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Online Graduate Degree Programs at Texas A&M University – Commerce


Texas A&M University-Commerce appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Sports Medicine Online.

Texas A&M University-Commerce offers 23 online graduate programs today that are available from several of its colleges and schools. The College of Education and Human Services offers 11 programs that are entirely online, including a Master of Science in Higher Education and a Master of Science in Organization, Learning, and Technology. Its school counseling program has accreditation and includes a practicum that students do in their own areas. The program helps students get a counseling license in Texas but may help them get their licenses in other states too. Another program is available in library science for those who want to work in school libraries.

The College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Art offers four online degree programs for graduate students. Those students can get a Master of Science in Applied Criminology or Sociology. While both programs include some similar courses, those in the applied criminology program will focus more on the actions and behaviors of criminals. The sociology program looks at advanced topics relating to society as a whole. This college at Texas A&M University-Commerce also offers degree programs in English and linguistics.

The Department of Health & Human Performance offers an MS in Health, Kinesiology & Sport Studies with a choice of four concentrations, most of which can be earned 100% online.  The concentrations are Health Promotion, Athletic Administration, Exercise Science (60% online), and Physical Education Pedagogy.

A Master of Science in Physics is just one of the programs available from the university’s College of Science and Engineering. Students can also earn degrees through the College of Agriculture or College of Business, which offers one of the state’s best online Master of Business Administration programs. The MBA program looks at many different aspects of business and allows students to do all of their required work through the online system. They can also earn degrees in business analytics, finance, or accounting.

Local students may prefer one of the university’s hybrid programs. At least half of the work that students do will take place online, but some programs include up to 85% of online work. These programs are available from all of the university’s colleges and give students the chance to work on the campus and with their peers and other students. Some of the hybrid programs available from Texas A&M University-Commerce include a Master of Science in Higher Education and a Master of Science in Marketing.

About Texas A&M University – Commerce

The Texas A&M School System is the largest education system in the state in terms of both enrollment and the number of campuses. One of the oldest branches in this system is Texas A&M University-Commerce, which uses the abbreviation TAMUC to separate it from the other Texas A&M campuses. Established in 1889, it was originally a private teaching college called the East Texas Normal College. The campus was close to several major cities in Texas and on the railway, which made it easy for incoming students to take classes and for graduates to find work as teachers. When the state took over operations of the college, it became the East Texas State Normal College and then East Texas State College. While it’s now a full university, some of its education programs are still quite popular among its students.

TAMUC had a resurgence in the 1980s. As enrollment among traditional students dropped, the university started offering programs for nontraditional students. This helped its enrollment even out and later grow. The five colleges that are part of TAMUC offer dozens of degree programs for all types of students today, including online and hybrid programs. TAMUC now has an enrollment of more than 4,600 graduate and doctoral students.

Texas A&M University – Commerce Accreditation Details

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is just one of the organizations that gave accreditation to TAMUC. This is the same regional accreditation that other Texas A&M schools have and the accreditation that allows students to transfer credits from other colleges. It allows the Commerce campus to offer degree and certificate programs and give diplomas to students. The university’s counseling, music, engineering, social work and business programs all have accreditation also.

Texas A&M University – Commerce Application Requirements

TAMUC has the same requirements for students applying to an online graduate program as it has for those applying to a traditional program. Prospective graduate students must fill out an application, which asks them to create accounts with their own passwords and usernames. Not only does this allow students to work on their applications every day, but it also allows them to log back in and see when the university makes a decision. There is a $50 fee that students must pay too, which they can do with a credit card or debit card.

The university asks for official transcripts from the colleges where students earned their undergrad degrees too. It recommends that students contact the admissions department if they have issues receiving their transcripts or if their schools only give them one copy. They will also submit their official GRE scores. Some programs may require even more information from students though. Most business programs ask for a resume because the university wants to see that students have some business and management experience. They may need to provide some writing samples or contact information for their references also.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though TAMUC offers many online graduate programs, it still charges students a rate based on whether they are Texas residents. Texas residents pay $635 per credit hour. The university estimates that residents pay $3,292 each semester, which allows them to take nine credit hours of courses and qualify as full-time students. Nonresidents pay $1,050 per credit hour, which includes all their fees. Any graduate student taking online classes will also pay for their own textbooks and other supplies.

Students who take six credit hours of classes and have a bachelor’s degree will qualify for financial aid from the university. TAMUC has grants for Texas residents that provides those students with $1,000 at the beginning of each semester. Students can renew this grant every semester. There is a STEM grant available for those majoring in a STEM field that awards them $1,500 every semester.

TAMUC also recommends that graduate students complete the FAFSA because this will help them get student loans. The federal government offers unsubsidized loans for grad students of up to $20,500 a year. There are alternative loan options available too. Texas A&M University-Commerce lets students stack their grants and loans together to pay for any of its online graduate programs.