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5 Best Paying Jobs in Broadcasting

The best paying jobs in Broadcasting and Media are ideal for business-oriented individuals with excellent communication skills. People with successful and sustainable careers in broadcasting, media, and communications are typically highly creative. They can persuade consumers through videos, appealing images, and carefully written text.

For many, broadcasting and media history evokes images of radio or TV broadcasts. But, the internet changed the game and increased the need for the quantity and quality of content. There are many broadcasting jobs for graduates in this field. And the following five jobs are some of the most popular today in the broadcast industry. So keep reading before you start your broadcasting career job search!

1. Media Planners

One of the best paying jobs in Broadcasting, Media, and Communications is a Media Planner. The primary responsibility of these broadcasting professionals is to create effective action plans that will meet the marketing objectives of their employers. They accomplish this in various ways, including conducting research, analyzing data from studies, using research results to create media plans, and interacting with media clients.

Media Planners often work for advertising agencies and are some of the highest paying jobs in media. However, some choose to work independently or for businesses that maintain in-house marketing departments for media productions.

Skills: Analysis skills, Communication skills, Marketing

Average Annual Salary: $66,405 (indeed)

2. Public Relations Specialists

highest paying jobs with communications degree

Another great-paying broadcasting job in media and communications is that of a public relations (PR) expert. Many top paying public relations jobs are in broadcasting. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these positions are in moderate demand. Furthermore, they earn an average salary of $62,800. And the highest paying PR jobs pay as much as $124,000.

The primary goal of public relations experts is to create a positive public image for their employers. Some tasks that help them accomplish this include writing press releases, creating speeches, and arranging interviews for top executives and other broadcasting higher ups. They may also conduct fundraising events and communicate with the public.

Skills: Public Speaking skills, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving, Writing, Organization

Average Annual Salary: $62,800 (BLS)

3. Company Brand Managers

highest paying jobs in communications

A company brand manager is another media and communications job that pays reasonably well. Company brand managers increase consumer awareness of their employers’ company and products or services through various methods.

Some of the most common ways to raise awareness include creating appealing logos, researching and analyzing consumer behavior, tracking current consumer trends, creating effective marketing strategies, refining marketing strategies when necessary, and aligning branding campaigns with appropriate products or services.

Skills: Analysis skills, Digital Marketing, Merchandising, Customer Service

Average Annual Salary: $66,991 (indeed)

4. Social Media Managers

best paying jobs in communications

Social media managers are also among the best-paying jobs in media and communications today. Ideally, graduates who would like to obtain positions as social media managers should have completed coursework in social media marketing and advertising during their college careers.

These professionals are mainly responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of their employers. They need to create fresh new posts for these accounts regularly, ensuring that the posts align with their employers’ marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, they interact with consumers on various social sites to identify trends in customer interactions.

Skills: presentation skills, networking skills, strong communication skills

Average Annual Salary: $56,230 (indeed)

5. Marketing Sales Managers

highest paying communication jobs in broadcasting

Marketing is another lucrative job choice in broadcasting, media, and communications. Large and small businesses need good marketing teams to promote their products and services. Depending on the unique needs of their employers, marketing professionals may perform various tasks.

In a broadcasting career, the Marketing Sales Manager’s duties may include researching and creating advertising campaigns, developing pricing strategies for multiple campaigns, or developing creative elements and layouts. Additionally, their day may include determining appropriate media for advertising or negotiating contracts with media clients.

As with social media marketing professionals, graduates who choose jobs in marketing should ideally have completed coursework in marketing and advertising during their college careers.

Average Annual Salary: $57,425 (indeed)

Why Choose a Career in Broadcasting?

Is broadcasting a good career path? Yes, broadcasting careers offer thousands of exciting jobs worldwide with different specialties.

Broadcasting production is an exciting field. This field has different types of people working to create original content to catch the viewer’s attention. The broadcasting world is a promising field with many careers and exciting jobs.

Popular broadcasting media includes television production, radio newscasts, and internet content. Content may cover relevant current topics in the entertainment industry or breaking news segments about war. All content has a team of hardworking contributors who create and produce the perfect final version.

