The University of California at Riverside

Online Master’s Degrees Offered by the University of California at Riverside


The University of California at Riverside appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Biomedical Engineering Online.

The University of California at Riverside offers a total of 55 graduate degree programs that students can finish online. This includes a Master of Arts in Anthropology, which is also available as a Master of Science. It requires that students pick an area of specialization in archaeology, linguistic archaeology, biological archaeology, or sociocultural archaeology. Students can take both graduate and professional courses as they work on a thesis, including Gender and Power in Muslim Societies, Anthropology of Human Rights and Feminism, Gender and Archaeology. Online students have the chance to do archaeological fieldwork through the university too.

A Master of Arts in Art History is also available through the university’s Department of Art. Not only does it prepare students for teaching, but it can also help them gain the experience needed to work with artists and in museums. They’ll take courses in other areas too, including anthropology, archaeology, literature, and history. Majors will take a minimum of 24 credits at the 200 level as well as advanced courses that will transfer to the university’s doctoral program in art history. The university hosts an annual conference that students must attend too.

One of the top online programs available from the University of California at Riverside is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The full-time program includes an internship that students can complete in other cities in and out of California. They will pick a concentration from options such as marketing, management, or operations and supply chain management. The university requires that they do two professional workshops during their studies and nine required courses as well as classes in their concentrations. Their required classes include Organizational Behavior and Theory, Information Systems, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, and Marketing Management.

The university’s School of Public Policy offers a Master of Public Policy (MPP) online too. Students can take four required classes and then choose a designated emphasis area or earn a general public policy degree in one year. The program asks that students take eight classes in the first year, do an internship in the summer and then take seven other classes and do a capstone project. They’ll have the chance to work with other students and their advisors on their projects. Their courses include Introduction to Policy Analysis and Applied Microeconomics for Public Policy. Other majors for online graduate students include plant biology, visual art, creative writing, mechanical engineering, management, ethnic studies, and economics.

About the University of California at Riverside

The University of California at Riverside is a public university called both UCR and UC Riverside. Its name comes from its location in the state and because it’s part of the University of California System. Established in 1954, the university opened with a College of Letters and Science and slowly added new colleges and departments in the coming years. Some of the locals who worked in the growing citrus industry petitioned the state to open a new school to meet the needs of both students with the GI Bill and others who lived in the community. U.S. News and World Report rank UC Riverside as the nation’s 91st best university and the 149th best university in the world. Some of the programs offered by UCR that appear on the publication’s best rankings include those in English, history, and economics.

The University of California at Riverside Accreditation Details

Both the main campus of UC Riverside and the online campus have the same regional accreditation, which comes from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This is why online students attending the university can use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and get financial aid packages that mimic those awarded to residential students. UCR also has accreditation for its psychology, medical education, engineering, business, and technology programs.

The University of California at Riverside Application Requirements

UC Riverside has a standard application that most students will use and a different application for those who attended the university before. The deadline for the fall semester is January 5 for those who want to apply for fellowships and other funding options and September first for all other students. Though the university may have space available in some programs for those who apply later, it encourages students to apply by the final deadline. Returning students must apply by the same deadline. Other deadlines are available for those who want to start in the spring or summer.

Only students with a bachelor’s degree can start one of the UCR online graduate degree programs. The university requires either a B average or a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Students need to submit final transcripts if they finished a bachelor’s program or a transcript that shows the most recent grades they received. UCR will use unofficial transcripts during its first review but will ask for official copies later. Students also need to take and submit a GRE score and provide contact information for three references. UC Riverside will contact those references and request that they write letters of recommendation for the student. Other requirements for online graduate students include a statement of purpose, a personal history statement, and payment of an application fee of between $105 and $125. UCR also asks that students show the professional experience they have in the form of a resume, writing samples, or projects.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Once accepted by the university, students can log in to their accounts and view their balances for the coming semester. Graduate students pay $3,814 per semester for full-time enrollment and another $376 in fees. Those who are not California residents will pay $5,034 per semester and the same amount of fees. The online programs do not charge the same fees that the university’s residential programs charge.

To get financial aid, a student needs to complete the FAFSA first. Students taking at least 12 credits of classes may qualify for a fellowship. The university offers research grants that pay the cost of the student’s research projects and travel grants that help students attend conferences in their fields. Students who need more help can qualify for work-study through UCR and get other types of awards. Any student who applies to one of the online graduate programs offered by the University of California at Riverside can get a financial aid package.