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5 Career Options with a Master’s in Media Communication

The Master’s in Media Communication prepares graduates. Here are some Career Options with a Master’s in Media Communication. The choice as to exactly which area of media or communications work the grad decides to become a part of, though, is completely up to them. Here are five, great options made available to the Master’s in Media Communication degree-holder today.

Master’s in Media Communication: 5 Great Career Options

  • Journalist
  • Director of Marketing
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Executive Editor, Publisher
  • Technical Writer

1. Journalist

Journalism is the all-important discipline built around gathering facts and then presenting those facts in an understandable form to an audience. While journalists of the past were typically just needed in television news and newspaper print applications, today’s journalists are needed in these arenas plus the countless online venues from which people seek out their news and basic facts today. In short, the opportunities in journalism are many for the grad of the Master’s in Media Communication degree.

2. Director of Marketing

To be a director of marketing is to be the veritable captain of a company’s entire ship when it comes to outbound communications to the public. This is a very important, executive-level role in most companies that takes responsibility for all marketing matters there. Who should the company market to, and what is the best means of doing that, exactly? Questions like this are those handled by the marketing department, and ultimately, the boss of all marketing: the director of marketing for that company.

3. Public Relations Professional

Public relations is all about the management of how a company interacts with and maintains a certain image within the public, and there are entire departments devoted to this matter in some businesses. As such, there are a number of public relations-based careers that represent a great fit for today’s Master’s in Media Communication grad. Public relations specialists, as well as public relations managers, are among some top choices here. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while experiencing a current growth rate that is average, PR specialists do earn a very respectable, median pay of about $28.85 per hour, or $60,000 per year, while PR managers often make even more.

4. Executive Editor, Publisher

Master’s in Media Communication grads come equipped to communicate masterfully, and as a result, also fit in very well in executive editing and publishing roles. As an executive editor, one has the final say and responsibility of what is passed on to the company for publishing, no matter who originally created the material. As a senior publisher, the goal is to produce and market the final edited product to the customer base. In many cases, these two roles are combined into one, single job role, but in any case, the Master’s in Media Communication grad is typically an ideal candidate for the job.

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5. Technical Writer

Technical writers specialize in creating technical references, guidebooks, instruction manuals, and other, similar, technical materials for a variety of audiences and demands. With their educational background, MMC grads often find great success in this role. Of additional, great news to those interested in this line of work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites the industry demand for this worker to be above average, at about eight percent, with median earners making approximately $34.54 per hour or $71,850 per year.

Master’s in Media Communication grads truly do have many, great job options to look forward to in the modern workforce. These five career possibilities represent just a few of the many to be found. In conclusion, students, potential students, and even grads are always recommended to consult with their chosen school of attendance for further, helpful advice in the opportunities afforded by the Master’s in Media Communication right now.

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