What Can I Do with a Degree in Art History?

A degree in art history can truly open some very unique career doors that many, other degrees simply cannot. This is because the student of this discipline has been uniquely equipped to understand the history of art and how culture, technology, and world events have all played a role in art production through time. For a closer look at some of the job options made available by this degree, read on. Here are five great career choices for today’s graduates with a degree in art history.


Art Conservation Specialist

Art conservation specialists oversee all of the processes involving restoring and conserving various pieces of valuable art. There are also many types of conservation work needing to be done out there, as art can come in virtually any form or medium. Those working in this type of job are best served by having a strong eye for details, a strong sense of organization, and a general passion for art and its conservation for future generations.

Art Dealer

Art dealers make a living by buying, selling, and trading art. A degree in art history directly sets the graduate apart right away in understanding much of what goes into this special area of the world’s fine markets. The income of this type of professional does vary greatly, however.

Gallery Curator

Curation is essentially the head-to-toe management of something. In the arts and museum context, the curator is the top manager of a specific location or collection of items. Art history grads come very well suited to this type of role, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this area of workers today is experiencing a very optimistic, nine percent demand growth rate through the year 2028.

Art Consultant

An art consultant is someone who is an expert in a certain kind of art. This person is then hired by different clients to provide insights and advice on pieces of art they may own of that particular type. In fact, this professional may be found working with museums, curators, art dealers, and a whole host of other professionals across the field due to his/her applicability of important art knowledge.

Museum Marketing and Public Relations Manager

The museum marketing and public relations manager is yet another, a great choice for those who plan on graduating with art history degrees. These particular workers focus on ways to interact with the public when it comes to an art exhibit or on behalf of a museum or other art-related entity. While it is true that marketing and public relations majors can also qualify for this role, the art history major still retains an important edge in art knowledge for the job.

Find Out More about Art History

Art and its history tell the important story of humans through time. Those schooled in this discipline offer a very unique insight into that very window in time through humanity. In conclusion, for those interested in learning more about the various specialty areas associated with a degree in art history today, the Association of Historians of American Art is a great organization with which to follow up more.

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