25 Best Online Master’s in Organizational Psychology

The best online master’s in Organizational Psychology programs offer a flexible option for working professional to earn an advanced degree. Professionals who have always been interested in earning an accelerated online Master’s in Organizational Psychology degree can breathe a sigh of relief.

A group of programs, ranging in the number of options that are available as well as tuition rates, is now available to these hardworking individuals who are willing to balance school with their personal and professional obligations. And because the number of available programs is growing, professionals will have a variety of degrees to choose from.

Methodology for Ranking the Most Affordable Accelerated Industrial Psychology Master’s Online

Working professionals have a few things that they look for in a degree. The most important factor is the flexibility of a program; working adults need programs that are either wholly online or have a low-residency requirement, offer asynchronous classes, and have flexibility in terms of transfer credits and specializations. Professionals also look for good tuition rates; a variety of schools have a flat tuition rate for all online students. And finally, these individuals look for accelerated tracks to ensure that they’re not spending too much time in a degree plan.

The editors at Fast Online Master’s feature only accredited legitimate colleges and universities that offer affordable online master’s in some sort of accelerated format. Programs are ranked simply by their tuition rate, according to current IPEDS stats. 

Featured Schools:

1. Bellevue University

  • Degree: MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology degree
  • Credits: 36
  • Tuition PCH: $649
  • More: Visit the school website for more about this affordable online master of science degree program.

The MS in Organizational Psychology at Bellevue University is among Nebraska’s most affordable masters online in an accelerated format. Degree curriculum for this online degree from Bellevue University includes 36 credits and an applied research capstone project. Featured core courses include Social Psychology, Organizational Development, Measurement and Design, Applied Organizational Psychology, and also Statistical Methods.

Founded in the mid-1960s as a college to serve working learners, Bellevue University now serves more than 10,150 students from its suburban campus and distance learning platform. In addition to the university’s Bellevue campus, the school operates a professional center in Omaha’s Westside. 

2. Eastern Kentucky University

The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University is available with an accelerated format. Eastern Kentucky University’s online degree allows graduate students to finish from anywhere in the world in about one year. This I-O Psychology online program is in eight-week terms and offers a reduction in tuition fees for active military members. Featured coursework, including Organizational Changes, Work Analysis, and also Performance Management.

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a space-grant public institution of higher education that was developed in 1874 as Central University. Eastern Kentucky University maintains a main campus in Richmond and satellite campuses in Manchester, Hazard, Corbin, and Lancaster, Kentucky. 

3. Baker College

The MS in I-O Psychology at Baker College is one of the most affordable online programs. Most graduate students complete this Organizational Psychology program in two years. In addition, Baker College offers an accelerated path with classes that include Psychology of Leadership, Individual and Group Factors in the Workplace, and also an Integrative Capstone in Psychology.

Baker College was founded in 1911 as a junior business college that now operates as a multiple campus institution of higher learning. This private college serves more than 35,000 students across Michigan’s lower peninsula. 

4. Austin-Peay State University

  • Degree: MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology degree
  • Credits: 34
  • Tuition PCH: $470 – $747
  • More: Visit the school website for more about this industrial organizational psychology program.

The MS in Industrial-Organizational (MSIO) Psychology at Austin-Peay State University explores how the science of psychology applies to the workplace. This affordable Organizational Psychology Masters degree is also offered with an accelerated format. The student-to-faculty ratio at APSU is an impressive 10 to 1. APSU’s online master’s in I-O Psychology follows the guidelines of SIOP. The areas of competence include human factors and consumer behavior.

Austin-Peay State University operates as a space-grant school with a student enrollment that nears 9,900 each year. Austin-Peay State University’s roots can be traced back to an all-male academy that began in 1845 by the Clarksville Masonic Lodge. 

5. Saint Peter’s University

Two of New Jersey’s most affordable master’s in I-O Psychology online degree programs are at Saint Peter’s University. They include a Master of Science (MS) degree and also Master of Arts (MA) degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Full-time industrial organizational psychologist enrolled in SPU’s accelerated I/O Psychology Masters degree program can complete the program in as few as fifteen months. This program also offers an accelerated undergraduate to graduate dual-degree option.

Saint Peter’s University is a Roman Catholic higher learning institution that was founded as a college by the Society of Jesus in 1872. Saint Peter’s University is a space-grant school that serves more than 3,550 students from its online platform and urban campus a few miles to the west of New York City. 

