5 Great Internships for Marketing Students

5 Great Internships for Marketing Students

Great internships for marketing students are available for those seeking to increase their experience and knowledge base. Companies seek marketing majors to assist with work and determine suitable candidates for future employment opportunities.

5 Amazing Marketing Student Internships

  1. Kellogg
  2. Walmart
  3. Smithsonian
  4. Philadelphia Zoo
  5. Enterprise Holdings

1. Kellogg Company

An excellent internship for marketing students is through the Kellogg Company. Students will work as brand marketing interns, where they will understand the inner workings of the associate brand manager position. The internship exposes students to all of the areas in the company related to marketing, including brand, insights, marketing operations, innovation, and media.

Interns will help launch new products, provide business analysis, and conduct the aspects of the consumer or trade promotion plans that involve analyzing data such as distribution activity, pricing, volume, share, and promotional activity.

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2. Walmart

The superstore giant Walmart offers students the opportunity to complete a marketing internship as a field intern. Students work with store leadership and associates to understand the entire store’s operations. Interns are expected to stay abreast of the current information to develop, execute, and improve the store’s action plans.

Customer service is an integral part of Walmart’s success, and thus, they require that student interns engage in providing customer service support to both internal and external customers. Students must become familiar with and exhibit adherence to the company’s policies and procedures while displaying exemplary leadership behavior.

Some of the current opportunities include:

  • Summer Intern: Sam’s Club Product Manager MBA marketing internship
  • Summer Intern: E3 Strategic Finance MBA Intern
  • Summer MBA Intern: US Merchandising Operations

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3. Smithsonian

The largest museum complex in the world is the Smithsonian Institution. Its marketing internships are guided learning opportunities that provide participants hands-on work experience in various fields. The Smithsonian offers an excellent internship for marketing students as a digital marketing intern. Interns will assist the marketing department by conducting surveys and creating presentations to report the findings. The student must determine the targeted audience and participate in email campaigns.

Digital marketing is the focus, and the intern will create informational and promotional material for their social media accounts. Interns will also conduct research and assist in developing new strategies for increasing customer engagement, also includes promoting ticket sales with a particular emphasis on the millennial demographic.

Other notable internships at the Smithsonian include:

  • Summer Internships at the National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • National Museum of American History Internships
  • Summer Undergraduate Internship at the National Museum of Asian Art

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4. Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo presents a unique opportunity for students to enhance their skills as digital marketing interns. The marketing internship focuses on increasing customer awareness of the zoo’s initiatives and increasing attendance. The intern will provide support to all of the social media and in other efforts using digital marketing.

Website updates will be completed, and students will even assist in video filming and editing. Interns will assist at the zoo’s press events and other media events. Data analysis will also be conducted using analytic resources to determine social media and website trends.

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5. Enterprise Holdings

Another great internship for students is with Enterprise Holdings as an Enterprise CarShare intern. The internship aims to increase the number of members using the CarShare service and increase the driving usage of existing members. Interns promote the CarShare service on their college’s campus through weekly marketing.

The intern must develop, organize, and execute two special events each semester. Attendance at the two on-campus meetings and maintaining a sales and marketing journal are required. Interns must also create future campus marketing strategies.

In addition to the carshare program, Enterprise also has many other internship opportunities.

  • Enterprise Management Internship Program
  • Accounting Internships
  • IT Internships

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marketing intern

What is a Marketing Internship?

An internship is a learning experience that allows students to gain skills and professional experience and build connections before graduation. In a work-like environment, interns develop skills and knowledge for their resumes. They also have opportunities to network with other students and mentors in the field. Paid marketing internships are common for both undergrad and graduate college students.

Applicants are considered without regard to age, ancestry, color, family or medical care leave, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, protected veteran status, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances.

What Does a Marketing Intern Do?

The daily work tasks of an intern vary depending on the program and company. However, most interns have a fair amount of responsibility and work under the staff’s direct supervision. They often assist them with the daily workload so interns get an up-close look at the job. 

