5 Lucrative Careers in Art History

Graduates who are looking for some of the most lucrative careers in art history have found the right place to learn more. Art history is a highly intriguing field that offers a broad range of top-paying career opportunities. The following sections discuss five such opportunities that may be available for graduates who have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in art history.

Art History Graduates: 5 Top Careers

  • Art Consultants
  • Museum and Art Gallery Curators
  • Art Conservation and Restoration Experts
  • Art Appraisers
  • College and University Instructors

1. Art Consultants

Art consultants are some of the most popular and top-paying careers in art history today. While many art consultants work independently, some are employed by such organizations as large businesses, consulting firms, art galleries, and museums. Their main responsibilities include advising clients on art purchases, appraising artwork, negotiating prices for art, and helping clients purchase insurance for their artwork. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in art history or a similar area is typically required to obtain a position as an art consultant.

2. Museum and Art Gallery Curators

Other great-paying careers in art history are museum and art gallery curators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, curators earned an average salary of about $48,400 during the year 2018. These professionals are mainly responsible for locating artwork or artifacts for use in exhibits in museums or art galleries. Other tasks they are often responsible for include arranging and maintaining exhibits, negotiating prices and purchasing items, organizing fund-raising campaigns, and creating educational material. A master’s degree in art history or a similar field is usually required for this career.

3. Art Conservation and Restoration Experts

Art conservation and restoration experts are also among the most lucrative careers in art history. Graduates who choose these careers can work independently, or they may be employed by such places as museums, art galleries, art restoration companies, and various government agencies. Their primary job is to restore aged artwork and artifacts as closely to their original states as possible. This may involve cleaning surface debris, removing broken parts, and repairing or replacing parts. A master’s degree in art history or another relevant field is often required for these positions.

4. Art Appraisers

Another promising career for art history grads is that of an art appraiser. Art appraisers can work independently or may be employed by art consulting firms, insurance companies, museums, art galleries, large businesses, and government agencies. These experts are mainly responsible for determining the financial value of artwork. Their services are essential for such purposes as determining the amount of insurance necessary to protect artwork, negotiating appropriate prices for artwork, and placing an appropriate value on works for tax-related purposes. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in art or art history is typically required for these careers.

5 Lucrative Careers in Art History

5. College and University Instructors

College and university instructors are also among the most popular career choices for art history graduates today. People who choose these careers are employed by private and public colleges and universities to teach students about the history of art. They may instruct their students in traditional classrooms, by way of virtual classrooms, or a combination of both. Their typical daily duties often involve creating lesson modules, grading assignments, consulting with students, and conducting research. A master’s degree is the minimum requirement for these positions, but a doctor’s degree can help to increase one’s job opportunities.

Art history is a fascinating field that is perfect for highly creative people. There are also many lucrative careers in art history, and some of the best are described in the preceding passages.

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