6. Golden Gate University

  • Degree: MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Credits: 33
  • Tuition PCH: $1,090
  • More: Visit the school website for more about this degree program.

The Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Golden Gate University explores the contemporary challenges in organizations. Graduate courses include Leading Complex Change, Applied Psychological Research, Consulting Skills and also Structure, Theory and Ethics of Conflict Resolution.

GGU is one of the oldest private universities in California. It’s main campus is in San Francisco, but the school also has a robust online platform that offers more than 60 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.

7. Missouri S&T

The online MS in I-O Psychology at Missouri S&T offers one of the most innovative and affordable I-OP programs. Missouri University of Science and Technology degree candidates complete 37 to 40 graduate credit hours depending on their thesis path. Prospective students to Missouri S&T’s program must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Missouri S&T started as a school of metallurgy and mines in 1870. The Missouri university now operates a member campus of the state’s university system. Most of the school’s 8,100 students study engineering, mathematics, business, or the sciences. 

8. National Louis University

National Louis University offers an MS in I-O Psychology that is one of the most affordable programs in the greater Chicago area. In addition, NLU’s online Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program is offered in an accelerated format that can be finished in only twenty months. This Industrial and Organizational Psychology Masters degree from NLU requires 36 to 42 credit hours in online courses like Psychology of Organizational Leadership and also Measurement of Individual Differences.

Established as a private school in the mid-1880s, National Louis University now serves more than 6,900 students on its Chicago campus, plus facilities in Tampa Bay, Florida. Additionally, the National Louis University’s founders helped create the now-famous National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 

9. Park University

The Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Park University focuses on social justice in the workplace. Professional working adults can complete Park’s 33 credit I-O Psychology masters degree either online or at the Parkville campus. Select classes include Introduction to Social Justice, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Attitudes and Behavior, Critical Analysis, and also an Internship.

Established as a college in the 1870s, Park University now serves more than 11,250 students each year online and on its dual campuses in Parkville and Gilbert. The university’s campus in Parkville overlooks the beautiful Missouri River. 

10. Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers Master of Applied Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MAIOP) that is among Colorado’s most affordable degree programs. Degree candidates for CSU’s online Masters In Industrial Psychology program must finish at least 38 graduate semester hours that are typically completed in 2 to 4 years. Graduates of Colorado State University’s Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology online program will find rewarding careers in human resource management, organizational development, training and training evaluation, succession planning, and also leadership development.

The Colorado State University is the state’s flagship campus that serves more than 25,550 students each year on its trio of campuses. Established as an agricultural college, Colorado State University is also a land-grant and space-grant research institution of higher education. 

11. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri offers an online MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Mizzou’s online that requires 37 credit hours. Featured coursework for this online program includes Small Group Dynamics, Job Analysis and Performance Management, and also Organizational Development.

The University of Missouri (Mizzo) is Missouri’s flagship school that was established in the late 1830s. In addition, the University of Missouri is a land grant and space-grant institution of higher education with a student enrollment that exceeds 31,050 students each year. 

12. Kansas State University

The I-O Psychology masters degree from Kansas State University is a hybrid online program for working learners. Classes for Kansas State University’s online master’s program include Ethical and Legal Issues, Personnel Training, Performance Appraisal, Personnel Selection, Organizational Psychology, and also a related practicum.

KSU is a land-grant school that opened in the mid-1860s. The university’s nine colleges and schools serve more than 20,550 students from its college-town campuses in Manhattan (and beyond) and distance learning platform. Additionally, Kansas State University is a multiple campus school with the main campus in Manhattan and satellite campuses in Olathe and Salina, Kansas.

13. Regent University

The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Regent University is one of Virginia’s most affordable programs. It requires graduate students to complete 39 credit units, depending on their path of study. Coursework includes Contemporary Psychology, Training and Development, Motivation, Teams, Coaching, and Mentoring, Managing People, and also Statistics.

Founded by Pat Robertson in the 1970s as the Christian Broadcasting Network University, Regent University now operates as an interdenominational evangelical school with more than 10,150 students vying for degrees and diploma programs each year. 

14. George Mason University

The Master of Professional Studies in Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology at George Mason University offers a focus on research and data analytics. GMU’s degree program requires 30 graduate credit units. Core courses for this program include Foundations of Organizational Psychology, Employee Selection, and also Psychological Research Methods. In addition, George Mason University’s online master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology online program also requires a practicum related to applied psychology.