Other Job Opportunities in the Broadcasting Industry

Many in the broadcasting industry work in production roles. While many of these roles don’t pay as much for entry-level positions, individuals with experience can still earn an excellent salary. Below are some other growing jobs in this field.

Program Production Occupations

Location Scout

Location Scouts find a location to shoot production based on the project’s needs. These may be remote locations or on the street in NY city.

Median Annual Salary: $0 (BLS)

  • Technical Writer / Technical Writers
  • Broadcast Producer / Broadcast Producers
  • Program Director / Program Directors
  • Video Editor / Video Editors
  • Production Assistant / Production Assistants
  • Radio Announcers and DJs
  • Camera Operator / Camera Operators
  • Production Manager / Production Managers
  • Radio Technician / Radio Technicians
  • Copywriter / Copywriters
  • Television Production Coordinator / Television Production Coordinators

News-Related Occupations

News Director

News directors oversee the production and on-air performance of newscasts. Additionally, the news director hands out assignments to cover particular news stories.

Median Annual Salary: $61,000 (BLS)

  • News Anchor / News Anchors
  • Broadcast News Analyst / Broadcast News Analysts
  • News Producer / News Producers
  • News Director / News Directors
  • News Reporter / News Reporters and Correspondents

Technical Occupations

Broadcast Technician or Broadcast Engineer 

Broadcast Technicians, called Broadcast Engineers, ensure a production’s sound and images are crystal clear. Most broadcast engineers work in studios or similar locations to facilitate the transmission of clear radio station or television channel broadcasts.

Median Annual Salary: $44,740 (BLS)

  • Camera Operator / Television and Video Camera Operators
  • Technical Director / Technical Directors
  • Data Communications Analyst / Data Communications Analysts
  • Radio Operator / Radio Operators
  • Assistant Chief Engineer / Assistant Chief Engineers

What is the Job Outlook in Broadcasting, Media, and Communications?

Is Broadcasting a good career path? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that overall employment in media and communication occupations will grow 6 percent from 2021 to 2031. This growth is at pace with the national average for all occupations.

As a result, approximately 68,600 new jobs will emerge during this period. Additionally, the need to replace workers who leave the field will create around 115,000 additional openings each year. The broadcasting field has a strong job market

What are the Fastest Growing Jobs in Broadcasting

Currently, some jobs in the broadcasting field show more robust growth than others. Below is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) information on selected jobs growing faster than the national average.

Audio and Video Technicians

These professionals set up and operate audio and video equipment for a particular production.

Job Growth 2021 to 2031: 16%

Median Annual Salary: $48,820 (BLS)

Lighting Technicians

A Lighting Technician is responsible for all the lighting equipment for a particular project.

Job Growth 2021 to 2031: 15%

Median Annual Salary: $51,470 (BLS)

Film and Video Editors

This creatively driven career is the person in charge of video content. A Video Editor takes raw footage, different video clips, and also sound bites and puts them into a complete video.

Job Growth 2021 to 2031: 14%

Median Annual Salary: $62,680 (BLS)

Camera Operators

A camera operator works the camera equipment and all its accessories.

Job Growth 2021 to 2031: 9%

Median Annual Salary: $49,230 (BLS)

Producers and Directors

Producers make financial and business decisions for the entire production. Directors are responsible for the creative decisions of a production operation. Other responsibilities include overseeing production assistants, maintaining production schedules, and also ensuring good on-air performance.

Job Growth 2021 to 2031: 8%

Median Annual Salary: $79,000 (BLS)

How Much Can You Earn in Broadcasting?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual wage for Broadcasting, Media, and Communication Occupations is $62,340, which is well above the $45,760 average yearly salary for all occupations.

How Do You Get a Job in Broadcasting?

Technical jobs in broadcasting may not require a four year degree, but many do. Video editors and camera operators typically need a bachelor’s degree in film, broadcasting, performing arts, or communications. Reporters and journalists typically hold a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or English.

Your Career in Broadcasting

Broadcasting, Media, and Communications are highly flexible fields offering many terrific job opportunities. But for graduates and job seekers looking for the highest paid jobs in media and communications, the five careers described above may be just what they are looking for. Furthermore, these are successful and sustainable careers. Many broadcasting jobs have a great outlook and also pay well!