Top Paying Jobs in Media and Communications

Jobs in media and communications are ideal for persons who are business-oriented and who have excellent communication skills. People who are successful in the field of media and communications are typically those persons who are highly creative and who can persuade consumers through the use of videos, appealing images, and carefully written text. While there are many job possibilities for graduates interested in this field, the following five jobs are some of the most popular today.

1. Media Planners

One top-paying job in media and communications is known as a media planner. The main responsibility of media planners is to create effective action plans that will meet the marketing objectives of their employers. They accomplish this in a variety of ways including conducting research, analyzing data from research, using research results to create media plans, and interacting with media clients. Media planners are most often employed by advertising agencies, but some choose to work independently or for businesses that maintain in-house marketing departments.

2. Public Relations Experts

Another great-paying job in media and communications is that of a public relations expert. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are in moderate demand today and paid an average of $60,000 per year in 2018. The primary goal of public relations experts is to create a positive public image for their employers. Some of the tasks that help them accomplish this include writing press releases, creating speeches and arranging interviews for top executives, creating and conducting fundraising events, and communicating with the public.

3. Company Brand Managers

A company brand manager is yet another job in media and communications that pays quite well. Company brand managers work to increase consumer awareness of their employers’ company and products or services through a variety of methods. Some of the most common methods used to increase awareness include creating appealing logos, researching and analyzing consumer behavior, tracking current consumer trends, creating effective marketing strategies, refining marketing strategies when necessary, and aligning branding campaigns with appropriate products or services.

4. Social Media Managers

Social media managers are also among the best-paying jobs in media and communications today. Graduates who would like to obtain positions as social media managers ideally should have completed coursework in social media marketing and advertising during their college careers. These professionals are mainly responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of their employers. They need to create fresh new posts for these accounts regularly ensuring that the posts align with their employers’ marketing and advertising campaigns. A large portion of their time is also devoted to interacting with consumers on various social sites.

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5. Marketing Professionals

Marketing is another lucrative job choice in the field of media and communications. Businesses both large and small need good marketing teams to promote their products and services. Depending on the unique needs of their employers, marketing professionals may be required to perform such tasks as research and create advertising campaigns, develop pricing strategies for various campaigns, develop creative elements and layouts, determine appropriate media for advertising purposes, and negotiate contracts with media clients. As with social media marketing professionals, graduates who choose jobs in marketing should ideally have completed coursework in marketing and advertising during their college careers.

Media and communications is a highly flexible field offering many terrific job opportunities. But for graduates who are looking for the best-paying jobs in media and communications, the five careers described above may be just what they are looking for.