5 Amazing Marketing Student Internships

  • Kellogg
  • Walmart
  • Smithsonian
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Enterprise Holdings

Great internships for marketing students are available for those seeking to increase their experience and knowledge base. Companies seek out students to assist with work and to determine suitable candidates for future employment opportunities.

1. Kellogg

A great internship for marketing students is through the Kellogg Company. Students will work as a brand marketing interns where they will understand the inner workings of the associate brand manager position. The internship exposes students to all of the areas in the company related to marketing that includes brand, insights, marketing operations, innovation, and media. Interns will help with launching new products and providing business analysis as well as taking part in conducting the aspects of the consumer or trade promotion plans that involves analyzing data such as distribution activity, pricing, volume, share, and promotional activity.

2. Walmart

The superstore giant Walmart offers students the opportunity to complete an internship as a field intern. Students work with store leadership and associates to understand the entire store operations. Interns are expected to stay abreast of the current information in order to develop, execute, and improve the store’s action plans. Customer service is an integral part of Walmart’s success, and thus, they require that student interns engage in providing customer service support to both internal and external customers. Students must become familiar with and exhibit adherence to the company’s policies and procedures while displaying outstanding leadership behavior.

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3. Smithsonian

The Smithsonian offers a great internship for marketing students as a digital marketing intern. Interns will assist the marketing department by conducting surveys and creating presentations in order to report the findings. The student is required to determine the targeted audience and take part in email campaigns. Digital marketing is the focus, and as such, the intern will create informational and promotional material for their social media accounts. Interns will also conduct research and assist in developing new strategies for increasing customer engagement that also includes promoting ticket sales with a particular emphasis on the millennial demographic.

4. Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo presents a unique opportunity for students to enhance their skills as digital marketing interns. The internship focuses on increasing customer awareness of the zoo’s initiatives and to increase attendance. The intern will provide support to all of the social media accounts and in other efforts using digital marketing. Website updates will be completed, and students will even assist in video filming and editing. Interns will assist at press events and other media events located at the zoo. Data analysis will also be conducted using analytic resources to determine social media and website trends.

5. Enterprise Holdings

Another great internship for marketing students is with Enterprise Holdings as an Enterprise CarShare intern. The aim of the internship is to increase the number of members using the CarShare service as well as to increase the driving usage of existing members. Interns actively promote the CarShare service on their college’s campus by conducting weekly marketing. Two special events must be developed, organized, and executed by the intern each semester. Attendance at the two on-campus meetings are required as well as is maintaining a sales and marketing journal. Interns must also create future campus marketing strategies.

The National Association of College and Employers found that 72.2 percent of paid student interns received a full-time job offer. The job market can be difficult to navigate, but great internships for marketing students exist that can improve job prospects.