Below are some of the responsibilities marketing interns may have.

  • help plan and execute marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns
  • attend monthly team meetings
  • conduct market research on a marketing team
  • assist with content creation and social media posting
  • develop social media content strategy and marketing plans
  • website updating and editing
  • monitor live social media coverage
  • identify a company’s marketing principles
  • work on email marketing projects
  • crafts marketing messages and drives ongoing improvements
  • develop digital marketing experience

What is the Difference Between a Marketing Internship and a Job?

One difference is the length of time. Typically, marketing internships last a few months to as long as a year. However, a job is a long-term commitment. Jobs provide individuals with work for many years. Both provide individuals with professional experience. But, a formalized internship program can lead college students to a successful career path.

Another difference is the compensation. Interns earn less than employees in full-time jobs. And some internships are unpaid. 

What are the Types of Marketing Internships?

Traditional internships are in-person experiences in which individuals work in a setting to prepare for a career. However, recently Remote Internships, also called Virtual Internships, have emerged. Individuals participate in a remote internship online.

There are other ways marketing internships vary in length and commitment. These experiences are both part-time and full-time opportunities. Individuals can also choose a summer internship or complete one over a college semester. Fellowships are similar to internships and offer a salary and networking opportunities with colleagues. 

How Do You Find the Best Marketing Internships?

Are you interested in a marketing internship? When you begin your search, start simple and don’t overthink it. Below are some of the first places to start to look for a placement.

Internet Searches and Websites

Do you already know a company where you may want to work? If so, an easy way to narrow your search is to visit their website. Many larger companies have pages on their sites with current job and intern opportunities. If you don’t have a specific company, start with a general internet search.

Job Boards and Internship Databases

Another great strategy is looking at local job ads and social media platforms. Sites like SimplyHired or Indeed have extensive internship and job postings. Additionally, individuals can register key terms and receive regular job alerts. A Google account also has a superb feature to set up a job alert.

School Career Center

Many college and university career centers have an internship coordinator on staff. They may also work for a department or college of the school. An internship coordinator can help you quickly find some of the best opportunities. So, contact your department head and ask what resources you have available at your institution. 

Tips for Applying for a Marketing Internship

One big mistake students make is not marketing themselves on a resume, profile, or interview. 

Resumes and CVs

Before you send out applications, update your resume. Many companies want creative candidates who think outside the box. So, make your CV visually appealing rather than a simple word document. Your CV should look good, but you must also tailor it to the role you are applying for. Applicants should show why they are suitable for the position. And clearly describe your skills and education that fit the role. Also, consider the areas where you need to develop. 


You also need to update all your profiles on social media with new information and verify they are complete. A recruiter is likelier to contact a student with a comprehensive marketing profile than an unfinished one.

A solid LinkedIn presence makes it easier for employers to find you. Linkedin also helps you to build a personal brand, showcase work and volunteer experience, list transferable skills, and display certifications and other education. Your LinkedIn profile also shows you actively network with other marketing professionals. 


Whether your interview is virtual or in person, make sure you dress to impress. Also, review your resume and cover letter and prepare specific examples of your experience for the interviewer. Finally, it’s a good idea to practice before the actual interview. Many university career centers offer mock interviews for students. It allows them to practice. If your school doesn’t have this resource, ask a friend to ask you some common interview questions. Any practice is better than none!

What Jobs Can Graduates get in Marketing?

A recent marketing graduate who participated in an internship has many career opportunities. For example, a marketing major can work in international business or brand management.

  • Marketing Communication Manager
  • Microsoft Brand Steward
  • Manager of Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Content Developer

Should You Participate in an Internship?

Internships offer valuable work experience that can give you an edge in the job market. Individuals can explore their chosen career paths and develop hands-on career skills. These settings also provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the field and gain confidence.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 72.2 percent of paid student interns received a full-time job offer. The job market can be challenging to navigate, but great internships for students exist that can improve job prospects.