George Mason University online master’s operates as a research, public university with multiple campuses in Virginia and an international campus in South Korea. George Mason University was once a member of the University of Virginia but now operates as an independent sea-grant school with nearly 40,000 students each year across its five campuses. 

15. Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Degree: Master of Arts in Psychology, specialization in Industrial-Organizational
  • Credits: 30
  • Tuition PCH: $490
  • More: Visit the school website for more about this degree program.

The Master of Arts in Psychology with an academic specialization in Industrial-Organizational at Indiana Wesleyan University is very affordable. IWU’s program requires the completion of 30 graduate semester units. Classes include Theories of Personality Development, Psychopathology and Emerging Trends, and also Foundations of Interviews and Interventions.

Indiana Wesleyan University is a member campus of the Wesleyan University system, a group of private institutions of higher education affiliated with the evangelical Wesleyan Church. Additionally, the school maintains multiple campuses, with the Marion campus serving approximately 3,000 students each year. 

16. Grand Canyon University

The MS in Psychology at Grand Canyon University has an academic emphasis in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. As one of Arizona’s most affordable degrees, the program aligns with recommendations from the American Psychological Association. In addition, the program is offered at an accelerated pace with eight-week terms and the ability to transfer up to twelve credits, if eligible.

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a nondenominational Christian school with a campus in Phoenix, but the majority of industrial organizational psychologist study online. The total school student enrollment exceeds 115,000, with 25,000 students studying on the university’s campus. 

17. Marian University

The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (IOP) at Marian University is one of the most flexible online programs. Graduates enter the workforce in the areas of finance, healthcare, government, and also marketing communications. Featured curriculum includes Training and Development, Organizational Consulting, Job Analysis, I/O Analytics Using R, and also Ethical and Legal Issues.

Marian University was established in the mid-1930s by the Sisters of Ste. Agnes. This Roman Catholic institution serves approximately 2,050 undergraduate and postgraduate students and from the Fond du Lac campus and online. 

18. Auburn University

The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Auburn University is one of Georgia’s most affordable programs. No GRE is needed for admission and this online program that requires 30 credits without a mandated thesis. Degree candidates can also choose an accelerated format that can be completed in as few as five to six semesters.

Auburn University (AU) started as an all-male college in the mid-1850s. The school has grown to become a world-renowned polytechnic space-grant and sea-grant, and land-grant school with more than 30,250 students. 

19. Liberty University

The Master of Arts in Applied Psychology at Liberty University has an academic emphasis in Industrial-Organizational. It is among the most innovative and affordable online I-O Psychology programs. In addition, the degree has an accelerated eight-week format, with an average completion time of 1.5 years.

Liberty University (LU) is an evangelical institution of higher education that ranks among the largest in the world, with a student enrollment of online and on-campus students of more than 90,000. 

20. Walden University

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology master’s online degree program at Walden University is an affordable option for working learners. WU’s program offers concentrations in consulting psychology, coaching, human resource management, or internal business. Additionally, Walden University’s Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology online program also offers a self-designed concentration for students with unique combinations of related interests. Applicants must hold a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to be eligible for admission.  

Founded as a for-profit private school, Walden University serves approximately 50,000 students, primarily online. Walden University was founded by two teachers from the Empire State in Naples, Florida, to serve educational administrators. 

21. University of Hartford

The MS in Organizational Psychology (MSOP) at the University of Hartford is one of New England’s most innovative and affordable online degree programs. Full-time students can complete this program in 12 months while part time students can take up to four years, depending on course load. However, most students finish in two years. In addition to a required internship, the University of Hartford’s MSOP online program requires 36 hours of coursework. Core classes include Introduction to I/O Psychology, Experimental Design, and also Personnel Psychology.

The University of Hartford is a private space-grant school that opened in the 1950s. It serves approximately 6,650 students each year online and from its multiple campuses in Hartford, West Hartford, and also Bloomfield. 

22. University of New Haven

The online Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of New Haven is among Connecticut’s best Psychology degree programs. Four concentrations are available in Industrial-Human Resources Psychology, Organizational Development and Consultation, Psychology of Conflict Management, and also Talent Analytics. Sample classes include Organizational Behavior, Workplace Motivation, and also Psychological Tests and Measurements in Organizations. Students may finish with a thesis, approved electives, or a related practicum internship.

