSA. Many of its graduate students use federal direct loans and borrow the maximum amount of $20,500 per year. Students can use PLUS and alternative loans and look into scholarships for graduate programs too. The Purdue Global Tuition Cap places a maximum limit on the total amount that students pay to finish their degrees. Students applying to the online graduate programs at Purdue University Global should compare all the financial aid available to determine their total cost of attendance.