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Modern Learning and Traditional Excellence Online at Regent University

Regent University appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in International Relations Online.

The online study, particularly for nontraditional students seeking graduate degrees, is much friendlier to study-life balance than attending traditional classes on a campus somewhere. Regent University realizes this and provides ample opportunities to its graduate students wishing to pursue graduate degrees in many fields from the arts to law and business.

Students who wish to earn their Master of Business Administration faster than usual may apply for the accelerated program. This program lets students complete it in just 36 credits and is designed to be completed in just 18 months. The program stresses management and, as with all material presented at Regent University, is theocratic in nature.

Other degrees include the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, the Doctor of Philosophy in Communication, and the Master of Arts in Human Services.

The organizational leadership degree is available in both “regular” and “fast-track” modes, with the accelerated program finishing in less than a year. Classes include Motivation, Teams, Coaching, and Mentoring, Organizational Research Analysis and Problem Solving, and Foundations of Leadership: History, Theory, and Application Development.

The Ph.D. in Communication requires a dissertation, and the classes include Communication: Quantitative Methodologies, Advanced Communication Theory, and History of Communication. The focus is research-oriented.

The Master of Arts in Human Services integrates fundamentalist Christian theology with the class Foundations of Human Services. Other classes include Behavioral Science Foundations and Helping Skills and Techniques. Because of the nature of the field of human services, the degree focuses on doing good for others.

About Regent University

Pat Robertson founded the university in 1977 after buying a 70-acre parcel of land in Virginia. It has grown from a meager 77 students in its first year to more than 5,000 today. U.S. News and World Report rank Regent University 281st among national universities. The online MBA programs at Regent University ranked 142nd.

The university’s history is dotted with lawsuits and scandals, including the firing of Justice Department personnel in 2007. Many of the lawyers fired during that scandal were replaced by Regent University graduates, many of whose classmates could not pass the bar examination. Since that time, however, Regent University has striven mightily to improve both itself and its reputation. Its students now regularly defeat Harvard and Yale students in national mock trial competitions, and the school, as stated, ranks in the top 300 schools in the entire nation.

Regent University Accreditation

Regent University has achieved regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, the following are some of the organizations that have bestowed academic accreditation on Regent University:

  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs
  • American Psychological Association
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Commission of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
  • Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools

Regent University Application Requirements

First, all applicants must be of nondenominational, fundamentalist Christian faith. Applicants must prove this faith by submitting a personal statement that affirms such faith and how that faith has positively affected the applicant’s life. Applicants for the accelerated, online Master of Business Administration, in particular, must prove their “vision clarity” and remain in alignment with Christian program outcomes.

Aside from the religious litmus test, undergraduates must submit ACT scores, SAT scores, or both, and provide all transcripts from each high school they attended. Regent University allows students to submit unofficial transcripts for admission consideration and only asks for official transcripts after acceptance.

When it comes to graduate online programs, each has its own set of application requirements and guidelines. The basic requirements include having a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, or a master’s degree if applying for a doctoral program, the statement of faith, other statements of purpose, and all undergraduate transcripts. Some programs require all of these, and some don’t. Others require more than these. Interested students should check the website or call the Office of Admissions for further clarification.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Online graduate tuition at Regent University is charged by the credit hour and varies by program. The Master of Business Administration, for example, costs $675 per credit hour while doctoral programs cost $975 per credit hour. Master of Arts degrees and Master of Science Degrees cost between $650 and $900 per credit hour. All online students also pay a flat services fee of $550 per semester, and many classes have associated fees as well. Such classes would include any that provide extra materials, have laboratory components, or other items that require extra expenditure. Of course, online students don’t need to pay room and board costs, although certain students who are close to the campus may purchase meal plans if they so desire.

When it comes to need-based financial aid, all students start by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA asks questions about the income and assets of both the students themselves and their parents. If a student has received private, merit-based financial aid, then that counts as an asset on the FAFSA. Using the FAFSA data, the school and the government determine the types of aid to which students are entitled. These aid types include loans, both unsubsidized and subsidized, grants, and scholarships.

Online students do not have access to work-study grants, but they may be awarded any other grant or scholarship. When it comes to loans, subsidizing means that the government picks up the interest tab while students are enrolled. Unsubsidized loans mean that the student pays interest immediately after signing the paperwork. Of course, grants and scholarships are given gratis.

Regent University provides fundamentalist Christian believers with an education that is rising annually in quality and looks to continue to do so well into the future.



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