The University of New Haven (UNH) is a multiple-campus higher learning institution that was founded as a private university in 1920. It is also classified as a space-grant school with a student enrollment of approximately 7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

23. Florida Institute of Technology

The I-O Psychology master’s degree at Florida Tech offers small class sizes and a dedicated faculty. Graduates of FIT’s Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology online program find rewarding careers as a consultant, leadership director, talent development, or also an analytics manager. The Florida Institute of Technology program mandates the completion of a minimum of 45 graduate semester units. Featured classes include Applied Research, Occupational Health Psychology, Emotions in the Workplace, and also Work Motivation.

The Florida Institute of Technology (FL Tech) opened in 1958 and is a member of Florida’s independent colleges and universities. In addition, this space-grant school serves approximately 6,350 students online and from the school’s 100+ acre campus in Melbourne, Florida. 

24. Southern New Hampshire University

  • Degree: Master of Science (MS) in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • Credits: 36
  • Tuition PCH: $637
  • More: Visit the school website for more about this master’s in organizational psychology degree program.

The MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University is in a flexible online format. SNHU’s online program requires candidates to finish at least 36 credits, of which 12 may be transferred if eligible. Core classes include Motivation in the Workplace, Organizational Consulting, Seminars in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and also The Psychology of Leadership.

Southern New Hampshire University is a private institution that started as a business & accounting school in the 1930s. The university expanded exponentially over the past decades to serve approximately 130,000 students each year, with about 4,000 students studying on-campus. 

25. Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with an applied research project track is among the top programs in the country. Full-time students can complete this masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology online program in two years, with part time students finishing in about four years.

Topics covered in this Industrial and Organizational Psychology program include Personnel Selection, Performance Appraisal, Training, Leadership, and also Motivation. Core classes include Organizational Behavior, Organizational Culture and Design, and also Organizational Consulting Skills.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSSP) was founded in the late 1970s by practicing psychologists and now operates with multiple campuses in Illinois, Texas, California, and Washington DC. 

What Is Organizational Psychology?

This interdisciplinary field of psychology studies the behavior of individuals in organizations and the effects of organizational structures and processes on employee performance, job satisfaction, and also well-being. It also focuses on how organizations can best meet their goals by understanding and managing the behavior of people within them.

Organizational psychologists focus on organizations, but there are many forms of I/O psychology. Some may focus more on leadership and management, with a strong focus on what leaders can do to improve corporate culture, diversity, and human resources. Other Industrial/Organizational psychologists use science and mathematics to understand specific outcomes of business decisions and leadership, overseeing the big picture. 

What Is a Master’s in Organizational Psychology?

A master’s in Organizational Psychology is a postgraduate degree designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of psychology to organizations. This type of program can include courses such as organizational behavior, advanced statistical techniques, personnel management, and organizational design.

With a master’s degree, graduates will have a set of skills that can prepare them for positions in a variety of fields, including human resource management, consulting, and also leadership. This type of degree can also provide a foundation for those looking to pursue a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Master’s in I-O Psychology?

Most masters programs in industrial-organizational psychology typically take two to three years of full time study to complete, depending on the program’s requirements.

What are the Admissions Requirements for a Master’s in Organizational Psychology?

The admission requirements for a master’s in Organizational Psychology vary depending on the program, but typically include some or all of the below items.

  1. Completed application including the application fee.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology, counseling, or a related field.
  3. Work experience in an organizational or management setting.
  4. Official transcripts showing at least a 3.0 GPA in your undergraduate coursework.
  5. Letters of recommendation from faculty, advisors, or employers.
  6. Demonstrated aptitude in psychological research methods.
  7. Current resume or CV
  8. Submission of a personal statement.
  9. GRE test scores or other standardized test scores.
  10. Proof of native fluency in English if applicable, TOEFL scores if requested.
  11. Students who need scholarships or federal financial aid should complete a FAFSA as soon as possible.

What Courses Do You Take in an Organizational Psychology Program?

Organizational psychology master’s programs vary from school to school, so courses may vary. But, the curriculum typically consists of core courses, electives and concentration classes, and a thesis or a capstone project. Below are some common classes in the behavioral sciences students take in organizational psychology programs.

