Sports management job outlook projections can be extremely difficult to find due to the unique nature of the field. For some, the idea of working in sports management doesn’t sound like a job at all. While it’s the dream field for many who didn’t make the cut to play on the field or court, it’s a highly competitive one. Knowing what you’re up against and whether or not the supply of jobs will be there is what is going to give you the best chance after earning your sports management degree.

Where Should You Look for Job Outlook Data?

Anyone can tell you that there’s going to be a high demand for sports managers but that doesn’t necessarily mean their statement is accurate. You should never rely solely on statistics or data that is compiled by schools that offer undergraduate and graduate sports management programs.

The administration’s goal is to get students to enroll so that the program is profitable. If you see biased numbers and projections that make the field appear to have a great outlook, you could be making an uninformed career move. It’s best for any student who has a genuine interest in choosing a career where they can find work and enjoy stability to reference data published by reliable sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Outlook According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Every few years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will update job outlook projections and other data based on the surveys that have been taken by current professionals in the field. The projections usually last for a 10-year period and are both generalized and specific.

According to the Bureau, the general national outlook for all jobs in the United States is positive. Data points in the direction of the creation of about 7 percent more jobs between now and 2026. The numbers for the more specific field of sports management can get much more complicated.

There are several different sports management roles that one who is qualified can fill. For coaches and scouts, demand is growing by an estimated 13 percent. While this may be almost double what the national average is, employment change is only estimated at 35,700 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics because of the size of the current workforce.

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What Factors Affect Job Outlook in Sports Management?

Facing competition is what sports are all about. While there’s always some sort of competition when you’re applying for positions, the competition within the field of sports management is unlike any other. Since it’s such a highly desirable field to work in and many people have a passion for sports, there will be many other qualified candidates applying for the 35,700 openings.

It’s not unusual to have to start from the bottom, coaching at recreation centers and high schools before you can really enter into the field as a college coach or even professional coach. Pay scales range so significantly that there’s almost no way to average. Even more difficult is that retired players and family members of veteran coaches often get consideration before talented and educated candidates.

If you have thick skin and the skills that are necessary to be a sports manager, this could be the field for you. There’s nothing easy about working in sports administration, even if it’s something you love. It’s a line of work that’s all about what have you done for me lately. If you can deal with this, the sports management job outlook could push you to go to school.