Great Online Resources for Healthcare Informatics Professionals

  • Health IT Plus
  • mHealthWatch
  • HIT Consultant
  • HealthIT Buzz
  • Health Information and Management Systems Society

Some of the best healthcare informatics resources are available online for healthcare informatics professionals who are looking to improve their career prospects and increase the money they make. Healthcare informatics is a rapidly growing field that combines the fundamental concepts of information technology with the most current trends in the healthcare industry. From doctors and nurses to hospital executives and information technology (IT) workers, anyone who works in a hospital or clinic can benefit from the healthcare informatics resources available online.

1. Health IT Plus

Health IT Plus is an excellent online resource for anyone in the healthcare informatics profession. Anyone who wants to keep up with current trends in healthcare informatics can stay informed by following this blog. Whether you want to know about software, digitization, telemedicine or patient care, you’ll get a detailed explanation of your topic of interest from the writers and editorial staff at Health IT Plus. It is created by Key Management Group, a company that produces health IT software and offers business process outsourcing services for hospitals and clinics. New content appears on the blog every few days, so readers can check in regularly for helpful information.

2. mHealthWatch

One of the fastest-growing trends in healthcare informatics is the use of mobile technology to track health information. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and wearable technology, enable patients to track their health metrics and stay in touch with medical staff while away from the doctor’s office. Health IT professionals can stay informed about the current trends in mobile healthcare by following the mHealthWatch blog. It provides extensive information about mobile health IT and helps professionals in this field improve their ability to care for patients. Mobile healthcare is the ideal solution for patients who live in remote areas without easy access to medical care. The writers and editors at mHealthWatch do an excellent job of educating their readers about important changes in the industry.

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3. HIT Consultant

For managers, executives and consultants in the health IT industry, HIT Consultant offers valuable insights and commentary on emerging trends and technologies in the health IT industry. Subjects covered in HIT Consultant range from public healthcare policy to hospital management. Readers can learn many helpful lessons about caring for patients and keeping the technology in their hospitals and clinics up-to-date.

4. HealthIT Buzz

Whether you want to know about health innovation, information exchange, interoperability, safety, security or usability, HealthIT Buzz has the information you’re looking for. According to HealthIT Buzz, the field of healthcare informatics is helping people find solutions for major challenges, such as the opioid epidemic, natural disasters, aging and chronic illness. HealthIT Buzz contains in-depth discussions about protecting patients’ privacy, safety and security while giving them information online and on mobile devices.

5. Health Information and Management Systems Society

The Health Information and Management Systems Society is one of the most well-known organizations in the health IT industry. It keeps medical professionals informed about important issues related to healthcare informatics, such as software, technology, mobile healthcare and management information systems. The HIMSS website offers resources for professional development, continuing education, patient care and data analysis.

Staying up-to-date on the current trends in health IT is a crucial task for professionals in this growing field. Whether you’re a clinic manager or a healthcare informatics professional, you can learn valuable information from healthcare informatics resources available online.