  • Employment Law
  • Scientific Principles of Cognitive Psychology
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Business Administration and Business Psychology
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Psychology Principles in Human Behavior
  • Workplace Diversity and Employee Satisfaction
  • Psychological Theories of Organizational Performance
  • Workplace Behavior and Workforce Training
  • Psychological Research Methods
  • Talent Management
  • Organization Development and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Work Environments and Team Performance

What Can You Do with Organizational Psychology Masters Online?

Industrial/Organizational Psychology master’s jobs are highly diverse, because it is a complex field. Industrial/Organizational psychology focuses on how to create, build, and also maintain organizations, using the insights of psychology.

Unlike human resources, which also deals with keeping organizations running smoothly and successfully, I/O psychology is more science than management, focusing on using data and metrics to making an organization more successful. 

Master’s in industrial-organizational psychology jobs use a scientific approach to running an organization. They use a wide range of statistical and mathematical tools to research what makes organizations successful, what endangers and weakens them, and also how to improve them.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Jobs

Graduates from an industrial organizational psychology program qualify for many jobs. Below are some popular careers in this field.

Industrial–Organizational Psychologists

An I-O Psychologist applies psychology to the workplace and uses psychological principles and research methods to solve problems and improve the quality of the workplace. These professionals study issues such as workplace productivity, employee working styles, and employee morale.

Similar Roles: Industrial Psychologist / Industrial Psychologists, Organizational Psychologist / Organizational Psychologists, Industrial-Organizational Researcher

Annual Salary: $105,310 (BLS)

Training and Development Managers

A Training and Development Manager directs the leadership development programs that improve the skills and knowledge of an organization’s employees.

Similar Roles: Head of Learning and Development, Talent Developer, Instructional Designer, Adjunct Faculty at a University, Training Specialists

Annual Salary: $120,130 (BLS)

Human Resources Managers

A Human Resources Manager coordinates the administrative functions of an organization.

Similar Roles: Human Resources Analyst, Human Resources Management / Human Resources Management, Employee Relations Manager, Director of Employee Relations, Human Resource Manager

Annual Salary: $126,230 (BLS)

Management Analysts

A Management Analyst evaluates an organization and then recommends ways to improve its efficiency. They typically advise an organizations on how to be more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.

Similar Roles: Management Consultant / Management Consultants, Organizational Consultant, Personnel Analyst, Efficiency Expert, Strategy Development Professional, Change Management Professional

Annual Salary: $93,000 (BLS)

Market Research Analysts

A Market Research Analyst studies consumer preferences, business conditions, and other factors to assess potential sales of a product or service.

Annual Salary: $63,920 (BLS)

How is the Job Market in I-O Psychology?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects industrial-organizational psychology jobs to grow by four percent (4%) over the next decade. Below are the Bureau of Labor Statistics growth rates for related IOP career paths.

OccupationJob Growth
Industrial–Organizational Psychologists4%
Training and Development Manager7%
Human Resource Managers7%
Management Analysts11%
Market Research Analysts19%
BLS job growth for I-O Psychology and related career paths.

How Much Can You Make with an Organizational Psychology Masters?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists is $139,280. But, the field has such a large range of possible careers and job titles, so an Industrial-Organizational psychology master’s salary can have a wide range.

For example, those who focus on scientific research can make as much as $120,000 annually or even more, while those who go into government services may be in the $150,000 range. The BLS reports the below industries as the top-paying employers for for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists.

Local Government$156,940
Scientific Research and Development Services$122,100
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools$111,050
Elementary and Secondary Schools$84,940
State Government$79,970
BLS top paying industries for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists.

Professional Organizations

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
  • American Psychological Association APA
  • American Board of Professional Psychology ABPP
  • Academy of Management
  • Association for Psychological Science
  • Association for Talent Development

Your IOP Career

Essentially, I/O psychology brings together business and psychology, combining both disciplines into its own specialized area of expertise. In real life, an I/O professional may direct their career path more heavily to one or the other. For instance, a professional may be more focused on data, dedicating their work primarily to scientific studies or testing. On the other hand, an I/O psychologist may be more concerned with applying the scientific insights of I/O psychology to the actual workplace, working in more of a consulting or human resources capacity. 

In the modern workplace, I/O psychology is highly influential, from administering personality tests to determining how employees can best use their time. As scientific approaches to work and efficiency increase, a master’s in industrial/organizational psychology can be a ticket to a long-lasting, lucrative career.