5 Career Choices with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Here are 5 Career Choices with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. A master’s degree in healthcare administration will qualify healthcare graduates for a large selection of exciting career opportunities. These positions are excellent for people who have an eye for detail and are interested in the administrative aspect of healthcare. Read on to learn about five lucrative careers available in healthcare administration today.

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration: Career Options

  • Medical Records Manager
  • Director of Nursing
  • Health Insurance Underwriter
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Network Systems Administrator

1. Medical Records Manager

One great career choice for graduates with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration is that of a medical records manager. Also known as health information managers, medical records managers are responsible for maintaining electronic and written medical records pertaining to patients. They can be found working in such medical facilities as hospitals, doctors’ offices, specialty clinics, nursing homes, and mental health clinics. Other common duties of these professionals include budget planning, bookkeeping, and authorizing spending related to necessary equipment and supplies.

2. Director of Nursing

Another career opportunity for persons with a master’s degree in health administration is known as a director of nursing or nursing director. The main job of nursing directors is to oversee the nursing staff in a large variety of healthcare facilities. In addition to overseeing the activities of nursing personnel, these professionals are also responsible for a broad range of tasks including conducting performance reviews, interviewing and hiring nurses, managing departmental budgets, creating and implementing training programs, and recommending promotions.

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3. Health Insurance Underwriter

Often known as medical underwriters, health insurance underwriters are responsible for evaluating insurance applications to determine whether or not individuals qualify for various insurance programs. Other tasks that are often performed by medical underwriters include calculating premiums, determining the extent of coverage to offer, and calculating risk. Graduates who choose these positions can expect to earn an average of $69,760 per year according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Healthcare Consultant

Graduates with a master’s in healthcare administration degree may also want to consider positions as healthcare consultants. Healthcare consultants examine the management practices of healthcare organizations to determine whether any changes should be implemented. If it is determined that various changes could increase efficiency, they then meet with medical management staff to discuss possible solutions. Persons who choose this profession must have an in-depth understanding of legal issues and limitations associated with healthcare facilities.

5. Network Systems Administrator

Network systems administration is yet another terrific career choice for graduates who have earned a graduate degree in healthcare administration. The primary goal of network systems administrators is to ensure that medical facilities’ computer networks are up-to-date and operating properly. Other job duties may vary but typically include coordinating different systems within facilities, configuring network hardware, troubleshooting network issues, implementing necessary security measures, and managing cloud network storage systems.

Healthcare administration is an excellent field for healthcare graduates who are interested in the administrative side of healthcare. There is a broad range of career choices for persons with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and the five careers described above are quite popular today.