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Logan University

Online Graduate Programs Offered by Logan University


Logan University appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Most Affordable Accelerated Master’s in Sports Medicine Online.

To meet the needs of older students, Logan University now offers three graduate programs that students can complete online. The first is a Master of Science in Health Informatics program. This program has an affiliation with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS and meets the standards established by that organization. Students take a core series of classes that include Introduction to Health Informatics, Research Methods in Healthcare, Information Systems Management, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Informatics. Those courses are worth 12 credits. Students will also take 12 credits of electives. The program prepares students for some of the challenges they will face in the healthcare industry as they work as leaders and managers.

A Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance is also available from the university online. Ranked as one of the nation’s top programs in nutrition, it asks students to pick from three concentrations: integrative nutrition and practice, health education and promotion or integrative nutrition and practice. They must take between 12 and 15 credits of courses in one of those concentrations. Some of these concentrations include an internship option. The university also asks that they take 24 credits of core nutrition classes, including Clinical Nutrition in Human Systems I and II, Research Methods in Healthcare and Nutrition Epidemiology and Health Promotion.

The university’s Master of Science in Sports Science in Rehabilitation is another online program available for graduate students. It helps students gain the skills necessary to work in athletic clinics and rehabilitation centers. There are five certification options for students, including certificates in tactical strength and conditioning and exercise physiology. Students will take 23 credits of core courses and 10 credits of electives. Those classes include Nutrition and Physical Performance, Anatomy of Human Motion, Principles of Physical Therapy and Research Methods in Healthcare. The program also includes an internship that requires students to work in a rehabilitation setting offline.

About Logan University

Logan University uses the slogan, “Maximizing Human Performance” because it offers degree and certificate programs in health and health-related fields. Established in 1935 by Hugh B. Logan, it opened that same year in Chesterfield, Missouri. Only seven students enrolled in the first year, and they took classes in a building that once served as a private home. The college moved to a new campus the following year and added a few more students. Called the Logan Basic College of Chiropractic, it merged with a school from Oklahoma called the Carver College of Chiropractic. Enrollment grew again when the new school merged with the Missouri Chiropractic College. This led to the large school becoming the Logan College of Chiropractic and later Logan University.

The university is much larger today due in part to it acquiring the campus of an old seminary. That new campus provided the university with the room that it needed to grow and expand. MSNBC named it one of America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses because of the more than 100 acres and gorgeous landscapes on that campus. It now offers two undergrad degrees and multiple graduates and post-graduate programs, including three graduate programs that are available online. Logan University is a small university with an enrollment of more than 500 students working on their graduate and post-graduate degrees. Around 100 undergrads also attend Logan University every year.

Logan University Accreditation Details

Online graduate students often have credits that they want to transfer into a new degree program. They can bring those credits to Logan University because it has regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC accreditation it has is also what lets Logan create financial aid packages that use federal and state funds for students in need.

Logan University Application Requirements

Logan University requires that students have a bachelor’s degree before starting one of its online graduate programs. If a student has a degree from a college or university that lacks regional accreditation, he or she will need to have a graduate degree too. The university may accept students into an online program who completed some graduate-level work also. It looks for those who earned a “C” or higher in each course they took, but it will also accept those who maintained an overall grade point average of at least 2.5.

To apply to any online graduate program, students will submit the Logan University application. They will then submit transcripts that show they have a high GPA. The transcript should also show that the student earned a degree and list the courses they took. Most programs require that students take some specific courses, including both business and health classes. Any student who wants to transfer credits into one of these programs must submit transcripts from the schools where they earned those credits. Logan will only accept credits that match the requirements of its degree programs and classes where students earned a “B” or higher.

Tuition and Financial Aid

To determine how much it will cost to earn their degrees, Logan recommends that students look at both their direct and indirect costs. Their direct costs include any money they give directly to the university. This includes a $450 per credit hour tuition rate and a technology fee of $50 that is due each semester. Their indirect costs include anything they pay that changes from one semester to the next. Students typically spend $40 per credit hour on their textbooks and school supplies. Online graduate students are responsible for paying their housing and living expenses too.

The easiest way for online students to apply for financial aid is with an account on the FAFSA website. This is the form used by the government and colleges to determine how much need a student has and what financial aid options will cover that need. Graduate students are independents who can file this form with their tax returns. They can apply for the unsubsidized loans that only come due once they graduate and for the PLUS loan program offered by the federal government. Students can also look at the institutional aid offered by the university for graduate and online students. Logan University usually sends out award letters in the summer to let students know how much help they will get paying for their online graduate programs.