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5 Blogs for School Administrators

Here are 5 Blogs for School Administrators to use. In this day and age, one can read a blog for information and insight on just about any topic. Blogs offer free and immediate access to a wide range of viewpoints delivered in a variety of written voices. School administrators will find these five blogs particularly helpful, interesting, and engaging.

Websites for School Administrators

  • Eduwonk
  • Emerging Ed Tech
  • Schneider B
  • Education Week
  • Connected Principals

1. Eduwonk

One of the most difficult tasks administrators face is staying up to date on the policies and procedures that impact education in America. The associated material is complex and, though crucial, often very dry. Eduwonk will change all of that. This daily blog transforms policy and procedure into an enjoyable and applicable read. Authors cite sources and provide links for more in-depth readings. Eduwonk provides space for readers to engage in discussions for each individual post.

2. Emerging Ed Tech

Like most fields, education is rapidly expanding into the world of technology. From the use of classroom technologies to fully remote distance learning, administrators must learn to operate under a whole new set of rules and systems. This causes confusion and often frustration. Emerging Ed Tech offers a wide range of articles covering diverse topics related to technology in education. Readers have easy access to all articles so that they can browse for those pertaining to their particular topic of interest or uncertainty.

3. SchneiderB

Education is many things. It is a service, in many cases a luxury, and at the end of the day a business. The business side of education, such as enrollment and marketing. Brendan Schneider has sought to help clarify issues related to the business side of education administration through his Blog, ScheiderB. The blog specifically goes into depth about the role that social media plays in education enrollment and attendance.

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4. Education Week

Administrators in search of a great place to glance at all things education will enjoy perusing the articles in Education Week. This blog site aims to provide a broad overview of the current state of education in terms of the topics listed above and many more. It is a great way for administrators to find out what topics they want and need to dive more deeply into. The site offers factual and opinion pieces, as well as forums, to discuss topics with others in the field.

5. Connected Principals

Within the world of school administration, principals play a specific and important set of roles. Given that they are often the only person in their school playing said roles, their professional lives can feel a little bit isolated. Connected Principals is a blog designed to bring principals together, not only across America but also across the globe. This type of collaboration leads to best practices by allowing principals to share information with each other that they might not otherwise have access to.

School administrators play an enormous part in shaping our present and future through student experiences and academic progress. These five blogs are designed to bring them together, broadening both perspectives and knowledge. They are fun to read and foster both professional development and active engagement in the field.